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Flying Fish Cove
Port of Entry
10°25.589'S, 105°40.092'E Chart icon.png
lat=-10.42648 | lon=105.6682 | zoom=15 | y

Flying Fish Cove is the main settlement of Australia's Christmas Island. Many maps simply label it "The Settlement." It was the first British settlement on the island, established in 1888.

About a third of the territory's total population lives in Flying Fish Cove. It is located in the northeast of the island; there is a small harbour which serves cruising yachts, and an airfield some kilometers southeast from Flying Fish Cove. It is possible to dive at the settlement's beach.


See Christmas Island.


See Christmas Island.


See Christmas Island.


See Christmas Island.


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Flying Fish Cove is a port of entry for Australia. For details see Entrance: Australia.


Anchoring is not permitted so that the coral is not damaged. There are, however, 5 moorings. It is advisable to hail the harbor master on VHF channel 16 before mooring or contacting him by email at [email protected].


Water ?
Electricity ?
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage ?
Fuel There is a fuel point (gas station) a short distance (about 200m) from Flying Fish Cove that is open 6 days a week that sells petrol and diesel. Close to the gas station is a supermarket which is perfect for provisioning.
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers N/A (Not Available)
Repairs N/A
Internet In the town
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Car hire is available through a number of small private operators, however be aware of the expense. Information about this and other services is available at the CI Tourism Association Tourist Centre
Post Office In the town


  • Close to the gas station there is a supermarket which is perfect for provisioning.
  • There is a small whitegoods store which sells basic computer equipment, fridges (but not marine fridges or fridge components) and DVDs/movies.

Eating out

In the town.


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See Christmas Island.


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