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Port of Entry
40°55.300'N, 038°22.500'E Chart icon.png
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Giresun the Greek Kerasous (Κερασούς). The name derives from kerasi the Greek world for cherry.

Every town along the way from Samsun, including Giresun, is full of ugly apartment building blocks, most of them unfinished, but already deteriorating. The streets are littered with uncollected trash. This situation is particularly offensive in Giresun, which is located amidst a particularly beautiful natural setting. The observation that "wherever man trods he destroys nature" is particularly apt here.


2214 The Euxine or Black Sea
2237 Inceburun to Isikli Burnu
1272 Giresun
1279 Ordu
55105 Eastern Part of the Black Sea
132 Civa Burnu - Yasum Burnu
123 Yasum Burnu - Tirebolu
1321 Ünye
1332 Giresun


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The approaches to Giresun from the west are straightforward but,
Warning: be aware of the Palamut Kayasi (rock)/wiki/Giresun#Palamut_Kayasi_.28rock.29Danger icon Palamut Kayasi (rock) [[Giresun#Palamut Kayasi (rock)|Palamut Kayasi (rock)]] 40°55.866'N, 038°23.647'E and Giresun Adasi/wiki/Giresun#Giresun_AdasiDanger icon Giresun Adasi [[Giresun#Giresun Adasi|Giresun Adasi]] 40°55.700'N, 038°26.200'E .


Giresun is a port of entry/exit to Turkey.



Chart of Giresum Harbor

Giresun Harbor

Giresun Harbor/wiki/Giresun#Giresun_Harbor
Harbour icon Giresun Harbor [[Giresun#Giresun Harbor|Giresun Harbor]] 40°55.150'N, 038°22.780'E
Port of Entry

The commercial harbor of Giresun is roomy and secure although with a strong north-west wind some swell enters the harbor.

You are not allowed her to anchor off as in most Turkish Black Sea harbor. Moor either stern or bow to on the SW quay.

Warning: A local large ferry uses the breakwater. You can moor there side-to but if you do, you must be prepared to move when the ferry arrives.
Giresum Harbor viewed from the Castle

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Chart of Ünye


Anchorage icon Unye [[Giresun#Unye|Unye]] 41°08.000'N, 037°17.400'E

Ünye, the Greek Oinaion (Οίναιον), is a pleasnt seaside town about half way between Samsun and Giresun. It was the stronghold of Andronicos I Komnenos, the grandfather of Alexios and David, the founders of the Trapezun or Eastern Byzantine Empire. Andronicos, after the death of his cousin Emmanuel I Komnenos the Byzantine emperor, went back to Constantinople, murdered his nephew Alexios, married his nephew's teenage wife, Agnes the Frank, and became the emperor.

You can anchor off in front of the town or anchor inside the small harbor/wiki/Giresun#small_harborAnchorage icon small harbor [[Giresun#small harbor|small harbor]] 41°06.900'N, 037°21.000'E about 5 km west of the town.
The Town of Ünye
Chart of Ordu


Anchorage icon Ordu [[Giresun#Ordu|Ordu]] (Greek Kotiora - Κοτύωρα) 41°08.000'N, 037°17.400'E

Another town east of Samsun and west of Giresun is Ordu, also founded by Ionian colonists from Sinope.

The restored Makrides Mansion (Pasaoglu) is worth a visit. It is now a museum. This was a very elegant building that shows a gracious life that ended in 1923 when the Pontic Greeks were forced to leave according to a treaty between Greece and Turkey after the tragic Greek-Turkish War which ended a Greek presence along the south coast of the Black Sea that went back for over two millennia.

You can anchor off here but only in settled weather. An overnight is not recommended.


Water Can be arranged, for a price, in Giresun Harbor, ask the harbormaster
Electricity Available is some places in Giresun Harbor, ask the harbormaster
Toilets N/A (Not Available).
Showers N/A
Laundry ?
Garbage Trash cans
Fuel Diesel can be delivered in Giresun Harbor, ask the harbormaster
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


  • Several stores in the town
  • Giresun produces excellent hazelnuts
  • Open air market on Mondays and Fridays

Eating out

Good peynirli (something like an oblong pizza) at the Castle.


  • Busses to Istanbul and other cities
  • Dolmus (shared vans) within the town



The name Kerasous first appears in Xenophon's Cyrou Anavasis.

After Pharnaces I, king of Pontos, captured the town in 183 BC he renamed it Pharnaceia. In 71 BC Kerasus was taken by the Roman general Lucullus and again in 64 BC by Pompey. Legend has it that Lucullus imported to Rome the cherry tree from Kerasus.

In the Byzantine era the town changed hands many times between the Seljuks and the Byzantines. From 1204 to 1461 AD Kerasus belonged to the Empire of Trapezond. It was then taken by the Ottomans.

On May 20, the feast of a Moslem holy man, Hidirellez, is celebrated in Giresun. On that day, pilgrims flock on the little island Giresun Adasi and form a circle around a large black rock and insert pebbles into the rock's cervices while making wishes. Local lore has it that this ceremony dates back to the Argonauts and that Giresun Adasi is the island of Ares (Mars) sacred to the Amazons.

Places to Visit

Turkey Ordu.jpgThe Makrides Mansion in Ordu
Turkey Giresun 1.jpgNear the Castle of Giresum
Turkey Giresun 4.jpgGreek Church now the City Museum in Giresum

A visit to the Giresun Castle (Kale) is worth your while. The view form the castle is great. However the way up to the castle by foot can be very arduous, especially in the summer when it is hot and humid. It is better to drive. Within the castle there is a little restaurant under the shade of a large tree. The view is perfect and the peynirli (something like an oblong pizza) is excellent. This is one of the times that a western sailor wishes for an icy cold beer but unfortunately the proprietors are very religious (all the ladies wear full length costume) and serve nothing alcoholic.

Also worth seing is the City Museum that is housed in an 18th century Greek church. The exhibits are nothing special or very interesting save for some old photographs that give one a glimpse of what life at the old Pontos (Black Sea) used to be 100 years ago. Converitng a church into a museum, is I suppose, better than vandalizing it or letting it disintegrate, yet I am not too comfortable with the idea (--Istioploos 19:46, 17 December 2008 (UTC)).


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