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Port of Entry
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Golfito Bay
Warning: Outboard and dinghy theft is a problem in Golfito however and cruisers should take maximum precautions to secure their hardware. Be extra vigilant with security, even in daylight whilst on board the boat.

Golfito is Costa Rica’s most southern port town. It is near the border of Panama. The town lies on a narrow strip of land between the eponymous bay and a hill and consists of two parts, the town proper and shopping area to the south, and a residential area near the port. Still further north are the duty-free zone and an airstrip.


See Costa Rica.


See Costa Rica.


See Costa Rica.


El Altrocho

El Altrocho/wiki/Golfito#El_Altrocho
Island icon El Altrocho [[Golfito#El Altrocho|El Altrocho]] 08°35.725'N, 083°09.826'W


On arrival contact the Base Naval (Naval Base) on Channel 16.

Also see World Cruiser's Nets


Follow the marked channel green marker/wiki/Golfito#green_markerBuoy icon green marker [[Golfito#green marker|green marker]] 08°37.705'N, 083°10.406'W .


Golfito is a port of entry/exit for Costa Rica. For details see Entrance: Costa Rica.


Yachts are discouraged from using the commercial port and are directed to the marinas.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Banana Bay Marina

Banana Bay Marina/wiki/Golfito#Banana_Bay_Marina
Marina icon Banana Bay Marina [[Golfito#Banana Bay Marina|Banana Bay Marina]] 08°37.374'N, 083°09.162'W
Port of Entry

Full service for yachts up to 36 m and draft up to 6 m (low tide). Water, electricity, customs, toilets, showers, laundry, WiFi, fuel, trash collection, cable TV. 24 hour security. Minor repairs, outboard service, electronic repairs. Restaurant, grocery store.

[email protected]; Tel: +506 (27) 750 255 ; Fax: +506 (27) 750 735; VHF channels 12 & 16
Address: Km. 2, Casa Amarilla, Golfito, Costa Rica

Fish Hook marina

Fish Hook marina/wiki/Golfito#Fish_Hook_marina
Marina icon Fish Hook marina [[Golfito#Fish Hook marina|Fish Hook marina]] 08°37.256'N, 083°09.110'W
Port of Entry

22 slips for up to 54 m. The bay is well protected year round. Water, electricity, laundry, WiFi, cable TV. 24 hour security. Some maintenance, storage. Restaurant.

XX@XXX; Tel: +506 (27) 751 624; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel XX
Address: Km 2, Frente Al Cementerio Municipal, Edificio Azu, Golfito, Costa Rica

Golfito Marina Village

Golfito Marina Village/wiki/Golfito#Golfito_Marina_Village
Marina icon Golfito Marina Village [[Golfito#Golfito Marina Village|Golfito Marina Village]] (An IGY Destination) 08°36.247'N, 083°06.803'W

The marina has 50 berths and caters to mega yachts up to 105 m. Restaurants and shops.

[email protected]; Tel: +506 (27) 753 000 ; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel 17
Address: Golfito Marina Village, Golfito, Costa Rica


Near the commercial port

Near the commercial port/wiki/Golfito#Near_the_commercial_port
Anchorage icon Near the commercial port [[Golfito#Near the commercial port|Near the commercial port]] 08°37.517'N, 083°10.144'W
Anchor in about 12 m depth.

West of El Altrocho Island

West of El Altrocho Island/wiki/Golfito#West_of_El_Altrocho_Island
Anchorage icon West of El Altrocho Island [[Golfito#West of El Altrocho Island|West of El Altrocho Island]] 08°37.459'N, 083°10.422'W
Anchor in 8 - 12 m depth.


Water In Banana Bay Marina and Fish Hook marina
Electricity In Banana Bay Marina and Fish Hook marina
Toilets In Banana Bay Marina
Showers In Banana Bay Marina
Laundry In Banana Bay Marina and Fish Hook marina
Garbage Bins in the marinas
Fuel In Banana Bay Marina
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs In Banana Bay Marina and Fish Hook marina
Internet WiFi in Banana Bay Marina and Fish Hook marina
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


Eating out


See Costa Rica.



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