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The Gulf of Evia, that is the gulf between the large island of Evia and mainland Greece, is not a popular cruising ground. The waters of this gulf tend to be less clear than the Aegean and there is a sizable industrial development along the southern mainland. However, many yachts choose to transit the more protected gulf on their way from the Athens region to the Sporades islands instead of braving the notorious Kafireas Stait with is strong northerly winds.


1038 Stenó Sífnou to Stenó Kafiréa
1085 Kólpos Petalión to Srimonikos kólpos
1554 Nótios Evoïkós
1556 Vórios Evoïkós Kólpos and approaches to Vólos
G26 Nisos Evvoia
54340 Nisos Spetsai to Nisos Vorioi Sporadhes
54348 Vorios Evoikos Kolpos and Notios Evoikos Kolpos
41 Cavos Maleas to Cavos Kimis
74 Corinth to Skopelos Island
421 Karystos to Naxos


See Aegean Sea.



The Anchorage of Vasiliko in Petalii


Island icon Petalii [[Gulf of Evia#Petalii|Petalii]] (Πεταλιοί) 38°00.314'N, 024°15.716'E
There are several coves in the small islands of Petalii near Karistos.


Island icon Vasiliko [[Gulf of Evia#Vasiliko|Vasiliko]] (Βασιλικό) 37°58.9′N, 24°15.2′E
Vasiliko is well protected from the meltemi and is very pleasant. It is at the southern side of Pelalii. Anchor in sand at about 4.5 m, good holding.
Chart of Atalanti Island

Ormos Atalantis

Ormos Atalantis/wiki/Gulf_of_Evia#Ormos_Atalantis
Island icon Ormos Atalantis [[Gulf of Evia#Ormos Atalantis|Ormos Atalantis]] 38°40.3′N, 23°05.3′E

The cove is on the SW side of the island Atalanti, about 30 nM NW of Halkis and near the mainland. The island is deserted and it is used as a bird sanctuary. It is a very pleasant anchorage.

You can easily reach by dinghy the small harbor in the mainland, Skala Atalantis, less than a mile from the island.

This anchorage is in the Ormos Amirou/wiki/Gulf_of_Evia#Ormos_AmirouAnchorage icon Ormos Amirou [[Gulf of Evia#Ormos Amirou|Ormos Amirou]] 38°40.276'N, 023°04.602'E just off the beach. There is a cafe and tavernas ashore.


  • Goast Guard - VHF channel 12 tel. +30 22210 28888 (Halkis)

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


Approached to the gulf are straightforward. The trickiest part is transiting the Euripus Channel with its low bridge and strong tidal current which can reach 6-7 knots.


The major port in the Gulf of Evia is Halkis.


Chart of Halkis Channel


Harbour icon Halkis [[Gulf of Evia#Halkis|Halkis]] (Χαλκίς) 38°27.7′N, 23°35.3′E

Halkis or Chalkis or Khalkis is the capital of Evia. It is a bustling and fairly pleasant place. Good shopping for provisions, chandlery and gas.

A yacht travelling north can wait for the bridge to open moored side-to (alongside) by the customs house on the SE side of the channel or in the marina 38 27.466N, 023 35.444E which is operated by the local authority and welcomes visiting yachts transiting the bridge. Alternatively anchor off in the anchorage just south-west of the bridge keeping clear of the tidal streams.

Travelling south yachts normally moor alongside the NE town quay (take care to allow for the tide when mooring alongside).
Halkis Bridge

Since the opening of the new high bridge, the old bridge which spans the 39 m wide channel Euripus Channel no longer carries all the traffic into Evia. However it is still very busy and only opens to allow water-borne traffic to pass through late at night or early morning and when the tidal stream, which can be as high as 7 knots is at a low point. Boats wanting to pass through the channel may have to wait until there are several boats waiting to transit, sometimes for up to 2 days for it to open.

Opening times can be found on the Evia Port Authority website. The information in Heikell - that the bridge does not open on Friday - is incorrect nowadays.

You must visit the Port Police (Limenarchio) at the new office (which is now on the Halkis town side (east) of the bridge) in advance to book a passage through the bridge. Then they will then contact you on VHF Channel 12 in the evening to check you are ready and again to call you to start the transit through the bridge.

Halkis marina
Halkis town quay
Chart of Karistos Harbor


Harbour icon Karistos [[Gulf of Evia#Karistos|Karistos]] (Κάρυστος)) 38°0.7′N, 24°25′E

Karistos or Karystos is a large, mostly commercial, harbor in S Evia. While the harbor is large finding room is another mater all together. Also, the Limenarchio (Coast Guard) is very vigilant and liable to overcharge you.

This is a good place to wait a good weather window when you are going N on the infamous Kafireas Strait.

The inner basin of the harbor is an excellent all-around shelter. Anchor in the inner basin and moor stern-to. The bottom is mud and it provides good holding.

With the prevailing during the during the summer meltemi winds you can anchor off E of the harbor in front of the small fort. Anchor in 6 m depth over sand. Good holding.

Caution: There can be violent gusts and katabatic winds into the bay, especially when the N wind is blowing hard.
The Esplanade in Karistos
The Fort of Karistos

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Halkis marina is now (2013) run by the local authority. The yacht club is adjacent to it.


Chart of Voufalo


Anchorage icon Voufalo [[Gulf of Evia#Voufalo|Voufalo]] (Βούφαλο) 38°18′N, 24°07′E
There is an attractive looking cove on the SE of the island.
The Anchorage of Kastri


Anchorage icon Kastri [[Gulf of Evia#Kastri|Kastri]] (Καστρί) 37°58.5′N, 24°32.4′E
Kastri is a pleasant anchorage on the Evia side of the Kafireas channel. It is well protected from the meltemi but with strong winds there can develop an uncomfortable swell in the cove, there can also be some rather strong gusts.


  • Halkis: on the N town quay and in the marina
  • Karistos: N/A (Not Available) (posts have been installed but are not operational)
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry In Halkis and in Karystos
Garbage There are bins in the ports and in some of the anchorages
  • Halkis: you can get from either a gas station or arrange for a delivery by a truck
  • Karistos: from gas stations, you will have to carry jerry cans. You may be able to arrange for a delivery by a mini tank
Bottled gas In supermarkets
Chandlers Only fishing supplies
Repairs N/A
Internet In internet cafés
Mobile connectivity In general stron 3G and in places 4G signal
Vehicle rentals


Eating out

  • You can have very good seafood on the N town quay of Halkis
  • In Karistos there are many tavernas. Good loukoumades (honey fritters) at Jimmy's and good food at the Marinos
  • Also in Karistos the Gevsiplous (Γευσήπλους) serves an amazing variety of excellent and unusual mezedes (tasty snacks)
  • There is a taverna in Skala Atalantis (see Ormos Atalantis)


  • There are daily busses and trains to Athens from Halkis
  • There are daily ferries from Karistos to Rafina


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See Greece.


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