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Modern Himarë

Himarë (Greek: Χειμάρρα - Himarra) is a bilingual region and municipality in southern Albania, part of the District of Vlorë. It is mostly populated by ethnic Greeks. The modern town of Himarë is on the sea but the old. Mountainous Himara or Vuno is a few km higher up. In addition to Himarë there are 6 other villages in the region.

There is a small quay in Himarë but it cannot be called a harbor. It may be better to go a few miles S to the Bay of Panormos (Bay of Porto Palermo).


See Albania.


See Albania.


See Albania.


See Albania.


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There are no facilities. The nearest port of entry is Vlorë to the N.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

The only marina in Albania is Orikum.


Bay of Panormos

Bay of Panormos/wiki/Himare#Bay_of_Panormos
Anchorage icon Bay of Panormos [[Himare#Bay of Panormos|Bay of Panormos]] 40°3.8′N, 19°47.5′E
Panormos Bay
Bay of Panormos (Bay of Porto Palermo) is about 4 nM south of Himarë. Here you can either anchor off or moor side-to the fishing quay.




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Eating out

Palermos Bay: There is a bar/restaurant east of the road level with the peninsula on which the "Ali Pasha" castle is built. The proprietor also manages entry to the castle.


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Places to Visit

Mountainous Himarë

Vuno (Βουνό) or Mountainous Himara is an old and very picturesque Greek village. Many of its old houses are now abandoned. There is however a new church with an imposing belfry.

Many distinguished modern Greek personalities were born here.

Ali Pasha Castle
Ali Pasha's Castle

Popular literature has it that the very famous Ali Pasha of Tepelena, better known to us as Ali Pasha of Ioannina, built this castle on an islet in the Bay of Panormos in honor of his Greek wife Vassiliki. The legend has it that decided to built his castle on the peninsula he commissioned a renowned French engineer, specializing in castle, to oversee the project. On top of the peninsula exactly where the castle was to be erected there was a chapel dedicated to St. Nicholas. Ali, however, did not like the idea of tearing down the chapel although he was a Moslem. So he ordered the French engineer to tear down the chapel but to built outside the peninsula, where there is today, a new chapel of St. Nicholas. And so he did. After both castle and chapel were completed, the French engineer went to Ali asking for the pay that they had agreed upon. Then Ali told him: “I will not pay you before I have verified that both building that you built are sound and strong”. So, he ordered his guard to arrest the Frenchman and imprison him in the new St. Nicholas chapel. He also ordered the castle guard to bombard the chapel with the Frenchman. The bombardment began but it was impossible to wreck the chapel! After this the Frenchman was set free, was given the full agreed upon pay, and departed in a hurry.

Unfortunately this appears to be fiction and it was the Venetians who actually built the castle. The story of Ali Pasha being the builder seems to have been an invention of Enver Hoxha's regime (see the Wikipedia article.)

There is a 100 Lek entry fee to the castle.


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See Albania.


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