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INTESTINAL INFECTIONS/PARASITES: Amebic dysentery, cryptosporidiasis, giardiasis - these are parasites, all caused by contaminated water, all found worldwide. In developed countries, control in public water supply is through filtration. Chlorination is not considered completely effective, iodine treatment is preferred, though also not necessarily effective. Where iodine is used, a waiting period of between 10 and 30 minutes (longer if water is cold) is recommended before drinking. Most effective treatment of water is filtration through a 1.0 micron (or smaller) pore filter. Further information, see "CC DISEASES". Cryptosporidiasis and giardiasis infections, although they may show symptoms of intestinal upset, diarrhea, etc., is frequently without symptoms. (See "Preserving Food", )

INVERTER - Alternating current (AC) is necessary to run certain appliances, so an inverter is a good idea to have. Evaluate voltage needs before installing, or you may have one too small or too large for your regular needs. Here is where one needs more information than this database is designed to provide. Many inverters provide a “square wave” rather than a true “sine wave”. Our sources indicate that a true “sine wave” inverter is far better for your equipment. You will pay more for it.



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