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Port of Entry
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Itajai and Navegantes are located across from each other, on Rio Itajai. Itajai is bigger than Navegantes, and official offices for the port (Customs, Immigration, Port Captain) are in Itajai. Not a typical cruising destination, but a good place to get work done on a boat. There is an extensive boat-building and repair industry mostly catering to wooden and steel fishing boats and, to a lesser extent, tourist schooners.

Not really a yacht repair place, but has extensive haulout and repair facilities for boats at least up to 50m.


See Brazil.


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See Brazil.


See Brazil.


See Brazil.


Generally, this is a straightforward buoyed channel leading to an entrance channel. Avoid in or after strong onshore winds (due to the large waves that can be expected). Beware of currents in excess of five knots if there has recently been a lot of rain.

After a heavy rainfall, the river can have many trees and other debris floating in it.

Off to port, shortly after passing the entrance channel, there are what looks to be yacht clubs or at least moorings of yachts, mostly power, some sail. I've been told there is 2m of water there, but the depth is not marked on the chart and I've not been in there.

For a few miles up the Rio Itajai, there are boatyards on either side of the river. With the exception of the few that are owned by fishing boat companies (which only work on their own boats), you could probably tie up at any of them (assuming you are looking to get something fixed, which is likely the only reason a yacht would come here). Look for a yard that looks suitable, and then tie or raft up.

Boatyards are called estaleiros in Portuguese.


Itajai is a port of entry for Brazil. For details see Entrance: Brazil.

In Itajai (no offices in Navegantes, you must clear in/out in Itajai), the first dock downstream of the ferry docks is the Policia Federal (Immigration). Do not take your boat here, walk or take the ferry instead. Enter from the street (a guard will open the gate).

The Captainia do Porto is on the next dock downstream of Policia Federal.

Customs (Aduanas) is on Avenida Col Eugenio Muller between Avenida Col Marcos Kondor and Rua Henrique Douat. From the ferry docks, walk upstream about 1km. There is an HSBC bank across the road from the building where Aduanas is.


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Water Tap water is drinkable, and its reasonable to fill the tanks with it
Electricity ?
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry One laundry service in downtown Navegantes. Probably some in Itajai
Garbage ?
Fuel In Navegantes, fuel is available from Petropam (which also sells marine hardware and supplies). The fuel dock may not be obvious, and it is probably best to ask a

nearby fishing boat

Bottled gas ?
  • Many stores for marine materials and supplies. In Navegantes, walk along the roads by the waterfront, near the estaleiros
  • I am told that marine stores are bigger and more numerous in Itajai, but I have only been to ones in Navegantes
  • There are many boatyards
  • Any type of metal and wood repairs or fabrications can be done. There are companies working in fibreglass, making dinghies, ventilators, hatches etc. Fibreglass is called fibras in Portuguese.
  • Several shops specializing in electrical/electronics, hydraulics, engines. Walk along the road near the boatyards to find them.
Internet Several Internet/Gaming places. Most don't have WiFi but will let you plug a laptop into their network.
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


There are many supermercados.

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See Brazil.

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  • In general, they are not used to yachts here. Esteleiros and their workers tend to be interested in yachts, as they are now what they generally see, and they are helpful, but people are not used to yachts. As an example, while tied up at a boatyard (tied to a fishing boat that was tied to the pier), shortly after dawn I woke up to a loud bang as a 20m wooden tourist schooner came alongside my 15m steel sailboat. I had two fenders out on that side, which was not enough. The tourist schooner had one fender, a truck tire, but had not put it over the side. No damage was done, but this area may not be the right place for a lightly-built yacht or a yacht with a very nice paint job.

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