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Port of Entry
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Kingston is a city in eastern Ontario, Canada. It is on the eastern end of Lake Ontario, at the beginning of the St. Lawrence River and at the mouth of the Cataraqui River (south end of the Rideau Canal). The metropolitan area has 161,175 inhabitants. The Thousand Islands tourist region is nearby to the east. Kingston is nicknamed the "Limestone City" because of the many heritage buildings constructed using local limestone.

Kingston is among the oldest permanent settlements on the Great Lakes, and is sometimes referred to as the "freshwater sailing capital of North America". A university town for over 150 years, the city has a compact, bustling European-style downtown with a wide variety of shops and restaurants. Dozens of museums and historical sites are located throughout the town. Marinas, anchoring space and marine services are plentiful, and downtown Kingston is easy to navigate on foot or by bus.


  • Canadian Hydrographic Service chart 1439 covers Kingston and the immediate surroundings. Charts 2018 and 2064 cover the approach from the west; charts 1429 through 1438 cover the approach from the east via the St. Lawrence River. Chart 1513 covers the Kingston inner harbour and the approach from the north via the Rideau Canal.
  • CHS electronic chart pack CEN-C (St. Lawrence River) includes ENC vector charts of the Kingston area. The city is also reasonably well covered by CM93 charts and is roughly covered by the American NOAA ENCs for Coast Guard District 9.

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Kingston's waterfront rests above a large magnetic anomaly; compasses may be out by as much as 30 degrees between Kingston and Wolfe Island. The approach should be made visually, with GPS and radar backup if available.

Approaching from the east, yachts should turn north through the channel marked by buoys PV1 and PV2 to go north of Wolfe Island; the channel south of the island is dominated by large ship traffic. The channel is wide and relatively clear; a handful of notable obstructions are well marked.

The approach from the west includes several shoals and small islands that must be avoided, but the safe channel is well marked and is at least half a mile wide.

Yachts approaching from the north via the Rideau Canal can follow the channel buoys from Kingston Mills to the Inner Harbour. The navigable channel is quite narrow, and vessels drawing more than 60 cm should not leave the marked channel. A no-wake 5 knot speed limit applies near Kingston Mills and when passing Rideau Marina.


Kingston Canada is a port of entry/exit for Canada. For details see Entrance: Canada.


Kingston Canada is a ferry terminal and has several marinas.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Confederation Basin Marina

Confederation Basin Marina/wiki/Kingston_Canada#Confederation_Basin_Marina
Marina icon Confederation Basin Marina [[Kingston Canada#Confederation Basin Marina|Confederation Basin Marina]] 44°13.691'N, 076°28.726'W
Port of Entry

Large city-owned marina in the heart of the downtown. The marina features 350 slip finger docks that can accommodate both power and sailboats to a maximum length of 100 feet (30 m). and draught max 22 m. Water, electricity, toilets, showers. 24 security. Transient slips for boats to ~10 m are usually plentiful on all but the busiest summer weekends, and this marina often has space for much larger vessels if you call ahead.

[email protected]; Tel: +1 (613) 546 4291, ext 1823; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel 68
Address: 6 Clarence St, Kingston, ON, Canada K7L 2Y7
Hours: Sept. 5 to Oct. 31: 08:00 - 20:00 but dockhands only Thursdays 15:00 - 20:00

Kingston Marina

Kingston Marina/wiki/Kingston_Canada#Kingston_Marina
Marina icon Kingston Marina [[Kingston Canada#Kingston Marina|Kingston Marina]] 44°14.190'N, 076°28.681'W
Port of Entry

The marina has 105 slips for vessels up to 200' (60.96 m), max depth 3' (1 m). Water, electricity, showers, toilets, laundry, WiFi, fuel dock. Pumpout. 75-Ton crane, haul-out service, work provided by contractors. 2 blocks from grocery store.

[email protected]; Tel: +1 (613) 549 7747; Fax: +1 (613) 542-6515; VHF channel 68
Address: 349 Wellingston St, Kingston ON K7K, 6N7 Canada
Hours: 0800 - 18:00
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing

Kingston Yacht Club

Kingston Yacht Club/wiki/Kingston_Canada#Kingston_Yacht_Club
Marina icon Kingston Yacht Club [[Kingston Canada#Kingston Yacht Club|Kingston Yacht Club]] 44°13.373'N, 076°29.153'W

Private club within walking distance of downtown. Minimal transient space, call well in advance of arrival to see if they're accepting visitors. Water, electricity, showers, toilets, WiFi, fuel dock. Bar & lounge.

[email protected]; Tel: +1 (613) 548 3052 ; Fax: +1 (613) 548 8876; VHF channel 68
Address: Kingston Yacht Club, 1 Maitland Street, Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 2V3

Portsmouth Olympic Harbour

Portsmouth Olympic Harbour/wiki/Kingston_Canada#Portsmouth_Olympic_Harbour
Marina icon Portsmouth Olympic Harbour [[Kingston Canada#Portsmouth Olympic Harbour|Portsmouth Olympic Harbour]] 44°13.137'N, 076°30.967'W

Another large city-owned marina but farther from downtown then Confederation Basin Marina. 300 berth marina is directly north of the Penitentiary Shoal in the Kingston Harbour. Water, electricity, showers, toilets, WiFi, fuel dock. Manual jib crane (600 lb limit)

[email protected]; Tel: +1 (613) 546 4291 ext.1827; Fax: +1 (613) 384 3055; VHF channel XX
Address: 53 Yonge St., Kingston, ON, Canada K7M 6G4

Rideau Marina

Rideau Marina/wiki/Kingston_Canada#Rideau_Marina
Marina icon Rideau Marina [[Kingston Canada#Rideau Marina|Rideau Marina]] 44°15.252'N, 076°28.022'W

Private facility at lake level on the Rideau Canal; mainly powerboat-oriented. 50 mooring, max length 9 m, max draught 5 m. Water, electricity, showers, toilets, laundry, fuel dock. Repair workshops and 25 ton travel hoist. Restaurants, supermarket, etc., within a 10 minute walking distance.

[email protected]; Tel: +1 (613) 546 6234; Fax: +1 (613) 546 9115; VHF channel 68
Address: 48A Point St. Mark Dr, Kingston, ON, Canada K7K 6L4

Collins Bay Marina

Collins Bay Marina/wiki/Kingston_Canada#Collins_Bay_Marina
Marina icon Collins Bay Marina [[Kingston Canada#Collins Bay Marina|Collins Bay Marina]] 44°14.393'N, 076°36.238'W

Collins Bay Marina is a large private marina in the city's west with 300 slips for boats up to 50' (15 m). Water, electricity, showers, toilets, WiFi, fuel dock. Winter storage.

[email protected]; Tel: +1 (613) 389 4455, +1 (888) 748 55575; Fax: +1 (613) 389 8617; VHF channel 68
Address: 1270 Coverdale Drive, Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7M 8X7
Hours: 09:00 - 17:00
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing

Treasure Island Marina

Treasure Island Marina/wiki/Kingston_Canada#Treasure_Island_Marina
Marina icon Treasure Island Marina [[Kingston Canada#Treasure Island Marina|Treasure Island Marina]] 44°15.719'N, 076°22.587'W

Water, electricity, showers, toilets, laundry. Pumpout. restaurant and bar.

[email protected]; Tel: +1 (613) 548 1239; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel XX
Address: 1753 Highway #2, East, Kingston, Ontario, Canada K7L 4V1

Trident Yacht Club

Trident Yacht Club/wiki/Kingston_Canada#Trident_Yacht_Club
Marina icon Trident Yacht Club [[Kingston Canada#Trident Yacht Club|Trident Yacht Club]] 44°18.317'N, 076°15.456'W

Situated on the Bateau Channel. It welcomes visiting yachtsmen.

[email protected]; Tel: +1 (613) 382 2771; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel XX
Address: Trident Yacht Club, P.O. Box 93, Gananoque On, Canada K7G 2T6


Anchoring in the immediate vicinity of downtown Kingston is not recommended. There is a lot of boat traffic and a rocky lee shore along the Lake Ontario waterfront.

Inner Harbour

Inner Harbour/wiki/Kingston_Canada#Inner_Harbour
Anchorage icon Inner Harbour [[Kingston Canada#Inner Harbour|Inner Harbour]] 44°14.334'N, °'W
The inner harbour, north of the mooring field and west of the Rideau channel, is well protected and calm. The area is weedy and shallow (1 to 2 m depth).

Deadman Bay

Deadman Bay/wiki/Kingston_Canada#Deadman_Bay
Anchorage icon Deadman Bay [[Kingston Canada#Deadman Bay|Deadman Bay]] 44°13.931'N, 076°27.028'W
The piers here are private.

East of Simcoe Island

East of Simcoe Island/wiki/Kingston_Canada#East_of_Simcoe_Island
Anchorage icon East of Simcoe Island [[Kingston Canada#East of Simcoe Island|East of Simcoe Island]] 44°11.052'N, 076°29.747'W
The shoals to the east of Simcoe Island offer depths of 1 to 3 m and are well protected from the prevailing westerly winds. This is a popular spot and often hosts about a dozen anchored yachts and powerboats.

Big Sandy Bay

Big Sandy Bay/wiki/Kingston_Canada#Big_Sandy_Bay
Anchorage icon Big Sandy Bay [[Kingston Canada#Big Sandy Bay|Big Sandy Bay]] 44°06.563'N, 076°27.181'W
Big Sandy Bay is a 13 mile trip from downtown Kingston. There is a nice sandy beach, and the bay tends to be fairly calm. The bottom is relatively hard sand with generally good holding. The prevailing westerly winds put you on a lee shore here. From late May to early September, there is a per-person fee to use the beach, and large swarms of bugs are common.

Cataraqui Bay

Cataraqui Bay/wiki/Kingston_Canada#Cataraqui_Bay
Anchorage icon Cataraqui Bay [[Kingston Canada#Cataraqui Bay|Cataraqui Bay]] 44°12.920'N, 076°32.544'W
Cataraqui Bay is tricky to enter, but it might be suitable for some shallow-draught boats. It is well protected but is immediately downwind of a chemical plant.


Water In all marinas
Electricity In all marinas
Toilets In all marinas
Showers In all marinas
Laundry In Kingston Marina, Rideau Marina, Rideau Marina, Collins Bay Marina, Treasure Island Marina
Garbage ?
Fuel Fuel dock in Kingston Marina, Kingston Yacht Club, Portsmouth Olympic, Rideau Marina, Collins Bay Marina
Bottled gas ?
  • Pride Marine is a well-stocked independent chandlery in the west end of Kingston. They have a dock on Collins Bay Marina and road access at 4032 Bath Rd. Phone +1 (613) 634 1900
  • Vandervoort's, located in the downtown at 77 Princess St, stocks commonly needed charts, guidebooks, marine hardware and safety gear. Phone +1 (613) 548 7783
  • West Marine has a store at the Kingston Centre plaza, 1036 Princess St. Phone +1 (613) 549 3658. It is a 15-minute bus ride from downtown on bus routes 1, 4 or 12.
Repairs In Kingston Marina, Rideau Marina
Internet WiFi in Kingston Marina, Kingston Yacht Club, Portsmouth Olympic, Rideau Marina, Collins Bay Marina
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


Eating out

  • Restaurant within a 10-minute walking distance from Rideau Marina


  • Norman Rogers Municipal Airport (YGK IATA Kingston Airport
  • Wolfe Island Ferry
  • Hornes' Ferry
  • Kingston is served by train (Via Rail Canada)
  • Buses (Coach Canada) run Toronto-Kingston-Montréal several times daily and one bus (Voyageur) visits Ottawa twice daily.



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