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WorldSouth East AsiaMalaysiaSabahKudat
Port of Entry
06°53.326'N, 116°50.922'E Chart icon.png

Kudat is a town in Sabah, east Malaysia, on the northern tip of Borneo island. It serves as the administrative center for the Kudat Division, which includes the towns of Kudat, Pitas, Kota Marudu, and some offshore islands.

Kudat is located on the coast of the northernmost part of Sabah, some 190 kilometers north of Kota Kinabalu, the state capital. On the west, it faces the South China Sea, and on the east the Sulu Sea.


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From the Northwest

To or from the South China Sea and Kota Kinabalu the N cape of Borneo will be rounded. This cape, bounding the Sulu Sea, is Tanjong Sampanmangio. Vessels should be alert in the area as the winds, seas and currents can increase as the cape is approached. Just off the cape is Pulau Kalampuniam with a light. SE of which is a dangerous reef. In October 2010 the light was not operating. Kudat is 13nm SE in a deep indentation of the coast.


Jabatan Luat (Marine Department) is 0.3km N of the foot of the jetty - several blocks - in the tired-looking building adjacent NW of the prominent Chinese Temple. Middle of the building, 2nd floor, flags and sign over sidewalk. Passports, crew list, registration and previous port clearance were requested. No fees for check-in.

Jabatan Imigresen Malaysia (Immigration) is in the third waterfront building E of the town jetty. Official indicated it was not required to visit "if traveling in Malaysian Waters". This may be a different policy than at other Malaysian ports. Visit presumably required for departure to or arrival from non-Malaysian destinations.

Kastam Diraja Malaysia (Customs) is in the second waterfront building E of the town jetty. Requested previous port clearance and crew list. Requested a return visit at departure. No fees.

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Marinas & Yacht Clubs

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Kudat Marina & Golf Resort
  • Jetty Anchorage. Yachts were seen anchored 0.10nm SW of the end of the town jetty World icon.png 006°52.60′N, 116°50.65′E in 8m. Reported as satisfactory. Dinghy landing is reported to be permitted on the W side of the jetty.
  • Kudat Golf & Marina Resort Basin. An incomplete, jetty-less, apparently abandoned, marina basin is 2km east of Kudat at World icon.png 006°53.5′N, 116°51.5′E. Entry from Teluk Marudu (Marudu Bay) is via a short well dredged channel as charted, but shoal water lies NW & S as charted, so keep to the middle. Basin is well sheltered, 175m in diameter, reasonably clean, and peaceful. As the surrounding golf course is well kept the area is pleasant. The basin is used by some government fisheries boats (Perikanan), Army speedboats, and water tenders that moor along the E side. It is customary that cruisers stern tie about 10 meters from the seawall N, E and S with an anchor ahead towards the middle of the circle in 4-5m. It appears that a dinghy or swimmer must be used to take the stern line to the wall. Do not tie the stern line to the golf course's ornamental shrubs. There are either steel fittings or white-painted joints in the seawall that provide secure ties. The holding, in sandy mud, is moderate or poor. The basin appears to be unmanaged and unmaintained. No fee. There has been no objection to taking the dinghy to the far N end of the floating Army docks adjacent to a sunken wrecked boat. The 2.3nm dinghy trip to the town jetty is easy in settled weather. Walk to town is through the Resort to the highway then about 2km south then west following the golf course fence on your right. The resort seems to welcome cruisers. The pool and showers are available, but hot water is intermittent. The pool is nice. The resort probably would appreciate some purchases of refreshments or meals.

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Yacht Repairs and Services

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Marine Stores

There are several well stocked hardware stores near the jetty. There are marine stores with the parts and supplies for the local fishing fleet.

LPG tanks are available for rental from several shops near the jetty. The shop at telephone 088 611 325 will deliver and pick-up at the army dock in the marina anchorage. 14kg tank deposit is RM90, contents RM30 (Oct '10). Malaysian clip-on fittings.


There is a boatyard here World icon.png 6°53.30′N, 116°51.45′E. Marine Travelift. Painting and repair. Dry storage of yachts. One report from a cruiser with a 40 foot sailboat indicated that hauling costs RM1000 and one month storage is RM1200 with a discount for longer terms. There were many cruising boats, large fishing boats, and some large government craft in the busy yard during fall 2010.

Fuel, Water, & Electricity

For diesel and petrol there is a service station near the jetty
Vessels anchored at the Kudat Golf & Marina Resort Basin have received friendly assistance from the army patrol boat staff in transporting fuel jugs to the town and back in their truck
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Things to do Ashore


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Grocery & Supply Stores

The several block square area near the jetty is a typical town of small markets, restaurants, hardware stores, tailors, salons and phone kiosks. On the E of town, 0.3km from the jetty, is an informal shopping mall. The banks are here. At the west end are busy produce markets, a large grocery, and a fish market.





Motorbike & Car Rentals

Garbage Disposal



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