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WorldWestern AsiaPersian GulfKuwait
29°30.000'N, 045°45.000'E Chart icon.png
Kuwait flag.png
Capital Kuwait City
Language Arabic
Currency Kuwaiti Dinar (KWD)
Time zone AST (UTC+3)
Calling code +965

The State of Kuwait is a sovereign Arab emirate situated in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula in Western Asia. It is bordered by Saudi Arabia to the south and Iraq to the north. It lies on the northwestern shore of the Persian Gulf. Located in the north-east corner of the Arabian Peninsula, Kuwait is one of the smallest countries in the world in terms of land area. The flat, sandy Arabian Desert covers most of Kuwait.


Available from Ministry of Communications, Marine Department, Shuwaikh in English and Arabic. UK Admiralty charts same (Chart numbers need adding)

Kuwait Charts
KU 1E - Al-Nuwaisib to Jazirat Warbah 1:200,000
KU 2E - Jazirat Bubiyan and Jazirat Failaka 1:100,000
KU 3E - Approaches to Khalij Al Kuwait 1:75,000
KU 4E - Approaches to Mina Al Ahmadi 1:75,000
KU 5E - Approaches to Mina Al Zoor 1:75,000
KU 6E - Khalij Al Kuwait 1:50,000 Al Doha Port - Inset 1:15,000
KU 7E - Al Kuwait and Mina Shuwaikh 1:15,000
KU 8E - Mina Al Ahmadi 1:37,500 Mina Al Shuaiba - inset 1:12,500
KU 9E - Mina Al Zoor 1:25,000
KU 10E - Khor Al Subiyah 1:50,000
KU 11E - Ras Al Julaiyah 1:10,000


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  • Umm Al MaradimUmm Al Maradim/wiki/Umm_Al_Maradim Island icon – island |Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Needs data icon – needs data |
  • Um Al Garu
  • Kubbar

These islands have mooring buoys which are suitable for overnight stays, free of charge. But use your own rope. And keep a careful watch - they deteriorate throughout the winter, and are maintained in Spring.

Diving is started from these mooring buoys - take a heading from the line to the mast on the island. When you reach the reef, remember to start your dive into the current. Watch for lionfish, rays and turtles.


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There are three ports of entry (sailing) into Kuwait: Al Zoor, Shuwaikh and Umm AL Miradim. Since Al Zoor and Shuwaikh are out of the way, they are little used now that Um Al Miradim has opened. Whilst there are other points of entry at military bases and oil refineries, these have security issues, and do not allow access to recreational boats.


As above.

Customs and Immigration


Import of nearly everything is prohibited including pornography, alcohol and pork products. Local yachts have a very good relationship with customs - please don't spoil this by attempting to smuggle these things in. If you are caught carrying drugs, you will likely spend the rest of your fertile days in prison.


Visit visas can be issued on arrival (Fee KD3) to all Gulf Cooperation Council citizens, and holders of the following passports: USA, UK, France, Italy, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, The Netherlands, Belgium Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Spain, Monaco, Holy See, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, South Korea, China.

Health and Security


Cigarettes are bad for you, but very cheap!


Be nice to anyone with a gun.


Key to symbols: |Island icon – island |Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Marina icon – marina |Anchorage icon – anchorage |Needs data icon – needs data ||
  • Umm Al MaradimUmm Al Maradim/wiki/Umm_Al_Maradim Island icon – island |Needs data icon – needs data |
  • Umm Al Maradim HarbourUmm Al Maradim Harbour/wiki/Umm_Al_Maradim Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Needs data icon – needs data |
  • Khiran Resort, Al Zoor - watch out for the powerlines over entry channel - our 40ft yacht has to enter at low tide.
  • El Khout Marina, Fahaheel - for rich folk.
  • Fahaheel Sea Club, Mangaf (up to 40 feet) - Kuwait Offshore Sailing Asociation is based here
  • Shaab Marina, Salmiya - most commonly used for larger racing boats.
  • Marina Mall Marina, Salmiya - very posh, only for the super rich.
  • ShuaibaShuaiba/wiki/Shuaiba Harbour icon – harbour |Needs data icon – needs data |
  • Shuwaikh Shuwaikh/wiki/Shuwaikh Port of entry icon – port of entry |Harbour icon – harbour |Needs data icon – needs data |
  • Kuwait Yacht Club MarinaKuwait Yacht Club Marina/wiki/Shuwaikh Marina icon – marina |
  • Sharq Marina, Kuwait City - out of the way, and has an annoying lift bridge.
  • Failaka, Failaka Island - very shallow. Well, the ferry has to enter at high tide... Ghost town with a hotel, roman ruins.


  • Most commonly entered by plane to Kuwait International Airport.
  • Can be entered by road from Saudi or Iraq. Visas needed for both these countries in advance.


Kuwait Offshore Sailing Association, [email protected], Email


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