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Little Harbour
26°19.738'N, 076°59.998'W Chart icon.png
lat=26.32896 | lon=-76.99996 | zoom=15 | y
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Total serenity at Little Harbour

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See Abacos.


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See Abacos.


Well marked entrance channel with 3 feet at low tide but plenty of water inside.


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Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Pete's Pub has moorings ($15 payable at the Pub.) No shopping except for the art gallery.


Totally protected anchorage with moorings ($15) and anchoring room within Little Harbour. (Note the 3 foot entrance depth at low tide.)


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Eating out

  • Pete's Pub: Good fresh fish plus full bar right on the beach. Art Gallery: Pete Johnston and his late father Randolf are well known sculptors. Their work and the work of others is displayed in the museum and on the grounds. Art Workshop and Foundry: This is where Pete now works as well as other local artists. Many works in progress and an occasional casting of a bronze sculpture.


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See Abacos.


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  • One of our favorite anchorages in the Abacos. The harbor is full of sea turtles and dolphin. Pete's Pub serves the freshest fish around (and an occasional beer or rum drink!). The art gallery and studios are amazing. (Buy Randolf Johnston's book for a delightful chronicle of his family's settlement of the area starting in the early 1950s.) A boardwalk leads from the Pub to the beach. Excellent swimming and snorkeling in nearby Robinson's Bight (with blue holes and nice beaches). Altogether, a beautiful relaxing spot for a few hours or a few days

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