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Map of Abacos

The Abacos have four national parks that attract tourists: Pelican Cays Land & Sea Park, Abaco Wild Horse Preserve, Man-O-War Cay, and Great Guana Cay.

The Abaco Islands boast important natural areas, especially important coral reef areas, barrier-island terrestrial habitats and large forests of Caribbean Pine, some of which still contain old growth trees.

Notable species include the Abaco subspecies of the rock-dwelling rose-throated parrot, which exists only in Cuba, the Cayman Islands, the southern Bahamas and Abaco. Abaco is also known for its intact elkhorn and staghorn coral structures.

The Abaco Islands lie in the northern Bahamas and comprise the main islands of Great Abaco and Little Abaco, together with the smaller Wood Cay, Elbow Cay, Lubbers Quarters Cay, Green Turtle Cay, Great Guana Cay, Castaway Cay, Man-o-War Cay, Stranger's Cay, Umbrella Cay, Great Stirrup Cay, Walker's Cay, Moore's Island, and Sandy Point.

Comment: Great Abaco is to the east of Grand Bahama Island. Cruisers coming from Florida will be pointing for the western tip of Grand Bahama Island (West End) and then crossing the Little Bahama Banks to Abaco.

Once there.. you can see that Great Abaco has a string of pearls or cays to the east which buffer it from the Atlantic Ocean and create the "Sea of Abaco", a protected cruising ground between the Cays and the US "mainland". Here you will find beaches and water that look like this only about 24 hours cruising time from Florida! (By member Camaradarie)


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See Bahamas.



  • The Abacos has an informally organized local VHF channel specifically designed to help yachtsmen who are not totally familiar with The Abacos' waters. Since many local and cruising yachtsmen standby on VHF 68, a convenient source of "local knowledge" or help in an emergency. Additionally, at 8:15 AM, the Abacos' most accurate local weather and sea conditions forecast is available. Medical and rescue help (through Bahamas Air Sea Rescue) stands by on VHF 83 out of Treasure Cay.

    The Network begins its day at 8:15 each morning and continues for just over an hour. Weather reports are given, cruiser news and information is exchanged, newcomers and returnees welcomed to the area and those departing for stays elsewhere are bid a fond farewell. Advertisements for restaurants, bars and community events are announced free of charge and there is a special segment called the "open mike" which invites comments and advice from anyone in the area who can tune in to VHF 68.

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Castaway Cay Castaway Cay /wiki/Castaway_Cay Island icon – island |Needs data icon – needs data |
Mores Island Mores Island /wiki/Mores_Island Island icon – island |Needs data icon – needs data |
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The Beautiful Abaco Islands, Bahamas. Photo: Yacht Lynx


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  • Abacos at the Wikipedia
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  • The Abacos: A Mariner's Guide -This page includes an interactive map of the southern Abacos. Click on an island to see images of it or just view the entire gallery. Photo captions tell more about each island. All photos are copyright by the web page author.



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  • I've cruised the Abacos 4 times with my own boat from Florida and twice on 2-week charters. What keeps me coming back is the diversity. Almost every night one can choose either a quaint town or an anchorage on an unpopulated island. Becoming proficient in using tide tables and comfortable with shallow water are the keys to enjoying many out of the way places.

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