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This is a group of islands lying 10 miles N of the Gulf of Erdek on the W side of the Sea of Marmara. The largest island of the group is Marmara Adasi (Προκόνησος- Prokonnisos), which is also the largest island in the Sea of Marmara. Its peak is 720 m above sea level. The south side is very wooded and green, while the north side has been heavily quarried for marble since Greek and Roman times. The island’s dazzlingly white and flawless marble has been highly prized by sculptors and architects for thousands of years. It (Greek Μάρμαρο -Marmaro) not only gives its name to the island but to the whole gulf: Sea of Marmara.


296 Marmara Adaları
2942 Ports in Marmara Denizi - A Marmara Adası
2941 Ports in Marmara Denizi - D Saraylar

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Warning: While the approach to the islands is straightforward from all directions, the coasts of the islands themselves are fringed with isolated rocks and reefs and careful navigation is needed when sailing between the islands. There can also be strong gusts in the channels between the islands when the usual fresh N/NE winds are prevailing.



Yacht quay

Port Marmara, Marmara Island

Port Marmara, Marmara Island/wiki/Marmara_Islands#Port_Marmara.2C_Marmara_Island
Harbour icon Port Marmara, Marmara Island [[Marmara Islands#Port Marmara, Marmara Island|Port Marmara, Marmara Island]] (Prokonnisos) 40°35.09′N, 27°33.61′E

Port Marmara is the main harbour in Marmara Adasi and is situated on the SW corner of the island, protected from S and W by a long breakwater and from E by a stub breakwater and the headland beyond it. Depths in the entrance are around 6.0 – 7.0 metres and in the centre of the harbour between 4.0 and 5.0 metres. The quay along the breakwater and on the western side of the harbour is usually filled with fishing and cargo boats and yachts are normally directed to anchor moor bows or stern-to on the northern quay, where there is space for around 6 - 8 yachts. An attendant is usually present to take lines and connect to water and electricity if required - 2019, 75 TL for 11m boat incl. Elect. & Water. Shelter here is good in the prevailing N/NE winds, although strong gusts off the mountains will be experienced in the harbour with winds above force 5-6.

Note: the depths at the quay range from 1.5 to 2.5 metres only (the deeper water being in the centre of the quay) and around 3.0 metres about 10 metres off the quay. Yachts with deep rudders and/or keels are likely to have problems if there is any swell in the harbour. Shelter inside is good, although strong N/NE winds send in some swell, which is more irritating than dangerous.
Port Marmara from S breakwater
Breakwater of pure white marble
Birol Restaurant
Chart of Asmaliköy

Asmaliköy, Marmara Island

Asmaliköy, Marmara Island/wiki/Marmara_Islands#Asmalik.C3.B6y.2C_Marmara_Island
Harbour icon Asmaliköy, Marmara Island [[Marmara Islands#Asmaliköy, Marmara Island|Asmaliköy, Marmara Island]] 40°36.9′N, 27°42.4′E
Asmaliköy (Greek Αφθόνη - Afthoni) is a small harbour on the E side of Marmara Adasi. Asmaliköy is very attractive, totally untouched by the outside world despite its relative proximity to Istanbul. It has a few houses, some very attractive made of wood. There is only one çay hani (tea house) and a most rudimentary store. Go stern-to the concrete wharf in the centre of the quay, where there are depths of 3.5 – 4.0 metres. Alternatively, go bows-to the breakwater itself, but note that it gets shallow very quickly. It is best to proceed very carefully and keep a good distance between your boat and the quay. It may even be wiser to take a line ashore in the dinghy. There is a basic restaurant ashore.

Saraylar, Marmara Island

Saraylar, Marmara Island/wiki/Marmara_Islands#Saraylar.2C_Marmara_Island
Harbour icon Saraylar, Marmara Island [[Marmara Islands#Saraylar, Marmara Island|Saraylar, Marmara Island]] 40°39.5′N, 27°39.9′E
Saraylar (Παλάτια - Palatia) is the port from where the marble is loaded on Marmara Adasi. The harbour is totally built of marble blocks and it is decorated by ancient column segments and other architectural fragments--all of the marble rejects of ancient craftsmen. A yacht can either go alongside or stern-to the eastern breakwater, where there are depths of 2.5 – 3.5 metres, or bows to a section of the W quay, where depths are around 1.5 metres. Good holding in mud and good shelter. Several cafes and restaurants along the waterfront.
The ferry quay

Yigitlar, Avsa Island

Yigitlar, Avsa Island/wiki/Marmara_Islands#Yigitlar.2C_Avsa_Island
Harbour icon Yigitlar, Avsa Island [[Marmara Islands#Yigitlar, Avsa Island|Yigitlar, Avsa Island]] 40°30′N, 27°31.52′E

Yigitlar is a new harbour, constructed on the E side of the island of Avsa, primarily as an alternative berth for the ferry from Erdek on the rare occasions when there are strong W/SW winds in the Sea of Marmara and the ferry’s usual jetty at Turkeli on the W side of the island becomes untenable. The harbour is entered from SSE, parallel with the beach, and there are depths of 6.0 meters in the entrance. The harbour is very large and a visiting yacht has several berthing options (assuming the ferry is not due in the case of strong W/SW winds). The small basin at the W side of the harbour is shallow and mostly filled with local boats. The larger basin on the E side is used by the ferry (but very rarely). The central length of quay between the two basins and directly opposite the entrance has depths of 4.0 – 5.0 meters off the quay but barely 2.0 meters alongside, so a yacht should do an anchor moor if mooring here. The holding is good in sand. In the eastern basin, the West wall has 4 water and electric stands,the depths immediately in front of which range from 2.3 meters in the SW to 2.5 meters in the NW and quickly get deeper. Going stern to should be fine.When the ferry comes in it turns to starboard and spins in its own length with bow thrusters and so should not present a problem to yachts stern to the west wall. The North wall has depths alongside of 3.5 meters and water but not electricity. The E side of the basin, where the ferry berths, has depths ranging from 5.0 meters in the South East to 3 Meters in the corner and a yacht can lay alongside here in good shelter. Although the quay here is quite high and lined with heavy black tyres, a yacht alongside is blown off by the prevailing winds. A town agent will come by to collect a dockage fee (17 meter boat 50TL)and ensure you have water and electricity.

Ashore there is one surprisingly good restaurant for such a sleepy settlement,Bortalina. However, it is the only game in town and is closed off season. There is a variety of restaurants 1 1/2 miles across the island in the much larger settlement of Turkeli. There is a small store in Yigitlas with basics and several bakeries. On the way to Turkeli there is a full Migros market and a BP station that should be able to provide fuel at the dock.

Yigitlar has a beautiful sand beach. The water is remarkably clean as is the dock and town. The locals are very friendly.

Note: the approach from N is straightforward, but in the approach from S be sure to give the headland of Buyukliman Burnu a clearance of at least half a mile as there are dangerous shallows off it.
Yigitlar harbour, showing the central quay and ferry quay
Bortacina Restaurant

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Avsa Marina, Avsa Island

Avsa Marina, Avsa Island/wiki/Marmara_Islands#Avsa_Marina.2C_Avsa_Island
Marina icon Avsa Marina, Avsa Island [[Marmara Islands#Avsa Marina, Avsa Island|Avsa Marina, Avsa Island]] 40°32.30′N, 27°30.50′E
The basic infrastructure of a new marina has been installed with good depths and masses of protected space. The marina currently consists of little more than two breakwaters and quays. The Turkish Transportation Ministry invited tenders for the completion of the marina here in March 2011 and as of May 2013 nothing further has transpired, so it may be some time before the marina is fully operational. In the approach, the two ends of the breakwaters are indicated by conspicuous light towers. There are gusts in the channel between Avsa and Ekincik with moderate to strong NE winds. Chartlet


The anchorage

Pasalimani Adasi

Pasalimani Adasi/wiki/Marmara_Islands#Pasalimani_Adasi
Anchorage icon Pasalimani Adasi [[Marmara Islands#Pasalimani Adasi|Pasalimani Adasi]] 40°29.4′N, 27°36.0′E
The main anchorage on the island lies on the W side, between it and the smaller, uninhabited island of Koyun Adasi. The anchorage is either approached from the N, when care should be taken to avoid the numerous offshore islets and reefs along the coast of the island, or from the W, when a yacht should pass just S of the isolated danger mark at the S end of Koyun Adasi, since there are dangerous reefs extending nearly half a mile NE of the headland of Incirli Burnu at the SW end of the anchorage. Once inside, anchor offshore in 5.0 – 10.0 metres where convenient. The holding is good in sand and weed – once your anchor is through the weed, which may call for several attempts. A simple restaurant is ashore and a small bakery. The locals in the village are very friendly and the island’s former importance as a wine-producing area is evinced by the ruins of a winery established here by the Compagnie Vinicole de Constantinople.
Pasaliman: the restaurant
Ruined winery
It is still largely an agricultural community


Water Only one water outlet in Port Marmara and Asmaliköy. Several outlets in Yigitlar
Electricity On quay in Yigitlar
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry N/A (Not Available)
Garbage ?
Fuel In Port Marmara and by tanker in Yigitlar
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals N/A


Bim/wiki/Marmara_Islands#BimProvisions icon Bim [[Marmara Islands#Bim|Bim]] supermarket in Port Marmara.

Migros/wiki/Marmara_Islands#MigrosProvisions icon Migros [[Marmara Islands#Migros|Migros]] supermarket 3/4 mile from Yigitlar.

Local store/wiki/Marmara_Islands#Local_storeProvisions icon Local store [[Marmara Islands#Local store|Local store]] βasic provisions only in Saraylar.

Local store/wiki/Marmara_Islands#Local_storeProvisions icon Local store [[Marmara Islands#Local store|Local store]] οnly bread in Asmaliköy.

Butcher/wiki/Marmara_Islands#ButcherProvisions icon Butcher [[Marmara Islands#Butcher|Butcher]] in Port Marmara.

Small bakery/wiki/Marmara_Islands#Small_bakeryProvisions icon Small bakery [[Marmara Islands#Small bakery|Small bakery]] in Pasalimani.

Eating out

Birol/wiki/Marmara_Islands#.27.27Birol.27.27Eatingout icon Birol [[Marmara Islands#Birol|Birol]] next to the small boat harbour is reasonably good value (but check your bill carefully).
Restaurants/wiki/Marmara_Islands#.27.27Restaurants.27.27Eatingout icon Restaurants [[Marmara Islands#Restaurants|Restaurants]] several restaurants.
Bortacina/wiki/Marmara_Islands#.27.27Bortacina.27.27Eatingout icon Bortacina [[Marmara Islands#Bortacina|Bortacina]] restaurant near the harbour, has a good reputation.
Erol un Yeri /wiki/Marmara_Islands#.27.27Erol_un_Yeri_.27.27Eatingout icon Erol un Yeri [[Marmara Islands#Erol un Yeri |Erol un Yeri ]] on the beach is modest but good.
çay hani/wiki/Marmara_Islands#.27.27.C3.A7ay_hani.27.27World icon.png çay hani [[Marmara Islands#çay hani|çay hani]]


Ferries to Istanbul and Erdek.



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Places to Visit

If you can arrange land transportation, a visit to Saraylar (Παλάτια - Palatia) on Marmaris Island is worth your time. The dirt road is steep and winds through many sycamore trees and green vistas. Saraylar is the port from where the marble is loaded. It is an attractive town but it is surrounded by the moonscape of the marble quarries. The island has been quarried for marble since antiquity. The harbour is totally built of marble blocks and it is decorated with ancient column segments and other architectural fragments--all the marble rejects of ancient craftsmen. On Pasalimani and Avsa, there are attractive walks through the countryside, which is dotted with vineyards, and several nice beaches around the islands.


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