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36°41.400'N, 023°02.500'E Chart icon.png
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Chart of Monemvasia area

Monemvasía (Μονεμβασία) or Monemvasiá (Μονεμβασιά) is a Byzantine town built on a small peninsula separated from the mainland of the Peloponnesos by a narrow neck. The town is enclosed by strong fortifications and protected by a large castle on the steep summit of the peninsula.

The Castle of Monemvasia was famous in the middle ages because it was never sacked. The town's other claim to fame is associated with the celebrated Malvasia grape variety, which is used to make sweet - frequently fortified - wines in many parts of the Mediterranean. The variety is often known (especially in Madeira, where it is used to make the renowned Madeira wine) as Malmsey, thought to be a corruption of the name Monemvasia. Today, there are many people from Athens who have bought and restored old houses. Tavernas and boutiques have followed and Monemvasia these days is a fairly fashionable place.


1030 Southern entrance channels to the Aegean Sea
G15 Southern Peloponnisos
54303 Lakonikos Kolpos S Greece
414 Poros mechri Monemvasia


See Aegean Sea.



  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channels 85 & 86

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


All the approaches to are straightforward, but Danger: with a strong meltemi there are fierce gusts in the bay.

The rock of Monemvasia from seaward
Monemvasia's town walls


There are several anchoring possibilities: moor to the small harbor N of the road, moor in the new "marina", or anchor off N of Monemvasia.

Chart of Monemvasia Harbor

Monemvasia Harbor

Monemvasia Harbor/wiki/Monemvasia#Monemvasia_Harbor
Harbour icon Monemvasia Harbor [[Monemvasia#Monemvasia Harbor|Monemvasia Harbor]] 36°41.24′N, 23°2.54′E

The harbor of Monemvasia is a secure harbor but it is usually crowded with commercial vessels and when the meltemi blows it develops an uncomfortable swell. In calm days, without meltemi there is liable to be a rather brisk SW breeze during the night. This can sometimes be accelerated by katabatic winds and gusts of 30 - 40 knots are not uncommon.

Anchor in 5 m well inside the mole, away from the end of the jetty used by ferries and hydrofoils. The bottom is soft sand with rocks and weed and at spots provides bad holding, so make sure you test your anchor. Also stay clear from the shallow areas near the road and SW. Use plenty of fenders.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs


S of Monemvasia Harbor

S of Monemvasia Harbor/wiki/Monemvasia#S_of_Monemvasia_Harbor
Anchorage icon S of Monemvasia Harbor [[Monemvasia#S of Monemvasia Harbor|S of Monemvasia Harbor]] 36°41.05′N, 23°02.48′E
In calm weather you can anchor off in about 5 m near the road but on the S side of the harbor (you will have to sail around Monemvasia).

Ormos Paleó

Ormos Paleó/wiki/Monemvasia#Ormos_Pale.C3.B3
Anchorage icon Ormos Paleó [[Monemvasia#Ormos Paleó|Ormos Paleó]] 36°43.76′N, 23°02.11′E
This is on the NW corner of the Monemvasia bay.

Ormos Kremídhi

Ormos Kremídhi/wiki/Monemvasia#Ormos_Krem.C3.ADdhi
Anchorage icon Ormos Kremídhi [[Monemvasia#Ormos Kremídhi|Ormos Kremídhi]] 36°44.33′N, 23°03.2′E
This cove is just SW of Ormos Paleó. It is open to the S-SE and subject to strong gusts.
Monemvasia Castle towers above the town
Street scene, Monemvasia
The Upper Castle


  • In the marina, there are water and electricity outlets actually free of charge (august 2020)
  • No water is available in the harbor
? Toilets
? Showers
N/A (Not Available). Laundry
In the new town, delivery will be made Garbage
There are bins around the harbor & marina header
Supplies Fuel
  • In the marina or harbor you can get a mini-tank to deliver fuel by calling +30 2732 61 956
  • In the harbor, a fuel station is on the road to the Castle
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet In Internet cafés. Also the free Monemvasia WiFi city council net.
Mobile connectivity Good signal
Vehicle rentals In the town


There are several supermarkets in the the town as well as specialty stores.

Eating out

  • There is excellent food in the lower Castle
  • Good food at the Kanoni restaurant in the lower Castle


There are daily buses to Athens. For taxi call Mr. Yiorgos +30 6973 531 071 or Mr. Stathis +30 6944 978 675.


Places to Visit

The Castle & Citadel

Of course one here must visit the Castle of Monemvasia, both the upscale lower and the deserted upper. While wandering in the lovely alleys of the lower castle do visit the Archaeological Collection which is housed in the Moslem Mosque and do stop for a cup of coffee at one of the cafés on the main narrow street.

On the upper castle do not miss the Church of Ayia Sophia (Holy Wisdom). Also, gaze at the sea and try to imagine what life must have been here during the days of the Byzantium.

Sparta & Mystras

From Monemvasía you can either take a taxi or rent a car and visit Sparta and the Byzantine ghost town of Mystras. They are about 1 hr drive.


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See Greece.


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  • The water in the "Marina" is freely available and the ferry and hydrofoil services are ended. --OldBawley

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