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Napier, New Zealand (Port of Entry)

Napier.png Napier
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On the east coast of New Zealand, in Hawkes Bay, 260km north of Wellington lies Napier, a small coastal city of about 60,000. Napier is a tourist focused locality with many attractions, especially in the Summer. Napier is an ideal point to stop for a few days whilst waiting for a weather window to continue your passage either north or south. As well as the many attractions there's a well run and good value marina (the Napier Sailing Club) with handy visitor's berths. The Manager has a home beside the Club House and is very helpful, seemingly working 24 x 7.

A unique feature of the city is its art deco architecture. The area was devastated by an earthquake in 1931 and rebuilt in the style of the day. In February there is an art deco festival with the locals dressing up in the fashions and style of the thirties.

Cruising the region

Napier is the only safe haven on this rather bleak (and sometimes most hostile) coast, in either direction between Gisborne and Wellington. There's really nowhere to cruise or gunkhole.


Land Information NZ
NZ571 Approaches to Napier (1:75000)
NZ56 Table Cape to Blackhead Point (1:200000)


See New Zealand.

Napier is in the Portland weather zone.

Sources for Weather forecasts


To continue a southward journey, for most cruisers, you'll need at least a two day weather window to get to Wellington. In reality there are no stops on the way and you'll want to travel in a northerly. The scenery is excellent and interesting, but apart from a few villages the coast is bleak and you'l gain the impression no one lives in this area (almost no one does!).

Continuing a passage north, you're likely to want to get around East Cape. The Cape is nearly a 24 hour trip from Napier, running with a southerly and if it gets rough (and it often does in this part of the coast) there are several safe places you can ride it out. The most notable is Gisborne Harbour with several sheltered bays north of Gisborne.


Bare Island about 30 miles south east (off the village of Waimarama. It's name describes the island well., essentially a big rock, well charted.


See New Zealand.

Also see World Cruiser's Nets


Napier Marina and small boat harbour (The Iron Pot) is at the western end (see map above). At the eastern end is the small shipping port (keep away!). There's a reef to the north of the harbour, so keep well north in your approach. The route into the marina is well marked, although as with anywhere new, better to arrive in daylight. Don't hesitate to contact Napier Harbour control on channel 16 for help.

As with all New Zealand ports, lights and markers are carefully maintained and can be relied on to operate.


Napier is a Customs Port of Entry so if this is your first port of call you'll need to contact Customs and make arrangements as per the instructions for New Zealand.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Napier Sailing Club


Anchorages both outside and inside the small boat harbour but can be lumpy in an easterly swell.

Yacht Repairs and Services

Marine Stores

Within a walking distance of the marina are numerous small boat supply stores, although most geared to small power and fishing boats.


As above, with many small workshops and repair yards. As a rule you'll find these guys innovative and willing to tackle any problem. Appreciate that most locals will regard a visiting cruiser as being very wealthy and so may not be concerned about taking a few extra hours or days on your project. So you really need to manage any work you need done.

The marina has a travel lift and hard stand area.

Fuel, Water, & Electricity

There are several service stations offerring diesel, petrol and LPG within walking distance. The marina also has diesel.
The tap water is clean, free and drinkable, with taps all around the marina.
240 volt

Things to do Ashore


Napier is a tourist centre, with many of the attractions on Marina Parade. It's a palm lined street beside the beach well worth an afternoon visit but have a few dollars in your pocket and there's charge for most sites. The Aquarium is world class.

If you expect to be in Napier for a few days there are several bus companies offering wine trails. The region is famous for its vineyards and wines.

Napier and its sister city Hastings (inland about 20km south east) are located on the Heretaunga Plains. Almost the entire region is flat and everywhere are cycle ways. There are several stores that hire bikes and its a great way to see the area.

Grocery & Supply Stores

Two major supermarkets within a short taxi trip of the marina.


There are dozens of restaurants, bars and cafes within walking distance.


Check with marina. Also see Internet in New Zealand


Coin machines at the marina.

Motorbike & Car Rentals

Several rental companies within walking distance of the marina.

Garbage Disposal

Dumpsters at the marina along with oil recycling tank.


5kms north of the marina is Hawkes Bay airport. Several flights each day to Auckland with less frequent flights to other New Zealand cities and towns.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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