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Port of Entry
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Harbour of Nazare

Nazaré is a beach resort and harbour about 45 miles south of Figueira da Foz and 25 miles north of Peniche. It makes a justifiable claim to have one of the best beaches on the whole Atlantic coast of Portugal, stretching for several miles either side of the harbour. The use of modern technology has recently made Nazare one of the most popular surf-spots worldwide. One world-record chases the next, in January 2015 a French guy broke the last record with a 33 m wave. In spite of its popularity as a beach resort, Nazaré has retained many of its local traditions and the women can still be seen dressed in their traditional headscarves and embroidered aprons worn over seven petticoats. Fish are still sun-dried in racks along the town’s wide beach. Still, the harbour of Nazaré is one of the best-sheltered along the whole coast and, because of its situation at the head of a huge ocean trench which stretches for several miles offshore, can be entered in even the worst conditions.

Event: 05.-07. August Nazare Boatfestival 2016,, Nazaré Boatfestival


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See Portugal.


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From the north, the promontory of Sitio is very conspicuous a mile north of the harbour. From the south, the long sandy coast gives way to a low rocky foreshore about two miles before arriving at the harbour breakwater. Although the entrance to Nazare faces NW, there is seldom much swell in view of the depths here. Pass through the outer harbour and continue SE into the inner basin. Nazare has two marinas: the first, a private club, will appear to port next to the fuel station as you enter; the second, government owned and where transients berth, is at the southwest corner.


Nazare is a port of entry/exit to Portugal.

Tie up to one of the three end pontoons or side pontoon to port. On leaving the marina gate, walk straight ahead to the building which houses the check-in desk, showers and bathrooms, a grocery shop, which also functions as a café and bar, and the GNR police upstairs, accessed by an exterior stairway at the left rear side of the building. If the police do not come to your boat, you should go to them with your ship papers and ID of passengers. You may be assigned an inner berth in the marina, if available.

For entrance details see Portugal.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Nazare Marina can accommodate around 14 visiting yachts of a maximum length of 25 metres and maximum draft of 4.0 metres. Click on the link for separate Wiki page.
  • The Clube Naval da Nazare (Website) can also accommodate visiting yachts on its finger pontoons, subject to availability. Water and electricity are available on the pontoons. Toilets and showers. Address: Rua Mouzinho de Albuquerque nº 63, 2450 - Nazaré. Tel: +351 262 560422. Fax: +351 262 560422. Price for typical 13 metre yacht: Euros 25.


In the northern corner of the bay (WGS84 39º36'121N 009º04'704W) in 6 - 10 m sand. Permission to anchor has to be asked beforehand from the port captain during office hours (09:00 - 12:30 and 14:00 - 17:00 h) +351-262561255 or 24/7 on VHF ch 16 or mobile phone Policia Maritima +351-918498031 outside office hours.


Water On the marina and club pontoons
Electricity On the marina and club pontoons
Toilets In the marina
Showers In the marina
Laundry Two DIY laundromats in town. None in the harbour
Garbage Bins near the marina
Fuel Fuel berth in the harbour
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers Two marine stores next to the boatyard also provide repair and maintenance services
Repairs The boatyard now has a large 80 ton travel lift and cranes to step and unstep masts. This is an excellent yard for living on the boat during a haulout. The yard's shops rent jack stands (which includes setting them up) and provide a wide variety of services, including bottom painting, hull painting, and also electrical, electronic, mechanical and fibreglass repairs, welding and sandblasting. If planning to haul out here, speak with the operator of the government-owned travel lift and also arrange to rent jack stands and a power wash with one of the marine shops. Approach the haul out berth only close to high tide. To facilitate matters there is a floating pontoon for docking right in front of the liftout-berth
Internet In the marina
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


Minimarket with fresh rolls every morning near the marina. Better shops in the town about a mile away. Municipal Market with fresh fruit, veggies, fish and meat. 2 big Supermarkets (Lidl and Continente) in the upper town O'Sitio.

Eating out

The town has many restaurants for all tastes and wallets.


Buses into town (roughly every two hours). Daily several Buses to Lisbon, Porto and many other major towns in Portugal, local buses to Batalha Abbey, Obidos, Alcobaça, Fatima. Minibus-service available on request.



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Places to Visit

Although it is a long walk, the old town of O Sitio on the top of a rocky bluff to the north of the beach (about 1.5 miles north from the marina) is wonderfully picturesque. The Church of Nossa Senhora da Nazaré there is an impressive Baroque creation with splendid tiles on its interior walls. Above the main altar is the miraculous image of our Lady of Nazaré, after which the town is named. According to legend, this small statue of the Virgin Mary, a Black Madonna, was carried by a 4th century monk from Nazareth. Nazare is also perfectly situated for a bus trip to the spectacularly ornate Batalha Abbey, built to commemorate the battle of Aljubarrota, which led to Portuguese autonomy from Castile. The royal cloisters here are fabulously ornamented, as is the monumental gateway to the unfinished chapels. In a side chapel of the abbey are the tombs of King João and Queen Phillipa of Lancaster (daughter of John of Gaunt) and of their four sons, including Henry the Navigator.

Nazare tourism


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  • I have hauled out Jakatar at Nazare a number of times. The yard is paved, sheltered, has electricity and water and offers good services. --Jakatar
  • I am busy with a major re-build of my boat in Nazare. For me it's a great place to be, living on board and working on your own boat is no problem at all, to the contrary. Nearly all the material I need is available in the area. --Dody
  • 15./16. August 2015 we're organizing a little Boatfestival here, a cruisers-come-together with a boatjumble on Sunday. --Dody

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