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Netherlands Cruising Guide

An online cruising guide for sailing around the Netherlands.

Netherlands map.png
Map - click for larger view
Netherlands flag.png
Capital: Amsterdam
World icon.png 52°19′N, 5°33′E
Language: Dutch
Currency: Euro (EUR)
Timezone: UTC+1 (DST observed)
More notes about the country

The Netherlands (Dutch: Nederland, also commonly called Holland in English, in reference to the provinces North-Holland and South-Holland) is a country located in Western Europe and a founding member of the European Union. The Netherlands is bordering Germany to the east and Belgium to the south. To the west, the country faces the North Sea and the United Kingdom. The people, language, and culture of the Netherlands are referred to as "Dutch".

Cruising the region

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Climate & Weather

The predominant wind direction in the Netherlands is south-west, which causes a moderate maritime climate, with cool summers and mild winters.

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Chart Number - Chart Name
Chart Number - Chart Name
Chart Number - Chart Name

Approaches and Navigation

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Local Radio Nets

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Customs and Immigration





Fees and Charges


Health and Security


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External Territories

Ports & Popular Stops

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

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Offshore Islands

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Routes/Passages To/From

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Cruiser's Friends

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Forum Discussions

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External Links

References & Publications

Personal Notes

Personal experiences?

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