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Ukraine Odessa Lighthouse.jpg
The Vorontsov Lighthouse

Odessa (Greek: Οδυsσος, Russian: Оде́сса; IPA: [ɐˈdʲesə]), or Odesa (Ukrainian: Одеса, pronounced [ɔˈdɛsɑ]), is the third largest city in Ukraine, with a population of 1,003,705. The Port of Odessa is the largest Ukrainian seaport.

Yachts usually are accommodated at the Odessa Yacht Club where the authorities clearing yachts in and out of Ukraine are located.

In the antiquity Odessa was an ancient Greek colony. Archaeological artifacts confirm links between the Odessa area and the eastern Mediterranean.


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The approach to Varansovski Lighthouse entrance: a new terminal is being built (2013) by the existing container terminal and e outline of the port is changing. New South Cardinals are in place. There are several dredging vessels operating near the entrance. Odessa control (ch16) will direct you to the entrance they wish you to use, either Varansovski or North.


Odessa is a port of entry. The clearing authorities will be called by the Dispatcher from Odessa Yacht Club.

Do not step on land before clearance and notify the authorities a day be before departure.

Be advised: it is free to enter the country with a yacht. There is no charge for being processed by customs officials.

There are two sets of customs officials. Customs (Tamoshniya) and Boarder control (Podnakrishniya)

Odessa Yacht Club Dispatcher will provide you with a sleeve full of documents to fill out. These include:

  • Crew List,
  • Crew money list,
  • Heath declaration,
  • Customs forms,
  • Nil cargo declaration,
  • Nil drug and weapons declaration,
  • General declaration,
  • Environmental certificate.

You will need to have the environmental certificate stamped by the environmental officers before leaving. They are open only during normal working hours, and NOT at weekends. Then you need to approach the yacht club for the harbour masters stamp, and then the two customs entities, who are located in separate parts of the same building, and don't work together. You may well be bounced back and forth between them, each saying they need the stamp of the other side first before processing.

Expect processing to take up to six hours.


There have been a great many incidences of visiting yachts being asked for payments, in some cases several hundred Euros, by customs officials on arrival. Entry to Ukraine is free, there is absolutely no charge for the services of customs officials. Do not pay anything to anyone other than the Yacht Club for mooring.

Customs rules state you my keep your yacht in Ukraine for one year. Customs are not allowed to determine the length of your stay, although they may attempt to.

Berthing Yachts are accommodated at the Odessa Yacht Club. The commercial harbor does not welcome yachts.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Odessa Yacht Club

This harbor affords excellent all-weather shelter.

Moor where directed, usually either stern or bow to.



Yacht Repairs and Services

Marine Stores

Submit addresses and contact details of marine related businesses that are of interest to cruisers.


Some repairs can be arranged at the Yacht Club.

Fuel, Water, & Electricity

There is a fuel dock at the Yacht Club
Outlets at the piers of the Yacht Club
Outlets at the piers of the Yacht Club

Things to do Ashore


Odessa Potemkin Stairs.jpg
The Potemkin Stairs
The Archeological Museum
The Opera and Ballet Theater

Grocery & Supply Stores

There is a wonderful open-air market, near the railway station.


Many restaurants in the city.




Motorbike & Car Rentals

Garbage Disposal

Bins at the Yacht Club.


  • Good public transport within the city
  • Trams
  • Odessa International airpot
  • Ferries


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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  • Authorities can be very frustrating to deal with, and the yacht club will do little to help you, for fear of incurring problems of their own. I myself was not given the duration of stay I asked for, which resulted in a court case and fine, as well as impound fees. There is no needed to employ an agent, as is suggested by some.
    If you are booking in to Ukraine here, you can arrange your onward journey along the coast with the boarder control, thus eliminating the has sales often encountered by visiting yachts. If you have the paperwork for your trip already stamped up, the authorities can't mess you around. Be firm and stand your ground, pay nothing. -BenPikeUK

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