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40°03.720'N, 019°47.470'E Chart icon.png
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The jetty at Palermos from W
The jetty is high at Palermos
There are big holes in the jetty'
Typical mooring point

The bay of Palermos (or Panormes) is situated 18 miles NW of the port of Sarande in Albania. The bay is divided into two parts, a N and S part, by a small promontory on which the 19th century despot Ali Pasha is said to have erected a castle. The S part of the bay is occupied by fish farms and the N part by a military installation, therefore the only part of the bay where a yacht can moor is the central part, where there is a high and rather dilapidated fishing boat jetty. Shelter in the bay is moderately good in the prevailing NW winds, though it is frequently subject to strong thermal winds off the mountain ranges to the N which can make departure in the early hours of the morning challenging.


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See Albania.


See Albania.


See Albania.


The approach from both N and S is straightforward, though there are rocky fringes close inshore on both headlands. Once in the entrance to the bay, Ali Pasha's castle is conspicuous from seaward on the small promontory that divides the two bays. Depths are over 15 metres until approaching the fishermen's jetty.


There is a T-shaped fishermen's jetty in the little cove on the E side of the castle promontory which usually has space for 2-3 yachts. However, there are several problems associated with mooring here, especially if there is any wind. Firstly, the jetty is very high – over 2.0 metres – and getting ashore to attach lines can be difficult, especially for a low freeboard yacht. Secondly, there are bollards at only a few points and often these are taken by the fishermen; it is necessary often to take lines around pieces of broken concrete reinforcing rod projecting from the edge of the quay (if so, it is advisable to take at least a bow or midships line round a bollard for peace of mind). Thirdly, although there is often space on the E side of the jetty, the strong thermal winds off the mountains in the mornings can make if very difficult getting off.

Depths are 12 metres at the N end of the jetty, shoaling to 3-4 metres at the S end. Note that it is not possible to moor alongside the pier connecting the jetty to the shore since there are dangerous iron projections at yacht-gouging height.

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It might be possible to anchor off the S end of the jetty with care, especially if planning to leave early in the morning, but swinging room here is very limited and it might be advisable to take lines ashore. Anchoring in the N end of the bay is forbidden, since it is a military area and in any case the depths are substantial.


Water N/A (Not Available).
Electricity N/A
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage ?
Fuel N/A
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs None
Internet WiFi at the restaurant (but not tried). There is also a weak but usable mobile phone signal
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals N/A



Eating out

There is a simple cafe/restaurant on the road above the jetty.




Ali Pasha's castle
Entrance to Ali Pasha's castle

Places to Visit

Palermos' main attraction is the 19th century castle said to have been erected by Ali Pasha on the promontory, which is regularly visited by coach parties en route to Sarande. More recent evidence suggests that it was actually erected by the Venetians, a fact that was conveniently airbrushed out of history during the Enver Hoxha regime. The castle is a 10-minute walk along a rather rough track (not for flip-flops!) and an attendant will relieve you of the 100 leks admission fee en route. It is useful to take a torch, since much of the castle is subterranean and has little natural light.


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See Albania.


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