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Port of Entry
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Sarandë quay

Sarandë (Greek: Άγιοι Σαράντα, Agioi Saranda; Italian: Santi Quaranta) or Saranda is the southernmost port of entry into Albania. It is only six miles from the Greek island of Corfu. The city has a population of about 30,000 (2001 estimate). Near Sarandë are the remains of the ancient city of Butrint, a World Heritage site.

Alongside its ethnic Albanian majority, Saranda is home to an ethnic Greek minority and considered one of the centers of the Greek minority in Albania. The city’s current name derives from the Byzantine church of Ayioi Saranta (Forty Saints), whose ruins are still on the hill overlooking the city. It was a church of the proto-byzantine period. It had two row of columns in the interior and arcs along the length of its sides. They said that there were 40 churches in its environs one for each Sebastian martyr. A Greek community is still there but smaller. Greek schools are still operating as well as Greek churches.

Their harbour is unlike most harbours. In the S-facing open bay where the city is located they have built on the west side an arrangement of quays and jetties used by large merchant ships, hydrofoils, ferries from Corfu and visiting yachts alike. It is there that all the official buildings are located since Saranda is a port of entry to Albania. Shelter in this position is good in the prevailing NW winds, although there is some swell in strong winds from this direction. Strong winds from a southerly quadrant make the harbour untenable and from an easterly one extremely uncomfortable, since there is a fetch of a mile across the bay.


See Albania.


See Albania.


See Albania.



See Albania.


The approach from S is straightforward provided that the red buoy marking the Sarande Shoal on the W side of the bay is left well to port. This is especially important in the approach from N, when a yacht needs to stay at least half a mile offshore to avoid the shoal.


Sarande is a port of entry for Albania. For details see Entrance: Albania.

You must use an agent to undertake the paperwork for entry into and exit from ports in Albania and Saranda is no exception. Before entering the harbour, especially if this is your first port into Albania, it is necessary to arrange an agent and communicate your ETA (remember if coming from Greece that Albania is an hour earlier than Greek time). One list of possible agents is shown on Noonsite.

As you approach the harbour call Sarande Port Control on VHF channel 11 to announce your arrival and alert your agent (they all monitor channel 11). If you get no response then call on channel 16. You should be met by your agent at the quay to help you moor up and take your papers and passports for processing.

Prior to departing from the harbour your agent will communicate with the authorities and provide the departure permission. Expect to give your agent a day's notice of departure. A standard charge is likely to be of the order of EUR50 for formalities and EUR10 per night for your stay in the harbour.


Semi-alongside on Saranda quay

There is only limited space for yachts in the harbour and it is usually necessary to do an anchor moor back to one of the sections of quay, as advised by your agent. Depths are 3.5 metres along the outside of the main quay, but decrease to only 1.5 metres close in at the head of the little basin just S of it. However, note that if directed to the semi-alongside berth (still using your anchor) on the S end of the main quay that there is rubble reducing the depths some 6-7 metres back from the outer edge of the quay (see photo of Athene of Lymington in this berth).

There are two widely-spaced electricity stanchions on the quay (each with two Euro-plug outlets in rather poor condition) and three separate water points. The water is safe and drinkable (2014).

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



It is possible to anchor in the bay with permission, but only while awaiting clearance.


Water Yes
Electricity Yes
Toilets Yes
Showers ?
  • One laundry/wiki/Sarande#laundryWorld icon.png laundry [[Sarande#laundry|laundry]] 39°52.5547′N, 20°0.4304′E is about 1km north-east of the port. Go north from the port to the roundabout. Turn right. Take the second street on the left (about 400m along) then the third street on the right (another 250m). The laundry is about 30m along on the right.
  • There is at least one other laundry. Again, your agent can advise.
Garbage The Port Authority provides small rubbish bins in the port area
Fuel A fuel station/wiki/Sarande#fuel_stationFuel icon fuel station [[Sarande#fuel station|fuel station]] 39°52.4154′N, 20°0.0265′E is about 400m north-west of the port. Go to the roundabout, take a left and the fuel station is about 170m along on the right.
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs None
  • Free WiFi is available in the Port cafe (but not often working).
  • Your agent may provide you with the password of a WiFi network accessible at the quay, however it is likely that you will need a high gain antenna to access it. We were unable to use it in May 2014, even with such an antenna --Athene of Lymington.
  • A prepaid Albanian SIM card with 4G internet access can be purchased locally. One outlet is the Vodafone store/wiki/Sarande#.27.27Vodafone.27.27_storeProvisions icon Vodafone store [[Sarande#Vodafone store|Vodafone store]] 39°52.442′N, 20°0.5099′E about 700 m north-east of the port. Go north to the roundabout, turn right and the store is a few metres up a set of steps about 500m along, adjacent the root of the private jetty. A more helpful outlet, however, is the ALB Telecom store 50 metres N across the road from the Vodafone shop (500 LEK or around Euros 4 for SIM card). Data bundles and plans vary. [3]
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Can be arranged by your agent


  • Fresh fruit and vegetable market/wiki/Sarande#Fresh_fruit_and_vegetable_marketProvisions icon Fresh fruit and vegetable market [[Sarande#Fresh fruit and vegetable market|Fresh fruit and vegetable market]] 39°52.428′N, 20°0.134′E about 250 m north of the port exit. Go to the roundabout, turn right and the market is about 50m along on the left.
  • Large Fresh fruit and vegetable market/wiki/Sarande#Fresh_fruit_and_vegetable_marketProvisions icon Fresh fruit and vegetable market [[Sarande#Fresh fruit and vegetable market|Fresh fruit and vegetable market]] 39°52.397′N, 20°0.192′E about 300m north of the port exit. Go to the roundabout, take a left and immediately a right. The supermarket is about 30 m along on the left.
  • Other: There are a number of small supermarkets, bakeries, butchers and grocers in the streets around the port.
  • Bank: On the north side of the roundabout just north of the port.
  • Mobile phone shop: Vodafone and ALB Telecom (Eagle Mobile) shops on left half a mile along the road round the bay.

Eating out

There are a number of restaurants and fast food outlets in close proximity to the port. Your agent will usually have several recommendations.



The theatre and Asclepion, Butrint

Places to Visit

  • The World Heritage listed ancient city of Butrint is a short trip south of Sarande. It can be reached by taxi or bus (Wikipedia Butrint article). The bus goes every half hour from 0830 from the small roundabout 200 metres N of the port. The trip takes about an hour.
  • The historic town of Gjirokaster is 55km north-east of Sarande. It is accessible by taxi or bus. (Wikipedia Gjirokaster article). The bus for Gjirokaster goes from the main bus station, around 10 minutes walk from the port.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See also Albania


See Albania.


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