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Port of Entry
43°02.918'N, 017°25.366'E Chart icon.png
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Ploče harbour from the S

Ploče is a large commercial port in the Neretvanski Kanal, the channel between the mainland and the Peljesac Peninsula on the Adriatic coast of Croatia. It is the principal outlet to the sea for otherwise virtually landlocked Bosnia-Herzegovina. The harbour is situated two miles NW of the entrance to the Neretva River, the largest river in the Adriatic. Although shelter in the port is good, the surroundings are not very attractive, with no concession to the needs of visiting yachts.

The harbour is best regarded as a port of refuge if caught in adverse conditions along this coast.


See Central Dalmatia.


See Croatia.


See Croatia.



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Also see Cruiser's Nets


In the approach from the N there are no obvious dangers, although care is needed when rounding the headland of Rt Visnjice/wiki/Plo%C4%8De#Rt_VisnjiceWorld icon.png Rt Visnjice [[Ploče#Rt Visnjice|Rt Visnjice]] 43°02.338'N, 017°24.977'E on the W side of the entrance to Ploče as large commercial vessels exit the channel at speed.

In the approach from the S, it is important to give a good clearance to the shallows extending nearly a mile off the mouth of the Neretva River two miles SW of Ploce. The entrance is between the tall headland of Rt Visnjice, which has a light structure on it, and a green starboard buoy half a mile due E. After half a mile the channel curves round to the E and the basin of the commercial harbour opens up a further half mile to the NE.


Ploče is a port of entry/exit for Croatia. For details see Entrance: Croatia.


Small craft on the quays at Ploče

SE quay

SE quay/wiki/Plo%C4%8De#SE_quay
Harbour icon SE quay [[Ploče#SE quay|SE quay]] 43°03.118'N, 017°26.026'E
Port of Entry

Presumably, the only suitable place for a yacht to berth is alongside the quay at the SE side of the harbour. You will be competing for space here with commercial vessels and it may be necessary to move off if instructed.

Most of the other quays around the harbour are occupied either by commercial vessels or by small craft moorings. Shelter here is good in all winds, although the bora can blow violently in the harbour.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs





Water SE quay/wiki/Plo%C4%8De#.5B.5B.23SE_quay.7CSE_quay.5D.5DWater icon SE quay [[Ploče#SE quay|SE quay]] a few posts along the quay
Electricity SE quay/wiki/Plo%C4%8De#.5B.5B.23SE_quay.7CSE_quay.5D.5DElectricity icon SE quay [[Ploče#SE quay|SE quay]] a few posts along the quay
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry In the town
Garbage Nothing on the quays. You may need to take it with you
Fuel INA/wiki/Plo%C4%8De#INAFuel icon INA [[Ploče#INA|INA]] 43°03.118'N, 017°26.093'E Fuel berth at the SE quay (0600 - 2200)
Depths is 8 metres
Bottled gas None
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A (Not Available)
Internet WiFi in internet cafes
Mobile connectivity Is there mobile telephone signal such as G4, G3, GPRS on the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?
Vehicle rentals In the Town/wiki/Plo%C4%8De#In_the_TownCar icon In the Town [[Ploče#In the Town|In the Town]] rental outlets


In the Town/wiki/Plo%C4%8De#In_the_TownProvisions icon In the Town [[Ploče#In the Town|In the Town]] some small provisions shops.

Eating out

  • The Village
 /wiki/Plo%C4%8De#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Ploče# | ]] several cafes and restaurants.


Buses to Split and Dubrovnik


There is really nothing of tourist interest in Ploče.


For other useful websites, see Croatia.


See Croatia.


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