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Port Stephens
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South Wales) Port Stephens is a popular cruising ground located approximately 23nm north of Newcastle, New South Wales. Port Stephens is not a Port of Entry into Australia.

Cruising the region

Port Stephens encompasses the towns of Shoal Bay, Nelson Bay, Soldiers Point, Lemon Tree Passage, and Tanilba Bay, all on the southern shores, as well as Hawks Nest on the northern shore and extending to the surf beach.

Cruising sailors used to the depths of Sydney Harbour, from where Port Stephens can be reached in a 24 hour sail or thereabouts, can easily become complacent about the depths in Port Stephens -- although Port Stephens is in fact larger than Sydney Harbour many parts of it are quite shallow. Keep a good look out, and pay detailed attention to leading marks, charts, and depth soundings.


Australian Hydrographic Service
Chart AUS 809 - Port Jackson to Port Stephens
Chart AUS 209 - Port Stephens

See New South Wales.


See New South Wales.


See Newcastle.


The three islands directly offshore of the Port Stephens entrance, being Cabbage Tree Island, Boondelbah Island, and Little Island are all nature reserves and cannot be visited without a permit. None of the islands provide a suitable anchorage although there is some small amount of shelter in the inlet to on the south side of Boondelbah Island.

Cabbage Tree Island is the rounding mark for an annual race from Sydney.

Further north west of the entrance (about 8 nm) there are the Broughton Islands. Avoid going between the islands and the mainland because there are several unmarked rocks and the passage can funnel tidal flows. It is possible to visit Broughton Island by anchoring to the north east off the beach there. There is also a deep inlet to the south of Broughton Island where there are also some moorings and fishermen's huts, but it can be hazardous getting in or out (or loitering inside) if the weather turns southerly.


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See New South Wales.


Port Stephens has several marinas. It is also an excellent and attractive area in which to spend the cyclone season.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

D'Albora Marinas Nelson Bay

D'Albora Marinas Nelson Bay/wiki/Port_Stephens#D.27Albora_Marinas_Nelson_Bay
Berth icon D'Albora Marinas Nelson Bay [[Port Stephens#D'Albora Marinas Nelson Bay|D'Albora Marinas Nelson Bay]] 32°43.074'S, 152°08.765'E

Nelson Bay marina houses 200 wet berths and jet ski storage with high security. All facilities, fuel berth, pump-out facility, laundry. Restaurants and cafes close by. Facilities include end to end dockmaster assistance seven days a week along with reciprocal berthing rights at all seven D’ALBORA Marinas locations. Onsite marine services include detailing, repairs, maintenance, chandlery and boat brokerage.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 2 4984 1333; Fax: +61 2 4984 1390; VHF channel 16
Address: Teramby Road , Nelson Bay , Port Stephens, NSW, Australia

Anchorage Marina

Anchorage Marina/wiki/Port_Stephens#Anchorage_Marina
Berth icon Anchorage Marina [[Port Stephens#Anchorage Marina|Anchorage Marina]] 32°43.026'S, 152°06.293'E

90 floating berths and 6 swinging moorings. All facilities, fuel berth, security. Visitors welcome. Reservation advised.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 2 4981 4975; Fax: +61 2 4981 5690; VHF channel 16
Address: Corlette Point Road Corlette NSW 2315, Australia
Australia SoldiersPoint.jpg

Soldiers Point Marina

Soldiers Point Marina/wiki/Port_Stephens#Soldiers_Point_Marina
Berth icon Soldiers Point Marina [[Port Stephens#Soldiers Point Marina|Soldiers Point Marina]] 32°42.059'S, 152°03.703'E

Modern marina with all facilities, fuel berth, laundry, WiFi, 24hr security, restaurants, provisions, free use of bikes. Boatyard with slipway and repair services..

[email protected]; Tel: +61 2 4982 7445; Fax: ++61 2 4982 7193; VHF channel 16
Address: Sunset Boulevarde, Soldiers Point, NSW 2317, Australia

Lemon Tree Passage Marina

Lemon Tree Passage Marina/wiki/Port_Stephens#Lemon_Tree_Passage_Marina
Berth icon Lemon Tree Passage Marina [[Port Stephens#Lemon Tree Passage Marina|Lemon Tree Passage Marina]] 32°43.850'S, 152°02.425'E

A small marina with 50 berths and 7 swinging moorings. Close to a wide range of services including banks, restaurants, food shops, post office and pharmacy. Basically a boatyard with chandlery and 2 slipways with a 65 Tonne and a 25 Tonne capacity.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 2 4982 5522; VHF channel XX
Address: 44 Cook Parade, Lemon Tree Passage. NSW 2319, Australia
Australia NCYC Marinat.jpg

Newcastle Cruising Club Marina

Newcastle Cruising Club Marina/wiki/Port_Stephens#Newcastle_Cruising_Club_Marina
Berth icon Newcastle Cruising Club Marina [[Port Stephens#Newcastle Cruising Club Marina|Newcastle Cruising Club Marina]] 32°55.259'S, 151°45.707'E

A modern 180 berth floating marina, NCYC’s facilities are world-class. With power and water provided to each berth (including limited 3 phase powered berths), car parking, clean modern amenities and laundrette, and close proximity to shops and transport, NCYC is a great place to drop in for fuel, food and water on your way up and down the coast.

[email protected]; Tel: +61 2 4940 818; Fax: +61 2 4940 8138; VHF channel XX
Address: 95 Hannell Street (PO BOX 150), Wickham, NSW 2293, Australia

Little Beach Marina

Little Beach Marina/wiki/Port_Stephens#Little_Beach_Marina
Berth icon Little Beach Marina [[Port Stephens#Little Beach Marina|Little Beach Marina]] 32°42.767'S, 152°09.293'E


XX@XXX; Tel: +61 2 4981 1492; VHF channel XX
Address: 4 Victoria Parade, Nelson Bay, NSW 2315, Australia


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Internet In most of the marinas
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