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Porto Conte
40°35.283'N, 008°11.216'E Chart icon.png
Area Marina Protetta Capo Caccia.jpg
Area Marina Protetta Capo Caccia
Porto Conte e Capo Caccia da Monte Doglia.jpg
Porto Conte and Capo Caccia from NE

Porto Conte is located in 9 NM North from Alghero. It is the largest natural harbour in Italy, but it is too shallow though for commercial craft. There are two nature reserves in this area: the land reserve Parco naturale regionale di Porto Conte and the marine reserve Area protetta Capo Caccia - Isola Piana.


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Monte Timidone (361 m) dominates over W part of the bay. Under strong N winds it's better to anchor at the coves just below it.


Porto Conte Marina

Porto Conte Marina/wiki/Porto_Conte#Porto_Conte_Marina
Berth icon Porto Conte Marina [[Porto Conte#Porto Conte Marina|Porto Conte Marina]] 40°35.675'N, 008°12.863'E
Max. draft 2 m, max. LOA 20 m; Tel. +39(0)79.942013, info@portocontemarina.it.

Club Nautico Capo Caccia

Club Nautico Capo Caccia/wiki/Porto_Conte#Club_Nautico_Capo_Caccia
Berth icon Club Nautico Capo Caccia [[Porto Conte#Club Nautico Capo Caccia|Club Nautico Capo Caccia]] 40°35.572'N, 008°10.168'E
3 jetties in Cala Tramariglio run by a private club. All berths are reserved for members. Boats in transit could only moor if there are any places available. Depths 0.5-3.5 m, max. LOA 10 m; Tel. +39 079-946638.


Pischina Salida.jpg
View towards Cala dell Bollo, Cala Dragonara is at the bottom left

Anchoring is regulated by the marine reserve authorities. At 3 locations the authorities have installed some mooring buoys. Reportedly its also possible to anchor there on sandy patches.

Cala dell Bollo/wiki/Porto_Conte#Cala_dell_BolloAnchorage icon Cala dell Bollo [[Porto Conte#Cala dell Bollo|Cala dell Bollo]] 40°34.874'N, 008°10.016'E Anchor at about 10 m; bottom is sand and weed.

Cala Dragonara/wiki/Porto_Conte#Cala_DragonaraBuoy icon Cala Dragonara [[Porto Conte#Cala Dragonara|Cala Dragonara]] 40°34.537'N, 008°09.856'E Take care of tripper boats making a stop here on their way to Grotta di Nettuno. One bar ashore. You can tie your dinghy at the tripper's boat pier.

Cala Tramariglio/wiki/Porto_Conte#Cala_TramariglioBuoy icon Cala Tramariglio [[Porto Conte#Cala Tramariglio|Cala Tramariglio]] 40°35.504'N, 008°10.425'E

Porto Conte - Alghero.jpg
Porto Conte, N basin

N basin/wiki/Porto_Conte#N_basinAnchorage icon N basin [[Porto Conte#N basin|N basin]] 40°36.717'N, 008°11.626'E

Cala Torre del Conte/wiki/Porto_Conte#Cala_Torre_del_ConteAnchorage icon Cala Torre del Conte [[Porto Conte#Cala Torre del Conte|Cala Torre del Conte]] 40°35.731'N, 008°12.698'E

N of Porto Conte

Cala Inferno/wiki/Porto_Conte#Cala_InfernoAnchorage icon Cala Inferno [[Porto Conte#Cala Inferno|Cala Inferno]] 40°34.726'N, 008°09.291'E At the N side of the Capo Caccia.

Porto Ferru/wiki/Porto_Conte#Porto_FerruAnchorage icon Porto Ferru [[Porto Conte#Porto Ferru|Porto Ferru]] (Porto Ferro) 40°41.043'N, 008°11.849'E Anchor at 4 m on sand.

Porto San Nicolò/wiki/Porto_Conte#Porto_San_Nicol.C3.B2Anchorage icon Porto San Nicolò [[Porto Conte#Porto San Nicolò|Porto San Nicolò]] (Argentiera) 40°44.513'N, 008°08.582'E The bay is exposed to W and N and should be used in settled weather. At the head of the bay there is a ruined pier (20 m). Danger: 3m shoal on starboard at 200m of the entrance to the bay.

Cala di Capo Mannu/wiki/Porto_Conte#Cala_di_Capo_MannuAnchorage icon Cala di Capo Mannu [[Porto Conte#Cala di Capo Mannu|Cala di Capo Mannu]] 40°47.390'N, 008°09.729'E


Water In the marina and the club
Electricity In the marina
Toilets In the marina and the club
Showers In the marina
Garbage In the marina
Fuel See Porto Conte Marina
Bottled gas
Chandlers None
Mobile connectivity
Vehicle rentals


There is a grocery shop relatively close to the Porto Conte Marina

Eating out

  • There are some restaurants ashore
  • A bar at the Cala Dragonara


Bus #9321: Alghero - Porto Conte - Capo Caccia (3 departures a day).


Grotta di Nettuno, stanza n° 2.jpg
Grotta di Nettuno

The Grotta di Nettuno is a remarkable stalactite-covered cave at the foot of cliffs near Capo Caccia. It can be reached either by boat excursion from Alghero (in settled weather only). You may also leave your boat at the Cala Dragonara and walk along the road to Capo Caccia then down the 656 steps of the Escala del Cabirol (goat's stairway). There are hourly guided tours through the cave system.

At the head of the Cala Tramariglio there is a coplex of buildings of the Casa di Lavoro (House of Labour), a former penal colony. It was designed by Arturo Miraglia, who also made a planning for Fertilia. The complex is now occupied by the head quarters of the Porto Conte Park.


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