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Port of Entry
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Yachts on Preveza town quay

Preveza (Πρέβεζα) lies at the entrance to a large inland gulf, the Ambrakikos Gulf, on the Ionian coast of Greece, five miles NE of the town of Lefkas and the northern entrance to the Lefkas Canal. The gulf is entered via a half mile long entrance channel between extensive sandbanks, which is dredged to a depth of six metres. The town of Preveza on the NW side on entry has a half mile long quay with space for several dozen yachts to lie alongside or stern/bows-to, while on the SE side in the area of Aktion are three large boatyards, Cleopatra Marina, Ionion Marine (formerly known confusingly as Preveza Marine) and Aktio Marine. A road tunnel under the channel links the yards to the commercial centre, shops, banks and port authorities in Preveza on the opposite shore. Between them the yards can haul out over 1,500 boats and are a popular wintering spot for cruising yachts, with a full range of repair and maintenance services and well-stocked chandleries. In addition, Cleopatra has a small, 100-berth marina with all the usual services. On the Preveza side there is also an recently (June 2019) opened marina at the N end of the town quay and a small yard in an inlet about 0.8nM further north. The town's small airport on the Aktion side, 1.5 kms from the yards, has flights (mainly charter) during the season to most European destinations.


British Admiralty
203 Zakinthos to Paxoi
2405 Ports in Western Greece
G12 – South Ionian Islands
54283 Amvrakikos Kolpos
21 Ionio Sea - Northern Part Othonoi I. to Zakynthos I.
2131 Amvrakikos Gulf



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  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12


The approach to Preveza is via a narrow, half mile long channel between extensive sandbanks. The channel is entered at the channel entry/wiki/Preveza#channel_entryWorld icon.png channel entry [[Preveza#channel entry|channel entry]] 38°55.9′N, 20°43.65′E between two port and starboard buoys. A further three pairs of buoys mark the channel on a course of 065 degrees towards a conspicuous fort on the Aktion side of the entrance. The dredged channel is quite narrow, but it is unwise for a yacht to stray far from the channel without local knowledge; the 2.0 metre depth contour extends for nearly half a mile offshore on the N side and there are several shoal patches on the S side to catch the unwary or the first time visitor. Once past the last pair of buoys, a final port hand buoy marks the edge of the shallows just S of Preveza town quay. From there, there are depths of around 10 metres up to the town quay and Preveza Marina to port and the three boatyards and the marina of Cleopatra Marina to starboard.

Note that strong currents of up to three knots can often be experienced in this area (from either direction) and yachts should be alert to the possibility of being carried sideways out of the channel. In cases of wind against current this can also set up a vicious chop at times.


Customs are in a new building on the eastern breakwater of the town marina, close to the commercial quay. The port police office can take a little finding. From the town quay walk north along the quay until the marina is on your right and a car park on your left. Cross the car park diagonally and look for the post office, distinguishable by three large yellow post boxes on the pavement in front. The port police office is above. The entrance is in the narrow street at the back of the building.

For payment of taxes you may be asked to go to the Tax Office 5-10 minutes walk away in the centre of Preveza! Ask for directions.


Preveza town quay

Preveza N quay and commercial quay
Preveza N quay (lowered section)
Preveza S quay

The town quay at Preveza extends for over half a mile. The S end begins just N of a grey octagonal building (a former night club) and the N end terminates at a short jetty enclosing the marina. The initial section from the octagonal building up to the 8th lamppost is shallow (less than 1.5 metres); yachts can go stern/bows-to or alongside for the next 200 metres, although there is a ledge along part of this section and a few small craft moorings to be avoided. Depths here are mostly 2.5 – 3.0 metres. Further N is a wide jetty where the fishermen park and a section of 100 metres of quay (painted with yellow markings) which is reserved for their use. From here the next 500 metres N is reserved for yachts. Depths along this section are 5.0 – 8.0 metres at the quay but more at the point where you will be dropping anchor: 10.0 -15.0 metres at the S end of the section to 8.0 – 10.0 at the N end. Consequently yachts tend to go alongside at the S end and stern/bows-to at the N end. The N end is more popular, since it is close to tavernas and bars, has better depths for anchoring and offers better shelter from the NE land breezes that tend to blow down onto the quay at night. However, it is noisy here and earplugs are definitely an advantage. Note that it is not very considerate to go alongside at this end unless out of season and you risk being boxed in by yachts on anchor moor if you do. There are a few iron bollards along the quay but plentiful stainless steel mooring rings. These are set back a metre or so from the quay and can be difficult to see when arriving. The quay is fairly high, so yachts with low freeboard may prefer to moor - if there is space - at a lowered quay section (identifiable by a length of green-painted railings). Note, however, that there is an outfall at the S end of this section which occasionally pumps out untreated sewage - so not a berth for those with sensitive olfactory organs!

Shelter on the quay is good in the prevailing NW winds, although a slight swell seems to work its way round the headland most afternoons. Also, there can sometimes be a chop overnight with the land breeze, which blows off the mountains to the E. This is normally not too uncomfortable unless there are fresh easterly winds to supplement it. The holding is good all along the quay in thick mud.

Fees on the south quay are per meter and (for a 10m yacht) approximately €6.20 (2016). Water & electricity points have now been extended further south and the charge is roughly doubled if you use them. The marinero who collects the berthing fee shows up in the afternoon. His colleague who collects the W&E fee usually turns up twice a day.

The bars can be extremely noisy in the late evening.

Note: The quay is certainly not a good place to be with strong winds from NE round to S, when it is better to anchor off the boatyards on the Aktion side or seek a sheltered anchorage further into the gulf.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Cleopatra Marina lies on the E side of the channel (the Aktion side), next to the yard of the same name. It offers around 100 berths for yachts of up to 30 metres in depths of up to 8.0 metres (only during summer months). See separate Wiki entry.
  • Preveza Marina is situated at the N end of the town quay, next to the commercial quay. Currently leased to and managed by Cleopatra Marina, it offers mooring lines/stern to berthing for around 200 yachts of up to 20 metres in depths of up to 3.0 metres. Water and electricity, toilets & showers. Chandlery, minimarket, coffee bar and restaurant. See separate Wiki entry.


N of Preveza Marina

N of Preveza Marina/wiki/Preveza#N_of_.5B.5BPreveza_Marina.5D.5D
Anchorage icon N of Preveza Marina [[Preveza#N of Preveza Marina|N of Preveza Marina]] 38°58.242'N, 020°45.527'E

This is a popular anchorage up the wide creek just N of Preveza Marina. The best approach is just N of the two port marker buoys marking the channel going N from Preveza commercial quay round into the Ambrakikos Gulf, where least depths are in excess of 12 metres.

Warning: Do not be tempted to cut the corner here, as there are shallows with least depths of barely 2.0 metres extending for nearly 250 metres NE off the commercial quay (which are not shown in some popular pilot books).

Either anchor in the channel in 5.0 - 6.0 metres or in the small basin at the top of the inlet in 4.0 - 5.0 metres. Shelter is better in the basin, but there is a lot of road noise as the main road to Arta passes around the basin. The holding is good in both places in mud and shelter is excellent in all but easterly winds.
  • An alternative anchorage is off the sandy shore on the Aktion side, just N of the boatyards, in depths of 3.0 – 8.0 metres. Holding is good in sand and mud and shelter adequate in the prevailing NW winds, but the position is untenable in strong winds from NW round to S.
  • Finally, there are numerous further anchorages in the Ambrakikos Gulf, which offer good anchoring depths and shelter depending on the wind direction.


  • Water points along the town quay. Requires electronic chip from port office/marinero
  • On pontoons at Cleopatra Marina. Requires smart card from marina office
  • On piers in Preveza Marina
  • Blue columns on the the town quay, a marinero has to be paid to activate it for you
  • On the pontoons at Cleopatra Marina. Requires smart card from marina office
  • On piers in Preveza Marina
Toilets ?
Showers ?
  • Preveza Yacht Services provides a laundry service
  • Nina +30 697 171 5078. Will collect and deliver back.
  • Self-service laundry at Preveza Marina, Cleopatra Marina and Ionian Marine
  • Laundry service at the dry cleaner at the south end of the pedestrian street in town
Garbage Bins on Preveza quay and at Preveza Marina quay.
  • Mini tankers carrying diesel can usually be spotted patrolling Preveza town quay throughout the season and can be hailed for fuel. Note that as the town quay is primarily a pedestrian area, access is not allowed after 17:00 hrs. In the absence of any mini tankers Preveza Yacht Services can arrange for a tanker to come to your yacht.
  • Victor +30 697 171 5078
  • Fuel dock at Cleopatra Marina and at Preveza Marina.
Bottled gas at * Nina +30 697 171 5078, minimarket in Preveza Marina.
  • There are chandleries in Preveza Marina, Ionion Marine and Cleopatra Marina boat yard on the Aktion side.
  • Tsoukasmarine +30 26820 89778 , in Preveza across the street from the entrance to Preveza Marina.
  • Just back from Preveza town quay is Preveza Yacht Services, which has a small chandlery and can arrange most repairs. Preveza Yacht Services focuses mainly on maintenance and engine products i.e batteries and filters.
Repairs The three boatyards on the Aktio side of the channel are directly connected to Preveza via a watertaxi that runs from Cleopatra Marina to Preveza at 1000 and 1200.
  • Cleopatra Marina. The southernmost of the three yards on the Aktion side of Preveza channel. Includes 100-berth marina, hard-standing for over 1,000 yachts, travel lift (100T), chandlery, wifi (a charge is made), laundry, fuelling pontoon, restaurant/bar and small minimarket.
  • Ionion Marine. The boatyard between Cleopatra Marina and Aktio yards. Hard-standing for 500 yachts, travel lift (65T), chandlery, wi-fi, laundry.
  • Aktio Marine. The northernmost of the three yards. Hard standing for 250 yachts. Haul out via hydraulic trailer.
  • There is also a small yard located on the Preveza side, approximately one mile north of Preveza town quay.
  • Ionian Marine is a very professional, friendly and lean boat yard. A lot of basic services are provided by the yard staff, and extended specialized service will be arranged for a small commission to the yard (common). Good feedback.
  • Contract Marine Services (Lefkada) is a highly skilled and professional supplier of all kind of repairs and services. Even though they have their main base in Lefkada, they are doing services all over the area. Good feedback.
  • Way Point Sails & Rigging: if you are looking for a professional canvas supplier for repair or new build. Good feedback.
  • Repair work can be organised through Preveza Yacht Services
  • Pantelis +30 694 709 4768, electrics, electronics, Raymarine, marine plumbing, A/C, Solar
  • Most bars and cafes along the town quay offer Wi-Fi
  • Cleopatra Marina (a charge is made)
  • Ionion Marine boat yard
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals
  • Several car rental companies operate from Aktion ( Preveza ) airport. Other rental offices along road to W of Preveza Marina
  • For scooter hire, take bus to Lefkas. Europcar at the airport rent scooters but very unreliable


  • Large three-storey supermarket 200 metres W of waterfront up the road at the S end of the pedestrianised area (coming from N, turn right at Executive Kiosk). Good selection of produce and small butchery section
  • There is another, small supermarket with an amazingly good range of items in the first street back from the waterfront. The shop front is quite small and the shop easily missed. It is on the waterfront side of the street
  • Gas is no longer stocked in the supermarkets. Enquire at Preveza Yacht Services. Alternatively the chandlery at Cleopatra Marina will exchange gas bottles
  • Small minimarket opened May 2012 in Cleopatra Marina (0900-1500 and 1800-1900)

Eating out

  • There are numerous bars and cafes along Preveza town quay, and a large variety of restaurants in the streets immediately back from the town quay
    • Ambrosias, near the top of the alley leading E from the church clock tower, is the best value fish taverna in town and is hugely popular with the locals
    • O Kaixis (The Mermaid) is excellent value and the owner Tassos is very helpful to yotties. It is up a small alley leading W from the waterfront past the Mythos Taverna. Preveza Yacht Services is right opposite
    • There is a superb patisserie Nousias on the road to the W of the car park next to Preveza town marina. They have the most amazing selection of sweet confections as well as excellent ice cream
    • Almost next to Nousias is a cafe/bar Aroma, which is currently the hot favourite with the locals and does a terrific chicken club sandwich
    • WAOA, located in an alley leading west from the pedestrian street that parallels the waterfront south of the clock tower, has an excellent selection of prepared Greek dishes that you will be invited to choose from the open kitchen. Great food, people (Yanni) and value
    • Obelix gyros bar, at the waterfront end of the alley leading E from the church clock tower, does excellent gyros and chicken wraps (only Euros 2.00 in September 2012)
    • On the Aktion side, Panos Taverna, 300 metres south of the entrance to Cleopatra Marina, is excellent and popular with yottie


  • Flights from Preveza Aktion (PVK) airport. From May to October a number of charter companies operate direct flights from/to Manchester, Gatwick, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and possibly some other European cities. Starting in 2015, Easyjet now also have regular flights from Gatwick to Preveza Aktion between May and October. From the airport it is only a short taxi drive to the boatyards on the Aktion side or through the tunnel to Preveza.
  • Flights from Corfu airport. Scheduled and charter flights operate to/from Corfu throughout the season. From Corfu there are several ferries daily to Igoumenitsa (80 minutes) and a bus service (daily during the season and three times a week outside) from Igoumenitsa to Preveza bus station (90 minutes).
  • Buses. There are regular long distance bus services operating from Preveza's main bus station to Athens and other destinations. The express service takes 6 - 8 hours depending on traffic. It is advisable to reserve a seat a day or so in advance.
  • Taxis. Taxi ranks are located at the south of the quay and at the north on the main road. A taxi to Athens airport is 400E and takes about 5 hours.
  • Karyatis Travel on the waterfront at Preveza are very helpful to yachtsmen and the owner Jenny speaks good English.


  • There is a pleasant walk S from the town quay to the fort of Pantokrator. There are also several nice beaches en route with eucalyptus trees to provide shade.
  • The Roman town of Nicopolis, built on the orders of the Emperor Augustus to commemorate his victory over Mark Anthony and Cleopatra at the battle of Actium (Aktion), lies two kilometres N of Preveza.
  • The Ambracian Gulf is worth a sail. The gulf has many beautiful bays. Dolphins can be seen frequently, as can pelicans and turtles.

Useful Contacts

  • Medical Help: +30 26820 22871
  • Police: + 30 26820 22225
  • Tourist Police: +30 26820 89566
  • Port Authority: +30 26820 22226
  • Airport - OA" +30 26820 22355
  • Bus Service ( KTEL ): +30 26820 22213
  • Municipality: +30 26820 22212
  • Preveza Yacht Services Tel:+30 26820 60940, Fax:+30 26820 60940, 6 Parthenagogeiou Street, Preveza 48100, Greece
  • Ionion Marine Tel:+30 (0) 26820 24305, Fax:+30 (0) 26820 29805, 3 Atintanou Street, 48100 Preveza, Greece [email protected]
  • Cleopatra Marina Tel:+30 (0) 26820 23015 /013, Fax:+30 (0) 26820 21414, VHF Channel 67. Aktio, 30002, Vonitsa, P.O.Box 25, 48100 Preveza, Greece,, [email protected]
  • Aktio Marine Tel:+30 (0) 26820 61305, Fax:+30 (0) 26820 62306, VHF Channel 09. PO Box 42, Preveza, Greece, [email protected]


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  • Wintered on the hard at Ionian (2012) - very easy to work with. No problems with outside contractors and scheduling launch -- Monterey
  • Berthing fees for a 10m yacht (2015): on the south quay (no facilities) Euros 6.20, on the north quay (water+electricity) approx. Euros 12. The marinero who collects the berthing fee only shows up erratically and does not necessarily collect the fee. Could get noisy from bars. -- Sy Swivel

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