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Puerto Eden


The anchorage
Photo: Frank Holden - sv Westerly Serenade
The Carabineros jetty
Photo: Frank Holden - sv Westerly Serenade
View towards Caleta Malacca
Photo: Frank Holden - sv Westerly Serenade


The country in the vicinity of Puerto Eden was home of the Kawésqar people... the northern group of the Alacaluf ( the Kawésqar called the Alaculuf to the south Tawóksers ). They lived in small scattered groups throughout the area until the 1930's at which time a seaplane base was established in the area to service the float-planes flying the mails between Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas. This led to the people coming in and setting up camp in the vicinity of the base. In 1969 the community of Puerto Eden was established to bring health care and education to the peoples of the region. At one time the town had a population of some 300 but is now below 200 and only 7 Kawésqar remain.



Weather forecasts for the area can be obtained from the Capitánia de Puerto


Submit the chart details that are required for safe navigation.



Radio Nets


Routes to/from

Check-in facilities

Contact 'Puerto Eden Radio' 1 hour before ETA. As Puerto Eden is invariably a named port on any Zarpe issued for a voyage through the channels it is a required stop when on passage in either direction. Dependant on the attitude of that year's Capitán de Puerto you either attend the conspic. blue roofed Armada building to the west of the town or they will come to you in the town anchorage. Anchor in the middle of the bay or, if invited, tie alongside the Carabineros jetty.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



In front of the town or alongside the carabinero jetty

Tourism & things to do ashore

Interesting walks along the boardwalks and out towards Caleta Malacca. There is a (very) small restaurant by the small pier in front of the Emaza store, bookings required.


Supermercado is a relative term
Photo: Frank Holden - sv Westerly Serenade
Topping up diesel
Photo: Frank Holden - sv Westerly Serenade

Very limited supplies are available. Diesel is best organised in advance, speak to Wolfgang on the Patagonian Net about a week or so in advance and he will organise it through Don Jose.

The Navimag ferries call twice a week and if you are in dire need you can organise to bring in spare parts or essential stores as cargo.

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