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Ria de Pontevedra
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Ria de Pontevedra looking SW

The Ria de Pontevedra lies on the coast of NW Spain around 12 miles S of the Ria de Arousa and 10 miles N of the Ria de Vigo. Sheltered from W by the islands of Illa de Ons and Illa de Onza, the ria extends just over ten miles from the entrance to the charming mediaeval town of Pontevedra. The ria also contains the towns of Sangenjo and Combarro, both with large modern marinas, as well as several peaceful anchorages, especially along its N shores. Shelter in the ria is good from the prevailing NW winds but it is exposed in strong S or SW winds when the marinas or the small Ria de Aldan on the S side of the entrance offer the best shelter.


British Admiralty
3633 - Islas Sisargas to Rio Mino
1732 – Ria de Pontevedra
C48 - A Coruna to Porto


The entrance to the ria is largely protected from N and W by the Illa de Ons and Illa de Onza, which stretch N-S about two miles off the entrance and keep out the worst of the Atlantic swell.

Fog is an occasional problem.

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  • Illa de Ons
  • Illa de Onza
  • Illa de Tambo


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There are a number of rocky islands and reefs in the approaches from both N and S, but all are well charted. Directly opposite the entrance are the three-mile long Illa de Ons and the small islet of Illa de Onza on its S side. Other than these, there are no hazards in the approach.


Visiting yachts can usually find a berth at one of the four marinas in the Ria. Clockwise from the N side of the entrance, the marinas are:

  1. Club Nautico de Portonovo in Porto-Novo,
  2. Puerto Deportivo Juan Carlos I in Sangenjo (Sanxenxo in Galician) a mile to the E,
  3. the Puerto Deportivo de Combarro in the town of the same name five miles further into the ria – all on the N coast, and finally
  4. the Real Club de Mar de Aguete on the S coast of the ria opposite Sangenjo (although this is currently out of commission due to storm damage).

Equally, there are several lovely anchorages around the shores of the ria, near the towns of Sangenjo and Combarro and also in the small Ria de Aldan on the S side of the entrance.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Puerto Deportivo Juan Carlos I, Sanxenxo

Puerto Deportivo Juan Carlos I

Puerto Deportivo Juan Carlos I/wiki/Ria_de_Pontevedra#.5B.5BSangenjo.23Puerto_Deportivo_Juan_Carlos_I.7CPuerto_Deportivo_Juan_Carlos_I.5D.5D

Club Nautico de Portonovo

Club Nautico de Portonovo/wiki/Ria_de_Pontevedra#Club_Nautico_de_Portonovo
Marina icon Club Nautico de Portonovo [[Ria de Pontevedra#Club Nautico de Portonovo|Club Nautico de Portonovo]] 42°23.738'N, 008°49.253'W

It is situated at the settlement of Portonovo a mile NE of the headland of Punta de Cabicastro on the N side of the ria. It offers a total of 200 berths on finger pontoons for yachts up to 20 metres (16 for visitors up to 15 metres). Maximum depth 3.0 metres. Water and electricity on all pontoons. Toilets and showers. Shops. Bar/restaurant. Laundry. WiFi. Travel lift (100T). Crane (?T). Slipway. Small boats hard standing.

administracion@nauticoportonovo.com; Tel: +34 (986) 723 266; Fax: +34 (986) 724 175; VHF channels 09 & 16
Address: Rúa Rafael Picó, 44, 36970 Portonovo - Pontevedra, Spain
Prices: For the latest prices see Price Listing
Puerto Deportivo de Combarro

Puerto Deportivo de Combarro

Puerto Deportivo de Combarro/wiki/Ria_de_Pontevedra#Puerto_Deportivo_de_Combarro
Marina icon Puerto Deportivo de Combarro [[Ria de Pontevedra#Puerto Deportivo de Combarro|Puerto Deportivo de Combarro]] 42°25.651'N, 008°42.272'W

The marina offers a total of 334 berths on finger pontoons for yachts up to 30 metres. Maximum depth 4.5 metres. Water and electricity on all pontoons. Toilets and showers. Shops. Bars and restaurants. Fuel station. WiFi. Security (24 hour). Travel lift (50T). Mobile crane (5T). Small boats hard standing.

comercial@combarromar.com; Tel: +34 (986) 778 415; Fax: +XX (XXX) XXXXXX; VHF channel 09

Real Club de Mar de Aguete

Real Club de Mar de Aguete/wiki/Ria_de_Pontevedra#Real_Club_de_Mar_de_Aguete
Marina icon Real Club de Mar de Aguete [[Ria de Pontevedra#Real Club de Mar de Aguete|Real Club de Mar de Aguete]] 42°22.561'N, 008°44.093'W

This marina offers alongside berthing for smaller yachts (up to 12 metres) on two very long pontoons extending E from the short harbour breakwater. Maximum depth 2.5 metres. The pontoons are somewhat exposed, especially in strong northerly winds, and are currently (February 2014) unusable in the wake of storm damage. It is not known when or if they will be reinstated. There are no facilities on the pontoons.

aguete@rcmaguete.com; Tel: +34 (986) 702 373; Fax: +34 (986) 702 708; VHF channel XX
Address: Av. Gago de Mendoza, 167 Aguete-Seixo Aptdo Correos 75, 36913, Spain


There are numerous sandy bays and small coves in the ria which could easily occupy one for a week to explore. Around Sangenjo and Combarro in particular there are several delightful anchorages where a yacht can stay overnight in settled weather. South of Combarro there is a good anchorage in the lee of Illa de Tambo, clear of the mussel rafts. Finally, there are several pretty sandy coves in the Ria de Aldan on the S side of the entrance which offer good shelter in S winds (again, avoiding the numerous mussel rafts).


Water In Puerto Deportivo Juan Carlos I and Puerto Deportivo de Combarro
Electricity In Puerto Deportivo Juan Carlos I and Puerto Deportivo de Combarro
Toilets In Puerto Deportivo Juan Carlos I, Puerto Deportivo de Combarro, and Club Nautico de Portonovo
Showers In Puerto Deportivo Juan Carlos I, Puerto Deportivo de Combarro, and Club Nautico de Portonovo
Laundry In Club Nautico de Portonovo
Garbage Bins at the marinas
Fuel In Puerto Deportivo Juan Carlos I and Puerto Deportivo de Combarro
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers A basic chandlery in Sangenjo
Internet WiFi in Puerto Deportivo Juan Carlos I, Puerto Deportivo de Combarro, and Club Nautico de Portonovo
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Rental outlets in Sangenjo and Pontevedra


  • Supermarkets in Sangenjo and Pontevedra
  • Provisions in Combarro

Eating out

  • Numerous restaurants in Sangenjo and Pontevedra
  • Excellent fish restaurants in Combarro.


  • Local bus service Sangenjo – Combarro- Pontevedra.
  • Train service to Santiago de Compostella
  • Airport at Santiago de Compostela (65 kms)



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Places to Visit

The principal tourist highlights of the Ria de Pontevedra are the historic towns of Combarro and Pontevedra towards the head of the ria. Combarro is still a delightful and unspoiled fishing village (in spite of the big new marina there), which seems caught in a time warp. Most of its old granite-built houses, many of them with arcaded ground floors, still stand and the foreshore is lined with ranks of horreos (traditional Galician grain stores). Three miles E is the mediaeval settlement of Pontevedra, which has a very picturesque old town with winding, cobbled streets overlooked by arcaded granite buildings. A delightful lunch spot here is the square of Plaza de la Leña opposite the Pontevedra museum. The museum itself has some interesting prehistoric and Roman treasures unearthed in the area and a remarkable replica of a frigate cabin. Also worth a visit is the Iglesia de Santa Maria de Mayor, the fishermens’ church, with its intricate carvings on the fascia and inside the porch. For those of a religious bent, there is the Santuario de las Apariciones, a set of lodgings where Lucia de Fatima is reputed to have had a vision of the Virgin Mary and which is now a centre of pilgrimage.

The Plaza de la Leña, Pontevedra
Iglesia de Santa Maria de Mayor, Pontevedra
Combarro waterfront


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  • Both Combarro and Pontevedra are delightful towns and full of character, unlike many of the reinforced concrete towns in the more northerly rias. --Atheneoflymington

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