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Roccella Ionica
38°19.52′N, 16°25.84′E Chart icon.png
Rocella Ionica

The marina of Rocella Ionica is the first proper harbour encountered by a yacht eastbound from Sicily along the southern side of the ‘toe’ of Italy (the marina of Saline Ioniche remains completely silted up and unusable). The marina lies some 60 sea miles NE of the sandy point of Punta Pellaro at the southern end of the Straits of Messina. The marina entrance silts continually and is constantly dredged to a claimed depth of 5.0 metres. Even so, the channel is constantly shifting and entry in winds of above force 6/7 or swell of more than 1.0 metre is not recommended.


British Admiralty
1941 - Capo Passero to Capo Collonne
Italian charts
24 - From Bovalino Marina to Point Stilo


During the summer the prevailing winds in the Ionian are light to moderate SW or SE seabreezes. In spring and autumn northerly winds are more frequent and can quickly rise to near gale force, especially in the lee of high mountain ranges. Winds in summer are generally light from the Straits of Messina until reaching the Golfo di Squillace between Rocella Ionica and Le Castella. With anything W in the wind, it tends to funnel down here over the mountains of southern Calabria, bringing strong gusts and raising an uncomfortable sea. The conditions to avoid, however, when cruising this part of the Ionian coast are strong southerlies. The harbours here are few and far between and none of them are really safe to enter in such conditions.

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The harbour of Rocella Ionica is called Porto delle Grazie - Marina di Roccella. The most prominent feature is a ruined castle on the ridge above the town. Once closer in, the breakwater of the harbour and the masts of moored yachts are clearly identifiable. Great care is needed in the approach as the marina entrance is subject to constant silting and the channel shifts with strong storms. In particular, the area around the southern arm of the breakwater (to the starboard side on entry) is silted to a depth of around a metre. Maximum depths in the entrance (December 2010) are reported as 5.0 metres, though 3.5 - 4.0 metres is closer to the experience of most recent visiting yachts (June 2016). The best approach is on a dog-leg about 200 metres off the end of the breakwater, only turning when the entrance is open due E. Head directly for the groin on the beach, when abreast of the port side of the entrance turn toward it and keep close to the port side of the entrance as you come in. If in any doubt, call the marina office on channel 14 or 16 for advice. They will often send a boat out to guide you in if you are deep draft. With strong southerlies, the wise course is to stand off altogether until conditions improve.

Once past the fishing boat basin and into the marina area, the first set of pontoons on the landward side seem to have been set aside for visitors. There are finger piers spaced such that two 35 foot yachts will fit together between two finger piers, but probably not two 45 footers. There are berths on both sides of the pontoons though during our visit most of the berths on the land side of the pontoon were cleared in preparation for a regatta.

August 2013: First set of pontoons on the port side when entering is still reserved for visitors; also possible to moor alongside the end of the concrete pier where the first pontoons are located and along the mole on the starboard side once inside the basin. s/v Seatern 07:08, 12 October 2013 (BST)


The one that never made it, Rocella Ionica
Pontoons of Rocella Ionica Marina

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Porto delle Grazie - Marina di Roccella.

Francesco Lombardo, Managing Director
Mobile: +39 338.4997392
Office Number: +39 96485847
VHF: Channel 14
Porto delle Grazie Website

The marina has space for over 400 yachts up to maximum length of 44 metres (although draft is really the limiting factor). A total of 39 berths are reserved for yachts in transit. Berths are on 12 pontoons with fingers and associated quays. Laid moorings at berths without fingers. Depths at the pontoons are from 3.0 - 5.0 meters.

In June 2016 a 17 metre boat was charged 105 Euros for the first day with discounts for additional days. This is collected by the Marina of Rocella Ionica/Porto delle Grazie. Basic toilets and showers, with hot water, are available in the facility located at the end of the parking lot.

Also free bicycles are available for a donation.

In September 2016 - 13M Yacht charge was €60 first night, €50 second and €35 subsequent nights - best to radio in on channel 14 and the RIB will guide you in past the silting/sandbank.


In settled weather, anchor just west of the port as depth permits.

Yacht Repairs and Services

Marine Stores

This service is provided by Circosta Nautica Service. After the towage , depending on the need , making the cleaning operations which definitely comprise the immediate fresh water cleaning of the hull . And later can request the various maintenance works is that the hull of the engine, including the dry dock with antifouling and osmosis.


The Circosta Nautica Service offers technical support of marine engines and boats at the Marina . They can make the computerized diagnosis and the ordinary and extraordinary assistance on all products of different brands , whether gasoline or diesel, inboard or outboard. For further information visit the web site

Fuel, Water, & Electricity

there is a gas station inside the Marina
on the pontoons is potable
outlets on the pontoons

Things to do Ashore

A cafe in Rocella Ionica


Porto delle Grazie- Marina di Roccella is only 2 kms from the residential area, accessible by a modern bicycle lane which is surrounded by a fine white sandy beach and lush vegetation. the town of Roccella Ionica is one of only eight italian municipalities that has received the awards of the "Five Sails" and the "European Blue Flag", the latter consecutively achieved in the last 13 years, which demonstrates the quality of the water as well the caring for the environment. Roccella Ionica is Crowened by medieval Caraffa Castle, the real symbol of the town, and it is a vibrant cultural centre. in fact, for 36 years it has hosted the Roccella Jazz Festival, well known and appreciated worldwide, and entertains its tourists with a full event calendar ranging from popular traditions to the theatre, from sport to philosophy. From the Port it is easy to go around and discover 42 towns in the area called Locride, each with its own traditions, cultural and natural attractions: the National Archaeological Museum of Locri Epizefiri, heart of the Magna Graecia, the Roman villa of Casignana, Gerace that is one of the most beautiful villages in Italy, the Cattolica of Stilo, an example of byzantine architecture, the National Park of Aspromonte, without forgetting rock-hewn churches, festivals, dances, nightclubs,baths, falls and much more.

Grocery & Supply Stores

  • There is a minimarket inside the Marina


  • Good pizzeria in the marina; Pizza by the 'meter' renown locally. In summer 800 to 1000 pizzas served every evening along the port.
  • Other restaurants in the town (3 kms away) and along the new promenade linking the harbour with the town


Free Wi-fi in the marina building and at the bar.


There is a self service laundrette in a friendly camping area half a mile to the East of the harbour. Two large washing machines, 40 minute cycle, 3 euros. No driers.

Motorbike & Car Rentals


  • Free bicycles available in the marina for a donation.

Garbage Disposal

Bins around the harbour.


Transportation (local and/or international)


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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References & Publications

See Italy.


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  • Clean attactive harbour. Francesco very helpful in guiding us in. No depths less than 3 metres noted--Monterey Bermuda Icon.png June 2016

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