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Rodney Bay
There are Port(s) of Entry here
14°04.750'N, 060°57.547'W Chart icon.png
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StLucia Rodney S.jpg
Satellite View of Rodney Bay

Rodney Bay is a large bay on the NW of the St Lucia island. There are many off-shore anchoring possibilities but just off Pigeon Island/wiki/ icon Pigeon Island [[Rodney Bay#Pigeon Island|Pigeon Island]] 14°05.44′N, 60°57.8′W , is a park and it is the quietest anchorage because the park closes in the evening. There is a good restaurant ashore run by an expatriate British lady.

At the easternmost end of the bay, there is a narrow inlet which leads into a lagoon. At the E end of the lagoon is the Rodney Bay Marina.


See St. Lucia.


See St Lucia.


See St Lucia.


  • Rodney Bay 0830 VHF 68 Monday-Saturday

Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


View of Rodney Bay looking E

The approach to Rodney Bay is straightforward, no dangers.


Rodney Bay is a port of entry to St Lucia. You can do all the formalities at the Rodney Bay Marina.

For entering/exiting procedures also see St. Lucia.


Here you either go to the marina or anchor off.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

  • Rodney Bay Marina Rodney Bay Marina/wiki/Rodney_Bay_Marina Port of entry icon – port of entry |Marina icon – marina |


Outer Bay

Outer Bay/wiki/Rodney_Bay#Outer_Bay
Anchorage icon Outer Bay [[Rodney Bay#Outer Bay|Outer Bay]] 14°04.871'N, 060°57.534'W
Anchor anywhere in the large bay.

Inner Bayy

Inner Bayy/wiki/Rodney_Bay#Inner_Bayy
Anchorage icon Inner Bayy [[Rodney Bay#Inner Bayy|Inner Bayy]] 14°04.308'N, 060°57.126'W
Anchor where there room in the inner lagoon.
The anchorage at Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island/wiki/Rodney_Bay#Pigeon_Island
Island icon Pigeon Island [[Rodney Bay#Pigeon Island|Pigeon Island]] 14°05.444'N, 060°57.811'W
Pigeon Island, is park and it is the quietest anchorage because the park closes in the evening. There is good restaurant ashore run by an expatriate British lady.


Water At the marina
Electricity At the marina
Toilets At the marina
Showers At the marina}
Laundry At the marina
Garbage At the marina
Fuel At the marina
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers At the marina
Repairs At the marina
Internet WiFi at the marina
Mobile connectivity Reasonable signal
Vehicle rentals At the marina


At the marina.

Eating out

  • Good food in pleasant surroundings at the Jambe de Bois (Wooden Leg), a small restaurant/art gallery which is operated within the Pigeon Island park by an expatriate British lady
  • Several eateries at the marina


See St. Lucia.


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See St Lucia.


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