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Santa Teresa Gallura
Port of Entry
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The port of Santa Teresa Gallura

Santa Teresa Gallura is a town at N-most tip of Sardinia (Italy). It lies at the head of Porto Longosardo, a narrow, rocky inlet, the upper part of which is protected by a breakwater protecting the pontoons of the Porto Turistico marina.

It was originally a Nuraghic settlement from c. 4000BC, the area of Santa Teresa Gallura in Sardinia was subsequently settled by the Romans, who quarried the local granite for buildings such as the famous Pantheon in Rome. Round the town, there are still some huge, partly-worked granite blocks to be seen. The area was later fortified by the Pisans to keep a lookout on their bitter rivals, the Genoans, who held the town of Bonifacio across the straits.

The modern town of Santa Teresa Gallura dates from the 19th century when the layout and street plan were personally supervised by King Vittorio Emanuele I.


See Sardinia.


Strong winds often affect the Strait of Bonifacio, particularly the Mistral from the NW, and funnel past the north coast of the island. The shelter in the inlet is, however, excellent.

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It may be wise to call the harbour authorities on VHF channel 12 to request an entry.

Guardia Costiera

VHF: 16
Phone: +39 (789) 754602
Email: [email protected]
Address: Via del Porto n. 55 - 07028 Santa Teresa Gallura (OT)


Exit from the harbour, the fuel station on the left

Beware of the two 3.5 metre shoal patches in the approach (marked) and the 1.5 metre shoal patch to the east of the end of the wave breaker pontoon. Ferries use the port so a careful approach is needed.


Santa Teresa Gallura is a port of entry for Italy. For details see Entrance: Italy.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Porto Santa Teresa Gallura

Porto Santa Teresa Gallura/wiki/Santa_Teresa_Gallura#.5B.5BPorto_Santa_Teresa_Gallura.5D.5D
A marina located at the head of a deep inlet

Lega Navale di Santa Teresa Gallura

Lega Navale di Santa Teresa Gallura/wiki/Santa_Teresa_Gallura#Lega_Navale_di_Santa_Teresa_Gallura
Berth icon Lega Navale di Santa Teresa Gallura [[Santa Teresa Gallura#Lega Navale di Santa Teresa Gallura|Lega Navale di Santa Teresa Gallura]] 41°14.257'N, 009°11.808'E
A private yacht club located at the small Eastern inlet just before the marina


To the East

Cala Marmorata

Cala Marmorata/wiki/Santa_Teresa_Gallura#Cala_Marmorata
Anchorage icon Cala Marmorata [[Santa Teresa Gallura#Cala Marmorata|Cala Marmorata]] 41°14.805′N, 9°14.273′E

The nearest secure anchorage in the prevailing NW winds is the bay of Marmorata three miles to the east. Anchor in the bay in sand in 5.0 - 10.0 metres. Open to winds from NE round to SE.

Warning: The passage between the islands and the coast is 1 m deep.

Porto quadro

Porto quadro/wiki/Santa_Teresa_Gallura#Porto_quadro
Anchorage icon Porto quadro [[Santa Teresa Gallura#Porto quadro|Porto quadro]] 41°14.925′N, 9°12.707′E
A smaller bay, closer to Santa Teresa Gallura, but unsuitable with W - NW winds. There is an ugly hotel complex on the shore.

To the West

Baia di Santa Reparata

Baia di Santa Reparata/wiki/Santa_Teresa_Gallura#Baia_di_Santa_Reparata
Anchorage icon Baia di Santa Reparata [[Santa Teresa Gallura#Baia di Santa Reparata|Baia di Santa Reparata]] 41°14.360′N, 9°09.612′E
A large bay W of Santa Teresa Gallura. Gives reasonable shelter in all winds except from NW to E. Beware of rocks near the western headland and along the eastern shore. A mini market is in a white building just behind the beach. A restaurant or two are in the village of Capo Testa to the W.

Cala Spinosa

Cala Spinosa/wiki/Santa_Teresa_Gallura#Cala_Spinosa
Anchorage icon Cala Spinosa [[Santa Teresa Gallura#Cala Spinosa|Cala Spinosa]] 41°14.633′N, 9°08.904′E
A narrow bay W of Baia di Santa Reparata, good holding on sandy patches. A popular lunch stop with a view of a lighthouse (Faro di Capo Testa). A small restaurant is at the head of the bay. Not suitable with winds from NW to NE.

Baia la Colba

Baia la Colba/wiki/Santa_Teresa_Gallura#Baia_la_Colba
Anchorage icon Baia la Colba [[Santa Teresa Gallura#Baia la Colba|Baia la Colba]] 41°14.044′N, 9°09.587′E
A large bay W of Santa Teresa di Gallura around of Capo Testa is a possible shelter from N to E winds, although the causeway between Baia la Colba and Baia di Santa Reparata is just a few metres high, so strong N winds blow easily in there. A nice trail goes along the shore to Capo Testa.


Water In the marina
Electricity In the marina
Toilets In the marina
Showers In the marina
Laundry ?
Garbage In the marina
Fuel Fuel station/wiki/Santa_Teresa_Gallura#Fuel_stationFuel icon Fuel station [[Santa Teresa Gallura#Fuel station|Fuel station]] 41°14.302'N, 009°11.750'E is located at the NE quay at the harbour entrance
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs see Porto Santa Teresa Gallura
Internet WiFi in the marina
Mobile connectivity Good mobile phone signal (G4).
Vehicle rentals ?


There are a few small shops in the town.

Punto Simply Market/wiki/Santa_Teresa_Gallura#Punto_Simply_MarketProvisions icon Punto Simply Market [[Santa Teresa Gallura#Punto Simply Market|Punto Simply Market]] 41°14.356′N, 9°11.446′E -- a mid-sized supermarket W of the harbour at the via Nazionale. (Mo-Su 08:00-20:30).
Dettorimarket/wiki/Santa_Teresa_Gallura#DettorimarketProvisions icon Dettorimarket [[Santa Teresa Gallura#Dettorimarket|Dettorimarket]] 41°13.852′N, 9°11.059′E is a larger supermarket is located about 1.2 km SW from the head of the harbour (Mo-Su 8:30-20:00).

Eating out

  • A restaurant at the head of the harbour
  • A couple of cafes on the W side of the harbour
  • A number of restaurants in the old centre
  • Perhaps the most scenic setting is at the "Il Girasole" right at the Piazza Vittorio Emmanuele. The quality of food and the prices were rather reasonable.


The regional bus station is located at the Piazza Bruno Modesto -- just above the W side of the harbour.

For schedules follow the link to the "Orario trasporti" at the bottom page of the Santa Teresa Gallura tourist portal.


The tower of the 16th-century Torre di Longonsardo on the west side of the inlet has wonderful views over the inlet to the east and the town's beautiful white sand beach, Spiaggia Rena Bianca, to the west.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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