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Port of Entry
38°31.180'N, 008°53.150'W Chart icon.png
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The marina at Setubal
Fish market Mercado do Livramento

Setubal is a busy commercial port - the third largest in Portugal - sited at the estuary of the River Sado about 12 miles east of Sesimbra. There is a small marina, the Doca de Recreio das Fontainhas, next to the ferry terminal. Marina facilities are basic. It has excellent shelter and good transport links into Lisbon. A marina with better facilities is the new Troia Marina two miles due S of Setubal across the estuary. Setubal is well known for its fish market and restaurants, espacially de 'choco frito' is famous.


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See Portugal.


See Portugal.


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From the north: The coast should be given a clearance of at least 0.5 mile to avoid Cabo de Ares and its off-lying rock

From the south: - The entrance to the estuary is about 35 miles from Cabo de Sines on a course of 355º.

Although the entrance channel is narrow, it is well buoyed. However, entry can become awkward on the ebb, especially if there is an onshore wind. It is best entered in fine weather and on the flood tide. Enter the channel between buoys number 1 and 2 on a course of 040º. Stay in the buoyed channel favouring the N side when approaching Forte de Santiago do Outao. Leave the W cardinal mark off the Troia peninsula to starboard. The Doca de Recreio das Fontainhas is in the third basin to port, past the fishing harbour and the small basin belonging to the yacht club. If intending to berth at Trioa Marina, round the cardinal mark and head for the northernmost tip of the Troia Peninsula.

Note: there are heavy seas on the ebb with strong SW winds. The ebb can often run up to 3-4 knots at springs. Be alert for ferries and commercial traffic at leaving the basins.


Setubal is a port of entry/exit to Portugal.

For entrance details see Portugal.


Marinas and yacht clubs

Doca de Recreio das Fontainhas

Doca de Recreio das Fontainhas/wiki/Setubal#Doca_de_Recreio_das_Fontainhas
Berth icon Doca de Recreio das Fontainhas [[Setubal#Doca de Recreio das Fontainhas|Doca de Recreio das Fontainhas]] 38°31.207'N, 008°53.129'W
Port of Entry

It is situated on the west side of the basin, which is shared with fishing boats and local ferries. It has a total of 150 berths for vessels up to 15 metres. Maximum draft 3 metres. Water and electricity on the pontoons. Toilets and showers. No fuel station. Boatyard with travel hoist. Berths are on finger pontoons. On entering the basin, berth on the central hammerhead and report to the marina office.; Tel: +351 265 542 076; VHF channel 16

Clube Naval Setubalense

Clube Naval Setubalense/wiki/Setubal#Clube_Naval_Setubalense
Berth icon Clube Naval Setubalense [[Setubal#Clube Naval Setubalense|Clube Naval Setubalense]] 38°31.285'N, 008°53.272'W

It is situated in the basin immediately to the west of the Doca de Recreio das Fontainhas.

XX@XXX; Tel: +315 265 523 915
Address: Av. Jaime Rebelo 41, Setúbal, Portugal
  • Troia Marina offers 187 berths for yachts of up to 18 metres and maximum draft of 4.0 metres. Click on the link for separate Wiki entry.


Sao Filipe fortress

Sao Filipe fortress/wiki/Setubal#Sao_Filipe_fortress
Anchorage icon Sao Filipe fortress [[Setubal#Sao Filipe fortress|Sao Filipe fortress]] 38°31.043'N, 008°52.846'W
Anchorage SE of the conspicuous Sao Filipe fortress about half a mile downriver from the fishing boat basin (details of holding and depths needed)

Praia Papa-Lemes

Praia Papa-Lemes/wiki/Setubal#Praia_Papa-Lemes
Anchorage icon Praia Papa-Lemes [[Setubal#Praia Papa-Lemes|Praia Papa-Lemes]] 38°30.659'N, 008°54.537'W
Anchorage next to Praia Papa-Lemes. Good holding in sand.

Sado Estuary Natural Reserve

Sado Estuary Natural Reserve/wiki/Setubal#Sado_Estuary_Natural_Reserve
Anchorage icon Sado Estuary Natural Reserve [[Setubal#Sado Estuary Natural Reserve|Sado Estuary Natural Reserve]] 38°28.297'N, 008°45.633'W
With a detailed chart of the estuary, there are lovely anchorages up the Sado river off the sandbanks. Often one can see flamengos in the estuary


Water On the pontoons
Electricity On the pontoons
Toilets In Troia Marina
Showers In Troia Marina
Laundry In Troia Marina
Garbage ?
Fuel In Troia Marina
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs ?
Internet In Troia Marina
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


Supermarket close to the marina.

Eating out

Try one of the many excellent fish restaurants and taste the famous 'choco frito'.


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Places to Visit

Mercado do Livramento is a must see. It is one of the biggest and best fish markets in Portugal in a beautiful building.


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See Portugal.


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