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There are 4 different template is to be used for a Region. Regions can be bodies of water with one or more countries. Examples of regions are the Aegean Sea (Greece & Turkey), Sea of Marmara (within Turkey), North Atlantic (many countries), etc. It is NOT applicable for group of islands like the Balearics or the Caribbean, for these use the Island Group Template.

Note: There is a newer template Region2 that is simpler and less error prone than this one. You may consider using it instead.

Please choose, by clicking, the applicable Region template for the page you wish to create from the list below.

  1. Small region of a single country with just a few ports, Anchorages, and Islands (i.e.Balearics). These are handled in a list.
    Template:Small Coutry Region
  2. Large region of a single country with several ports, anchorages, and Islands. These are handled with one or more tables.
    Template:Large Coutry Region
  3. Small region with just a few countries with few ports, anchorages, and Islands (i.e. Ionian Sea). These are handled with a single table.
    Template:Small Region
  4. Large region with just a several countries that include small regions, ports, anchorages, and Islands (i.e. Aegean). These are handled with several sections and tables.
    Template:Large Region
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