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Triabunna, Tasmania

Triabunna and the Head of Spring Bay
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42°30.977′S, 147°54.499′E
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Triabunna is the largest town on the east coast of Tasmania, Australia and although it has limited facilities for yachtsmen it is a useful start/end point for crossing the Bass Strait and as a stop on passages to and from Hobart.


Australian Hydrographic Service
AUS175 Australia - Tasmania - Spring Bay Including Triabunna

Electronic charts: The C-MAP chart has insufficient detail, the Navionics chart is out of date not showing the new marina but is otherwise correct showing the entry beacons, etc.


Australian Bureau of Meteorology Lower East Coast (Tasmania) forecast.


See Bass Strait.



There are no radio nets specific to Triabunna.

Also see World Cruiser's Nets


The entrance channel is well marked and sheltered but quite shallow. Attempt this with a reasonable tide only.


Triabunna is not a port of entry.


There is space to tie up on the main dock in town. Be prepared to make way for fishing boats.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

There appears to be a new marina on the river opposite town, but I am unfamiliar with it. The phone number is on a board near the entrance. Best to come alongside a fishing boat and contact marina. Very friendly.


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Yacht Repairs and Services

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Marine Stores

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Fuel, Water, & Electricity

There is a fuel station in the town, fuel may be carried by jerry can.
Water is available at the wharf.
There is no electricity available at the wharf but there may be some at the new marina.

Things to do Ashore


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Grocery & Supply Stores

There is an IGA supermarket and several grocery stores as well as the usual range of small town provisions (pharmacy, etc), in town.


The Spring Bay Hotel on the waterfront near the dock does excellent steaks and are welcoming to visiting sailors.





Motorbike & Car Rentals


Garbage Disposal

Garbage bins are located at the dock.


There is a ferry service to Maria Island. The nearest airport with major connections would be Hobart.


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  • Delatbabel - I stopped here on several return Sydney/Hobart race legs. It is a popular port for the smaller boats to visit but the entry channel has insufficient depth for the maxi yachts.

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