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US-Bermuda Passage
Route 1
Route 2

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NOAA Charts
5161 - Newport to Bermuda, including rhumb line
DMA Charts
26341 - Bermuda Islands
26342 - The Narrows to Grassy Bay
26343 - St. George's Harbour
26344 - Great Sound Plan: North & South Basins
26345 - Hamilton Harbour


You can expect to have everything from calms, to gentle pleasant winds, to sporty conditions, to outright tempests. It's a 4 to 6 day trip for most boats, so look for a weather window. The prevailing wind in June is southwest, but that's hardly as reliable as the trades. The key is to get across the Gulfstream in fair weather, which generally happens for most boats by the third day out, depending on your departure point. That means you don't want winds contrary to the Gulfstream's flow. For the most part it means you don't want a wind with a northerly component. That said, in the northeast there often is a meander traveling more to the east or southeast, and if you are in that portion of the "Stream" you wouldn't want an easterly or southeasterly to deal with. If the wind opposes the current the weather gets very nasty very quickly, with large square waves. You also should expect more weather while you are in the Gulfstream, as the warm water combines with cooler air to cause heavier winds and squalls.

Sources of weather information for the passage:

Weather Windows

May and June generally are considered to be the most benign times to make the passage, with June being preferred. You certainly can get a good weather window in July and August, but because that's the heart of hurricane season you have higher risk and getting insurance may be more difficult.


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Possible Departure Points

Anywhere from the U.S. east coast presents a viable departure point. Each departure point presents its own plusses and minuses. Oddly enough, Bermuda represents a trip of 650 to 750 miles, almost reqardless of your departure point.

Route/Suggested Stopovers

  • There are no places to stop en route. Either make it to Bermuda or turn back.
  • Routing largely will depend on weather and gulfstream analysis, which changes regularly so there is no one established "route." Many employ routers at a cost of a few hundred dollars. Much of the same information is available publicly, but you need to know how to interpret it.

Possible Arrival Points

Distance & Duration

650 to 750 nM, almost reqardless of your departure point.


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