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Port of Entry
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Valparaiso (/ˌvælpəˈraɪzoʊ/; Spanish: [balpaɾaˈiso]) is a major city, seaport, and educational center in the commune of Valparaíso, Chile. "Greater Valparaíso" with a population of 930,220 is the second largest metropolitan area in the country.


British Admiralty
BA4242 - Valparaiso

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Valparaiso is a port of entry/exit for Chile. For details see Entrance: Chile.


One of the two 'marinas' in central Valparaiso - the Puerto Deportivo - has no marina, the other is not suitable for the typical cruising yacht. Better choices are to be found at Con Con to the north and Algarrobo to the south. Note 2nd May, this is a work in progress.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Club de Yates Higuerillas

Club de Yates Higuerillas/wiki/Valparaiso#Club_de_Yates_Higuerillas
Marina icon Club de Yates Higuerillas [[Valparaiso#Club de Yates Higuerillas|Club de Yates Higuerillas]] (Con Con Marina) 32°55.698'S, 071°32.400'W

Travelift, Restaurant.

[email protected]; Tel: +56 (32) 2816831 VHF channel 68
Address: ConCon, Chile

Cofradia Nautica del Pacifico

Cofradia Nautica del Pacifico/wiki/Valparaiso#Cofradia_Nautica_del_Pacifico
Marina icon Cofradia Nautica del Pacifico [[Valparaiso#Cofradia Nautica del Pacifico|Cofradia Nautica del Pacifico]] 33°21.600'S, 071°40.998'W

Secure well sheltered marina, 50 T Travelift, paved hardstand, fuel dock, restaurant.

[email protected]; Tel: +56 986307426 VHF channel 66A
Address: Av. Almirante Jose Toribio Merino No.3877, Algarrobo, Chile

Puerto Deportivo Valparaiso

Puerto Deportivo Valparaiso/wiki/Valparaiso#Puerto_Deportivo_Valparaiso
World icon.png Puerto Deportivo Valparaiso [[Valparaiso#Puerto Deportivo Valparaiso|Puerto Deportivo Valparaiso]] 33°02.386'S, 071°36.552'W

Yacht Club de Chile

Yacht Club de Chile/wiki/Valparaiso#Yacht_Club_de_Chile
Marina icon Yacht Club de Chile [[Valparaiso#Yacht Club de Chile|Yacht Club de Chile]] (Recreo) 33°01.595'S, 071°34.808'W

Docks. 14 T crane. Restaurant. Very exposed anchorage in front of the small marina.

[email protected]; Tel: +56 (32) 266 1268; Fax: +56 (32) 266 8025; VHF channel XX
Address: Av Escuadra Libertadora 1800, Viña del Mar, Chile




Facilities at Algarrobo
Water Yes
Electricity Yes
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes
Laundry At Rojas y Tapia, Algarrobo
Garbage Yes
Fuel Yes
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers No
Repairs 50 Tonne travelift,
Internet No
Mobile connectivity Yes
Vehicle rentals At Vina del Mar


Lider Express/wiki/Valparaiso#Lider_ExpressProvisions icon Lider Express [[Valparaiso#Lider Express|Lider Express]] DD.dddDD.ddd Supermercado, Algarrobo.

Eating out

  • Many restaurants along the waterfront in Algarrobo.


  • The closest airport with commercial service is Arturo Merino Benitez International Airport (SCL) in Santiago, some 1½ hours away
  • The Metro Valparaíso or Merval runs between Valparaiso and Limache, as well as surrounding communities including Viña del Mar
  • Buses from a wide variety of destinations within Chile have scheduled service to Valparaiso
  • Regular TurBus and Pullman services from Algarrobo to Santiago, local bus service to San Antonio.



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  • Cofradia Nautica del Pacifico, Algarrobo

Do not mistake Club de Yates de Algarrobo for Cofradia Nautica del Pacifico. The former has no marina.

Algarrobo is an Armada port, the club will check you in by phone on arrival.

The approach to Cofradia is straightforward, avoid Rocas Farallones close northward . In settled weather local yachts pass between there and Isla Pajaros Ninos. Do not cut the corner having passed the fairway buoy inward bound -there is a small unlit pole between the buoy and the north breakwater.

Mooring is Mediterranean , headlines to a buoy , sternlines ashore. Good assistance provided by the club marineros on arrival. Unmetered power ( 220V) and potable water.

The marina has a 50 tonne travelift and a fuel dock.

Rates quoted to me in May 2023 were - for my 39 foot boat - $USD41 a day afloat, $USD25 a day on the hard, Travelift $USD500 in and out. Variable discount for long stay, 15% for 4 months.

Isla Pajeros Ninos is a bird sanctuary populated by a variety of birds , ranging from Peruvian Pelicans to Humbolt Penguins, and otters.

The restaurant is open at weekends. There are also numerous restaurants along the seafront.

The town centre is quite small as Algarrobo has a permanent population of only about 12,000. There is a Lider Express, Ferreteria, and Laundry, plus a variety of other shops but a more satisfying shopping experience may be found in El Quisco, a short distance south.

Both can be reached by catching a San Antonia bus just beyond the Club de Yates. The fare to Lider Express is $CH700, all the way to San Antonio is $CH1400. The Cofradia office will phone for a taxi - $CH4000 to Lider. It is a 2.2 kilometre walk.

Buses to Santiago - Turbus and Pullman - depart from near Lider where a new terminal is currently being built.

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