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Viareggio harbour

The city of Viareggio is the most northerly port on the Tuscan coast of NW Italy, situated some 20 miles S of the Gulf of La Spezia. Originally a malaria-infested fishing settlement, prosperity dawned in 1739 with the final draining of the coastal marshes and the establishment of Viareggio as an important trading outlet for the powerful Republic of Lucca 13 miles inland. The first protected basin was constructed here in 1823, followed by five additional basins over the next 150 years, turning the city into a major fishing, transport and shipbuilding hub. Its mile upon mile of safe, sandy beaches have also enabled Viareggio to build a lucrative tourism industry which today is the major contributor to its revenues. Today the harbour offers the cruising yachtsmen a wide range of mooring options as well as some of the most experienced boatyards in Italy for yacht repairs and all kinds of fabrication. Superyachts are built here at the yards of Benetti and Parini Navi, amongst others.


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1998 - Nice to Livorno


The prevailing winds along the Tuscan coast are from NW or W and are mostly moderate, rarely rising above force 5. Close inshore, a yacht will often encounter SE or even S winds, especially around the offshore islands, or long periods of calm. A depression passing to the N along the line of the Alps will sometimes cause a libeccio, a strong SW wind that occasionally reaches gale force and causes a heavy swell. In winter, the tramontana is a very strong N or NE wind that blows down off the Alps and can affect most of the NW coast of Italy.

Sources for weather information:

  • There is a continuous (computerized voice) weather forecast on VHF 68 - first in Italian and then followed with an English translation
  • The same forecast is given in Italian and English on VHF coastal stations following a notification on channel 16
  • Navtex weather forecasts are broadcast from stations at La Garde (Toulon), Roma and Cagliari (Sardinia)


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The coastline N and S of Viareggio is flat and mostly featureless, consisting of endless sandy beaches backed by pine-clad slopes. The buildings of the town are conspicuous from several miles off. Closer in, the breakwaters of the channel leading into the port will be seen. The channel is entered from NW. Warning: the entrance is prone to silting and depths of as little as 2.0 metres are reported 80 metres off the starboard marker. A yacht is advised to proceed slowly, keeping over towards the port marker to avoid the shallows. In strong onshore winds, entry is probably inadvisable. Once inside, a yacht has the choice of mooring in the busy main marina, the Marina La Madonnina, if there is space or in one of the basins to the E.


The harbour consists of five main basins. The Darsena della Madonnina is the largest and the first basin to port once inside the harbour. The basin has depths of 4.5 metres and contains a marina with pontoon berths for 570 yachts up to 16 metres in length. There is water and electricity on the pontoons and a yacht club with toilets and showers. The basin to the south, the Nuova Darsena (New Basin) is intended for fishing boats only. Continuing east from the Darsena della Madonnina, the next basin is the Darsena Europa, with depths of 3.5 metres. There are further pontoons here operated by the Club Nautico of Viareggio with moorings where a cruising yacht may find space. Further east again is the Darsena Italia with depths of 3.0 metres, where there are several boatyards and also quays where a yachts may go alongside. The final basin, the Darsena Toscana, is for small fishing and motor boats only. Much of the quayside in the various basins is leased to private concerns and it is not always clear where yachts in transit are permitted to berth, so it may be necessary to ‘be an Italian’ and simply berth wherever you see space and see if you are moved on.


It is possible to anchor off the harbour entrance, but only in settled weather. Anchor N of the breakwaters in 5.0 - 6.0 metres. Holding is good in sand.


Water Water at the marina and Club Nautico pontoons
Electricity Electricity at the marina and Club Nautico pontoons
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage Bins in the marina
Fuel Fuel station at the entrance to Darsena Europa (0800 - 1900)
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers ?
Repairs Several yards with travel lifts up to 300 T. Mobile cranes up to 210 T. Indoor and outdoor storage. Every conceivable repair and fabrication are undertaken (especially if money is no object!). The Francesco Del Carlo boatyard has an international reputation for classic yacht restoration.
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals Rental outlets in the town


Numerous provisions shops in the town.

Eating out

Numerous restaurants in the town.


  • Airports at Pisa (20 km to S) and Florence (95 km E)
  • Frequent trains to Genoa, Rome and Florence.
  • Good road links (A11 and A12 motorways)


The city hosts a renowned carnival the week before Easter, during which huge papier maché figures are paraded along the promenade in front of the swish hotels. The 16th century Torre Matilde is the oldest building in the city and was constructed to ward off pirate attacks in 1541.

Canal of Burlamacca, Viareggio
Carnival in Viareggio
Torre Matilde, Viareggio


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