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WorldMediterraneanFranceCorsicaBastiaVieux Port, Bastia
Vieux Port, Bastia
42°41.762′N, 009°26.969′E Chart icon.png
Vieux Port, Bastia.jpg
Vieux Port, Bastia
Radio VHF channel 9
Phone +33 (495) 31 31 10
Fax +33 4 95 31 77 95
E-mail [email protected]
Berths 250, in transit: 40
Max. length ?
Max. draft ?
Fuel Fuel station
Water Yes, on berth
Electricity Yes, 240v
Toilets Yes
Showers Yes
Laundry Laundrette nearby
Cable TV No
Hours Summer: 7h-20h

Winter: 8h-12h / 14h1-17h

Address Bastia, Pays Bastiais, VIEUX PORT, Quai de la Madonetta, 20200
More notes about the marina

In the Vieux Port you are in the heart of things with the attractive waterfront bars and restaurants (and the busy traffic) all around you.

The Vieux Port of Bastia has 250 berths, of which 40 are designated for visiting yachts.




See Bastia.


Smaller yachts (up to 12m) berth stern or bows-to on pontoons; larger yachts (max. 30m) berth stern-to the north quay in the outer harbour.


  • Water on the N quay, Môle Génois jetty, on the S quay
  • Electricity
  • Public phones
  • Public toilets (2) and showers (6) Showers & WC/wiki/Vieux_Port,_Bastia#Showers_.26_WCWorld icon.png Showers & WC [[Vieux Port, Bastia#Showers & WC|Showers & WC]]
  • Laundrette nearby
  • Supermarket nearby Supermarket/wiki/Vieux_Port,_Bastia#SupermarketWorld icon.png Supermarket [[Vieux Port, Bastia#Supermarket|Supermarket]]
  • Fuel station on the Quai de la Madunuccia Tel: +33 4 95 31 71 39 Fuel station/wiki/Vieux_Port,_Bastia#Fuel_stationWorld icon.png Fuel station [[Vieux Port, Bastia#Fuel station|Fuel station]]


  • Slipway 50T




Entrance to the Vieux Port, guest berths is on the right quay


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  • The location is great, the staff is friendly. A couple of things to note:
    • Showers & WCs are closed out of office hours.
    • On the N quay water taps and electricity are mounted on the wall, which at some distance from the edge of the quay, so a longer hose may be needed to use them -- Vadp 09:55, 20 March 2015 (GMT)

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  • September 2013 --Vadp

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