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Vieux Port of Bastia

Situated on the NE coast of Corsica, at the base of Cap Corse, Bastia is the island's principal commercial port.

Constructed by the Genoese in the 14th century around a bastiglia or citadel, the city prospered from trade with Genoa over the next three centuries, finally becoming part of France in 1768. Bastia remained the island's capital until 1791. In 1794 an English force under Admiral Horatio Nelson captured and held it for two years.

Today, Bastia is an important ferry port, with schedules to Genoa and Livorno in Italy and Marseille and Nice on the Riveira coast of France. The Vieux Port (old port) is a delightful although crowded place for a yacht to berth and there is the alternative of a purpose-built marina at Port Toga immediately north of the commercial port.

Bastia is an excellent and safe place to leave a yacht and explore the historic and enchanting chestnut-growing region of La Castaniccia or the wild, untouched country of the Cap Corse peninsula. It is also a good point of departure if leaving Corsica for the island of Elba and the Italian coast.


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The Italian island of Elba is 30 miles ENE of Bastia. The small island of Pianosa is 25 miles ESE.


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Approach is straightforward from either the north around Cap Corse or the south.

If approaching from the north, a yacht will first arrive at the marina of Port Toga a kilometre north of the commercial port. If entering here, pass through the narrow entrance between the shore and the long breakwater. The marina office is immediately to starboard on entry. If continuing south, beware of large cargo ships and ferries entering or leaving the commercial port.

From the south, the citadel is a distinctive landmark on its peninsula. Follow the line of the breakwater extending north from the peninsula and turn sharp left to enter the Vieux Port. Entry here can be difficult in strong westerlies.


Bastia is a port of entry/exit to France.

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If visiting Port Toga, call the marina office on channel 9 (0800 - 2200 in summer; 0800 - 1200 and 1400 - 1800 winter) to request a berth. Alternatively telephone on +33 (0)495 349070. If visiting the Vieux Port, call on channel 9 or telephone +33 (0)495 313110 (0700 - 1200 and 1400 - 2000 summer; 0800 - 1130 and 1400 - 1700 winter).

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

The Vieux Port of Bastia has 350 berths, of which 40 are designated for visiting yachts. Smaller yachts (up to 12m) berth stern or bows-to on pontoons; larger yachts (max. 30m) berth stern-to the north quay in the outer harbour. There is water and electricity on the quays and pontoons. Toilet block with WCs and showers. Fuel station on the Quai de la Madunuccia. Laundrette nearby. Slipway 50T. In the Vieux Port you are in the heart of things with the attractive waterfont bars and restaurants (and the busy traffic) all around you.

Port Toga has 357 berths on concrete pontoons, of which 60 are designated for visitors. Maximum length 30m. Depths in the basin from 2.2m to 3.9m. Water and electricity at all berths. Two toilet and shower blocks. Laundromat. Slipway. Travel hoist. Fuel station. The marina is purpose-built and offers excellent shelter, although it lacks the character of the Vieux Port.


In settled weather only, yachts can anchor off the beaches to north and south of the harbour. The coast here is completely open to the east.

Yacht Repairs and Services

Most repairs in Port Toga

Marine Stores

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Fuel, Water, & Electricity

Fuel, water and electricity in both the Vieux Port and Port Toga.

Things to do Ashore


The old town of Bastia is very picturesque, with Italianate architecture and numerous restaurants clustering around the harbour. The walk through shaded gardens up to the citadel is very pleasant. There are several interesting churches, including lovely baroque chapels such as Chapelle de l’Immaculée Conception.

With a cycle or scooter, you can explore the Etang de Biguglia, a large lagoon south of Bastia cut off from the sea by a 10km long spit of sand, where there are bamboo-shaded walks along the lake edge. Further on is the impressive 12th century Pisan cathedral of La Canonica, next to the ancient Roman site of Mariana.

The nearby mountain villages of Lucciana and Furiani are well worth an afternoon. The real treasure of the region, however, is La Castaniccia, an ancient area of chestnut woodlands originally planted under the auspices of the Genoese (who wanted the local peasants to send all their wheat to Genoa and make dough with chestnut flour as a substitute).

The area boasts a succession of charming and unspoilt villages, all characterised by dominant hilltop sites; tall, stone-built houses with blue slate roofs; winding, narrow streets paved with granite and some quite delightful village churches. The villages are linked by shady mountain roads where cattle, goats and pigs roam freely. Overhead you will see more kites (black and red), buzzards and kestrels than you are ever likely to see again in such a small area. See it soon before it changes!!

Bastia is also the easternmost terminus of the narrow-gauge mountain railway that crosses Corsica and you can reach Ajaccio or Calvi by rail via the old capital of Corte.

Grocery & Supply Stores

Good supermarket and laundry near Port Toga. All usual shops in the town.

If you are in the Vieux Port, a boulangerie called Chez Mireille is right behind the pink building in the NW part of the harbour. There is also a Spar at 9 bd. Paoli: behind the pink building take the left stairs up and then turn right on bd. Paoli.


The terrace of U Marinara restaurant on the old harbour is a pleasant place for dinner in summer (although beware of swift poo - the birds' distinctive shrieking cries will alert you if they are out on a bombing mission). --Athene of Lymington

A Scarletta, in the NW part of the old harbour, is another nice, family-run restaurant. The terrace is rather small, so arrive early and in a small group (it did not seat six when we visited). Don't skip the fish soup.




Motorbike & Car Rentals

Opposite Port Toga.

Garbage Disposal

Bins near the harbour quay and in the marina


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  • A berth in the Vieux Port was delightful (if occasionally noisy) in 2003.--Atheneoflymington
  • Paid EUR 50 for a 39-feet boat in June 2011. Nice harbourmaster, but then again I did my best to speak French. Toilets rather basic. Showers: 7 minutes for EUR 2. --Andrei.badea

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