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There are laid moorings on Vonitsa quay

Vonitsa (Βόνιτσα ) lies on the SW side of the Ambrakikos Gulf in the Ionian Sea of Greece, eight miles inland from the harbour of Preveza at the entrance to the gulf. Originally a fishing harbour, the construction of an outer breakwater and a yacht quay with laid moorings have made Vonitsa a popular port of call for yachts cruising the gulf and it is often busy with flotillas. The harbour can accommodate around 30-35 yachts on laid moorings and anchor moor, divided between the yacht quay on the W and a separate jetty and short stub quay on the E side of the harbour. Shelter in the harbour is good in most conditions, although strong NE winds send in an uncomfortable swell. If the harbour is full, there are two good anchorages to E and W with good shelter in all but strong N or E winds respectively.


British Admiralty
203 Zakinthos to Paxoi
G11 – North Ionian Islands
54283 Amvrakikos Kolpos
2131 Amvrakikos Gulf


The gulf is subject to the same conditions as the Ionian Sea when fronts or depressions pass over, although generally the winds will be less than in the open sea. During normal settled conditions, however, the mornings are often windless until in early afternoon a westerly sea breeze sets in, which can sometimes rise to 15 knots or more but rarely blows for longer than an hour or two. The sea breeze is generally stronger in the western part of the gulf than the eastern.

Overnight, an easterly land breeze off the mountains at the E end of the gulf is common, which rarely rises above 10 knots. In some of the bays along the S coast this wind can come from SE or even due S, which needs to be considered when anchoring.

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For entry to the gulf, see Preveza. The approach to Vonitsa is free of dangers except for a shoal patch which extends half a mile off Cape Panayia three miles NW of the town, between it and the island of Nisos Kefalos (which itself is surrounded by shoals). A course halfway between the cape and the island takes you free of danger. Entry to the harbour is from either side of a long detached breakwater. Depths in the entrance are 4.0 – 4.5 metres and at the quays between 2.25 and 2.5 metres.


None. Check in at Preveza.



For a map of the mooring options in Vonitsa, click on this link: Google Map.

Yachts moored on the yacht quay

Yacht quay

Yacht quay/wiki/Vonitsa#Yacht_quay
Harbour icon Yacht quay [[Vonitsa#Yacht quay|Yacht quay]] 38°55.307'N, 020°53.131'E

The principal moorings in Vonitsa harbour are on the W side directly behind the detached breakwater on a quay which can accommodate around 20 yachts moored bows or stern-to. There are currently (September 2012) 16 laid moorings, but a further four yachts can fit in using their anchors. Note that there are some rocks about 6 metres off the quay which make the last 10 metres at the western end of the quay dangerous to moor on. Depths at the quay are 2.25 metres and 3.5 – 4.0 metres five metres off the quay. Mooring is to rusty steel bollards and/or mooring rings. Shelter here is excellent from all directions.

The quay has been recently extended to west, providing space for additional 20-25 yachts. Anchor Stern to. Water and electricity in development (July 2023).
Yachts on Vonitsa jetty


Harbour icon Jetty [[Vonitsa#Jetty|Jetty]] 38°55.290'N, 020°53.175'E
The jetty extends NE from the shore just inside the E breakwater entrance and can accommodate 10-12 yachts anchor moored bows or stern-to on its outside edge (the inside edge is taken up with local small craft moorings). Depths are 2.5 metres along the quay, shallowing to 2.25 metres towards the root. Depths are 4.0 metres five metres off the quay. Mooring is to good quality stainless steel mooring rings. Shelter here is good, although strong E winds would make it very uncomfortable.

Stub quay

Stub quay/wiki/Vonitsa#Stub_quay
Harbour icon Stub quay [[Vonitsa#Stub quay|Stub quay]] 38°55.267'N, 020°53.229'E
E of the jetty along the waterfront is a stub quay with depths of 1.5 metres alongside, which in theory could accommodate 8-10 small yachts. However, there is only one mooring ring to tie on to (plus a lamppost) and the shelter is rather poor, so this option should only be considered in very settled weather and for shallow draft yachts.

Waterfront quay

Waterfront quay/wiki/Vonitsa#Waterfront_quay
Harbour icon Waterfront quay [[Vonitsa#Waterfront quay|Waterfront quay]] 38°55.271'N, 020°53.194'E
On either side of the stub quay it is possible to moor along the waterfront, where there are depths of 1.5 metres to the W of the stub quay and 2.0 metres to the E. However, there are very few mooring rings along this section and it is completely open N. Settled weather only.


Ormos Ag Markou

Ormos Ag Markou/wiki/Vonitsa#Ormos_Ag_Markou
Anchorage icon Ormos Ag Markou [[Vonitsa#Ormos Ag Markou|Ormos Ag Markou]] 38°55.98′N, 20°52.10′E
Anchorage of Ag. Markou to NW of Vonitsa
The anchorage of Ag. Markou bay lies about a mile NW from the harbour of Vonitsa and consists of a deep and wide inlet sheltered from all directions except E and SE. The depths here are mostly in excess of 10-12 metres and it is necessary to tuck in close to the head of the bay (ideally on the SW side if possible) to be able to drop your anchor in 8.0 metres or so. Alternatively, you can motor as close in as your draft will allow and take a line ashore. Holding here is good in mud and weed. There are a few fish farm remains around the shore and the bottom is foul in places. With N winds there can be unpleasant smells due to a pig shed on land.

Ormos Koukouvitsa

Ormos Koukouvitsa/wiki/Vonitsa#Ormos_Koukouvitsa
Anchorage icon Ormos Koukouvitsa [[Vonitsa#Ormos Koukouvitsa|Ormos Koukouvitsa]] 38°55.40′N, 20°54.07′E
Anchorage of Ormos Koukouvitsa to E of Vonitsa
The causeway over to Koukouvitsa island
The anchorage of Koukouvitsa bay lies half a mile E of Vonitsa behind a small, pine-clad island joined to the mainland by a picturesque, Chinese-style causeway. Shelter here is good from all directions except N. Depths are around 3.0 - 6.0 metres except around the edges, where it shoals gradually to under one metre. Holding is good in sand, mud and weed. It is possible with care to take your dinghy under the centre arch of the causeway (you will need to drag it over the shallowest part) to take a shortcut to Vonitsa town. The anchorage here is delightful and very popular during the season.


Water Taps on yacht quay and jetty only
Electricity N/A (Not Available)
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry Now available at the Remezzo cafe
Garbage Bins at yacht quay and jetty
Fuel Available on request, numbers advertised on the quay
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet At Remezzo and several cafes
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals N/A


Wide range of shops and supermarket in the town.

Eating out

  • Tavernas and cafes along the waterfront
  • Remezzo restaurant is good and English is spoken.


  • Flights from Preveza Aktion (PVK) airport (20 minutes by taxi). From May to October a number of charter companies operate direct flights from/to Manchester, Gatwick, Amsterdam, Dusseldorf and possibly some other European cities.
  • Buses. Local buses to Preveza and Arta.


The 17th century Venetian castle above the town is impressive and well worth a visit. The views over the bay and the lagoon to the NW are superb. The town also has a long shingle beach which is cleaner than many in the gulf.

Bay of Vonitsa from castle
A turtle checks the moorings in Vonitsa harbour


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See Ionian Sea.


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  • Vonitsa varies between frantic on the nights when the flotillas are in to relatively peaceful on other nights. Saturday and Sunday seem to be the main flotilla nights. The town is busy with camper vans, some of them lived in by travellers, so it is wise to lock up securely when leaving your boat. --Athene of Lymington 15:03, 30 September 2012 (BST)
  • A wonderfully scenic location which is becoming increasingly popular. Finding space can be a problem, especially now as several yachts here seem to have taken up permanent residence, utilising the free mooring space. Nonetheless, it's certainly worth visiting, even if it means waiting at anchor for a while to moor up. Showers are available for customers at Remazzo restaurant, as well as washing machines. --BenPikeUK

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