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Wairoa (Māori: Long Water) is a small farming district in Hawke's Bay, New Zealand. Population is less than 5,000 for the whole district and the main industries are timber and meat. The main township - also called Wairoa - lies on the Wairoa River with its entrance less than 4km from the town centre.

The river entrance is narrow (~100 metres wide) and can only be entered by shallow draft vessels at high tide. Once inside the heads the river widens significantly and can be negotiated right into the town centre. Keep to the starboard third of the river, the port side silts up heavily and is a mud flat at low tide. Adventurous cruisers who stop here should also keep an eye out for trees in the river, left behind by floods and often partially concealed.


Enquiries of both Hawkes Bay Regional Council and Wairoa Council reveal that no depth charts exist for the Wairoa River. Best advice is to stick to the starboard third of the river on the way in and keep to the moving water.

Even if such charts existed they would need to be redone on a regular basis, since the river changes fairly rapidly due to occasional flooding which also blows out the bar at the entrance and deposits logs along the beaches of Hawkes Bay.

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Wairoa is on the same latitude as Melbourne so one would expect similar mediterranean weather. In reality it tends to rain well into early summer here, with hot weather only arriving around mid- to late December.

Sources for Weather forecasts:

Wairoa Weather


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No formal berthing exists. Anchoring in the river is permitted.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Wairoa Yacht Club in Kopu Road has seasonal activity. Members sail small dinghies on the river and there are no members with cruising yachts.


Any part of the river from the Wairoa Bridge back to the river bend, i.e. the whole length of Marine Parade, would be suitable for anchorage in any conditions except floods. Deeper water on the north side is preferred, the south side closest to Marine Parade tends to be fairly muddy and shallow.

Yacht Repairs and Services

None. General engineering services are available in the town.

Fuel, Water, & Electricity

There are four service stations in town, two on the north side and two on the south side of the river. Diesel and petrol available, also LPG cylinder refills.
There are no special provisions for yachts. Arrangements can possibly be made with the caravan park to obtain water supplies.
There are no special provisions for yachts.

Things to do Ashore


Grocery & Supply Stores

There are two supermarkets available, Write Price and New World.


There are a multitude of fast food shops in Wairoa, catering for almost any taste from Chinese to Indian to hamburgers and fish'n'chips. Highly recommended are Tui's Fish'n'chips in River Parade (just across the bridge) and the East End Cafe in Marine Parade. Osler's Pie Shop is a great place for a quick "pie and coke" lunch.

A must visit is also Geoff's Tavern on a Friday night (Marine Parade, opens at 18:00) for a special meal and a few drinks.


The central part of Wairoa township (Marine Parade) is provided with free wi-fi. These can be found by scanning for WAIROAWIFI1, WAIROAWIFI2 or WAIROALIBRARY.


There are four laundromats in Wairoa, all within easy walking distance from Marine Parade.

Motorbike & Car Rentals

Garbage Disposal

Wairoa tip - follow Clyde Road to Fraser Street - takes all kinds of rubbish. Recycled items such as cans and plastic bottles are cost free, while "green waste" is charged at a cheaper rate than general garbage.


Wairoa has no taxi services. Buses to/from Gisborne and Napier are available daily at the depot in Paul Street, and from there links to all major cities in NZ are available. There is also a (mostly disused) 1371 metre jet-capable airport with services by Air Napier to Gisborne and Napier.


  • Haiqu Currently in Wairoa 3 months a year and plan to retire here.


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  • A friendly town, although lacking any discernable nightlife.

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