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Zakinthos (Zante)
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Zakinthos (Ζάκυνθος) or Zakynthos or Zante is the southernmost of the Ionian Islands or Eptanesa (7 islands). Zakinthos, along the rest of the Ionian island, has been ravaged by frequent earthquakes.


203 Nisos Zakinthos to Nisos Paxoi
G12 Nísos Levkas to Nísos Zákinthos
54280 Corfu Channel to Nisis Proti
2 Ionio Pelagos
22 Ionio Sea - Southern Part






  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12 & Tel. +30 26950 28117
  • Olympia Radio - VHF channels 03 & 86

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Approaches to Zakinthos are straightforward.


Customs in Port Zakinthos.


There is only one harbor in the island, Port Zakinthos, but there are several good anchorages.


Chart of Port Zakinthos

Port Zakinthos

Port Zakinthos/wiki/Zakinthos_(Zante)#Port_Zakinthos
Harbour icon Port Zakinthos [[Zakinthos (Zante)#Port Zakinthos|Port Zakinthos]] 37°46.900'N, 020°54.070'E
Port of Entry

Port Zakinthos is the main harbor of Zakinthos. It provides good shelter from the prevailing NW wind but with strong S winds there is a bad swell. Anchor in 6-7 m and go stern-to the NW mole (inside the jetty). The bottom is mud, good holding.

On the S side of the port a yacht marina is being built but as usual it is still not finished (and no plan to finish it).

There is electricity and water available on the North Mole. Alternatively you can go alongside or stern to in front of the cafes and the road. As the mole is crowded and the main road busy, if you look for sleep before 0300.. I would recommend anchoring a little off the ferries in the S part of the harbor. Also in August my boat was entered by thieves and a laptop was stolen while I was berthed on the N Mole. --Fabian 2012.

We berthed on the N mole for a week in March 2016. Really enjoyed. As usual, really nice and helpful people. We paid 10€ per night to Dionisios Marinos, a shipping agent from Yachting Club Zakynthos. He said he was in charge. -- -- Stephane & Veronique Canada Icon.png Sailboat favicon.png Esploristo
Zakinthos harbour

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

None (see Port Zakinthos above).


Chart of Ayios Nikolaos

Ayios Nikolaos

Ayios Nikolaos/wiki/Zakinthos_(Zante)#Ayios_Nikolaos
Anchorage icon Ayios Nikolaos [[Zakinthos (Zante)#Ayios Nikolaos|Ayios Nikolaos]] 37°54.36′N, 20°42.6′E

Ayios Nikolaos is nice cove near the NE tip of the island. From here you can go with your dinghy or take a local caïque to the famous Blue Grotto.

Anchor off in 5-10 m near the small island. Reasonable holding, however there is not actually very much space. Keep clear of the ferry's path. Or moor stern-too W quay where there is room for about 12 yachts. You can go alongside on the south wall if the quay is full. Harbour fee was 9.47 euro for 12m catamaran (2014).

Danger: While entering the cove avoid the reef on the N of the small island.

Warning: Around 1 PM a strong gusty wind blows.

Water, electricity and wi-fi are all available on the quay at no charge from Dimitri who also runs the restaurant La Storia at the end of the beach. We found the food there to be mediocre --LifePart2.

If you only want to visit the Blue Grotto and the weather permits you can temporarily anchor near the last cave.
Caretta Caretta


Anchorage icon Lagana [[Zakinthos (Zante)#Lagana|Lagana]] 37°43.58′N, 20°53.73′E
You may be able to anchor here but most likely it is now restricted because it is the breeding area of the endangered loggerhead sea turtles Caretta Carreta. At any rate, in 1989 the beach too developed. Keri was a better option.
Keri from the sea


Anchorage icon Keri [[Zakinthos (Zante)#Keri|Keri]] 37°40.91′N, 20°50.25′E
There is an attractive looking cove on the SE of the island.


Anchorage icon Vromi [[Zakinthos (Zante)#Vromi|Vromi]] 37°49.08′N, 20°37.91′E
Vromi is deep narrow inlet on the NW side of the island. It is an attractive anchorage that provides reasonable shelter from the the prevailing NW-W winds although it is subjected to strong katabatic gusts. The anchorage is not tenable with S winds. The bottom is slate with bad holding. It is better to go deep into the inlet and take two lines ashore, a bow and a stern line.


Water Port Zakinthos: on the quay
Electricity Port Zakinthos: on the N mole
Toilets ?
Showers ?
Laundry ?
Garbage There are bins around the harbor and in several anchorages
Fuel Port Zakinthos: on the quay
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers In the town there are some modest stores.
Repairs Only Minor
Internet In Internet cafés
Mobile connectivity Good 3G signal
Vehicle rentals In the town


Several supermarkets in the town.

Eating out

  • Many tavernas in the town


There are daily flights to Athens and ferries to Kyllini and Kefalonia.



The island has a long history. It takes its name from Zakynthus the son of the king of Phrygia Dardanus. Zakynthus came from the city of Psophis in Arcadia, where his brothers reigned, to colonize the island. He built an acropolis, probably at the location where the Venetian castle is today, which he named Psophida. According to Pausanias and Thucydides this happened around 1500 BC. It is believed that Zakinthos was part of the Odysseus kingdom of Ithaka. The islanders worshiped Apollo and Artemis. During the Peloponnesian War Zakinthos was a member of the Athenian alliance until it was conquered by the Spartans.

During Roman times Zakinthos had some autonomy and prospered but in the late Roman period it was frequently raided by pirates, Goths, Vandals and Arabs and its fortunes declined. Later it became part of the Byzantine Empire. During the Crusades it was overtaken by the Franks and in 1185 the Palatine County of Cephalonia and Zante was found, which survived for three centuries under the Orsini Family. In 1479 it was occupied by the Ottomans who held it until 1485 when they were replaced by the Venetians.

The Venetians dominated the island until 1797 when the post revolution French took over the island and proclaimed it republic. This state of affairs did not last more then 15 months. In 1800 the two powers decided to establish an independent state under the name "The Septinsular Republic" under the supervision of Russia and Turkey, the first modern Greek state. In 1807 France reconquered the island to be succeeded two years later by the British who held the island ("The United States of the Ionian Islands") until 1864 then it became part of Modern Greece.

During WW II the island was occupied by the Italians and later by the Germans who held it until 1945. In 1953 a terrible earthquake shook the Ionian islands and cause massive destructions in Zakinthos. Since then it has been rebuilt but many charming old buildings have perished.

Zakynthos is the birth place of the poet Dionysios Solomos (1798-1857) who wrote the Hymn to Liberty, the Greek national anthem.

Zakinthos Fortress.jpg
The Venetian Fortress
Zakinthos BlueGrotto.jpg
The Blue Grotto

Places to Visit

Town of Zakinthos

It is worth visiting the restored Venetian Fortress of Zakinthos. Also in town there are two worthwhile museums: the Byzantine Museum which houses many icons and paintings and the Dionysios Solomos Museum dedicated to the poets Dionysios Solomos and Andreas Kalvos as well as other noteworthy Zakinthians.


There are two monasteries in the island of some interest: the post-Byzantine Monastery of Aghios Ioannes Prodromos (St. John the Baptist) about 20 km from the town, and the 15 th century Monastery of Theotokos about 25 km from the town.

Blue Grotto

The Blue Grotto, near Ayios Nikolaos, is maybe the most famous site in the island. In my opinion this rather overrated. Nevertheless if you are in Ayios Nikolaos it is worth a visit. Alternatively, and if the weather permits, you can temporarily anchor near the last cave and snorkel.


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