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The harbour of Maslinica on Šolta

Šolta is an island which lies 10 miles SW of the city of Split on the mainland coast of Croatia, immediately W of the much larger island of Brač, from which it is separated by a channel barely half a mile wide. Although a relatively small island, with an area of under 60 square kilometers, it has a population of around 1,700 and caters well for the visiting yachtsman, with three harbours all providing laid moorings, water and electricity and several sheltered anchorages around its coast.

Historically the island’s prosperity depended on fishing, wine and olive oil exports and shipping but today its economic engine is mainly fuelled by tourism, including yachting tourism.


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See Croatia.



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Split is the nearest all-year round port of entry. During the summer, Hvar and, if arriving from N, Primošten on the mainland are also ports of entry.



It's possible to find a berth at the 3 harbours on the island:

All of them have laid moorings, water and electricity on quays.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



The main anchorages on Šolta island are as follows (anti-clockwise from Rogač):

U. Donja Krušica

U. Donja Krušica/wiki/%C5%A0olta#U._Donja_Kru.C5.A1ica
Anchorage icon U. Donja Krušica [[Šolta#U. Donja Krušica|U. Donja Krušica]] 43°24.590'N, 016°16.052'E
The shallow inlet of U. Donja Krušica lies on the N coast of the island, two miles WNW of Rogač. There is a short jetty on the E side of the inlet to which a yacht can moor bows or stern-to using the anchor among the local boats. Depths here are 3.0 - 4.0 metres. The shelter is good in sand. There are no facilities ashore.

U. Šešula

U. Šešula/wiki/%C5%A0olta#U._.C5.A0e.C5.A1ula
Anchorage icon U. Šešula [[Šolta#U. Šešula|U. Šešula]] 43°23.533'N, 016°12.604'E
U. Šešula is a long and narrow inlet immediately S of the harbour of Maslinica. It is a very popular anchorage in the summer and it will be necessary to anchor wherever you can find space and take a line ashore. Depths range from 3.0 metres to 8.0 metres and the holding is good in mud and sand. Shelter in the inlet is good in all winds, although strong SW winds send in a slight swell. Restaurants ashore.

U. Tatinja

U. Tatinja/wiki/%C5%A0olta#U._Tatinja
Anchorage icon U. Tatinja [[Šolta#U. Tatinja|U. Tatinja]] 43°22.199'N, 016°17.244'E
A big and deep bay at the S shore of the island. The bottom is rocky. It may be difficult to find a proper sandy patch. Anchor at 8-12 m.

U. Stračinska

U. Stračinska/wiki/%C5%A0olta#U._Stra.C4.8Dinska
Anchorage icon U. Stračinska [[Šolta#U. Stračinska|U. Stračinska]] 43°20.224'N, 016°21.898'E
U. Stračinska is the westernmost of three V-shaped inlets at the SE tip of Šolta Island. There is a good anchorage in a small cove on the W side of the inlet with a line ashore to one of the bollards supplied. Depths here are 10-12 metres and the shelter is good in all but S winds. There are no facilities ashore.

U. Gornja Krušica

U. Gornja Krušica/wiki/%C5%A0olta#U._Gornja_Kru.C5.A1ica
Anchorage icon U. Gornja Krušica [[Šolta#U. Gornja Krušica|U. Gornja Krušica]] 43°21.418'N, 016°21.927'E
U. Gornja Krušica lies on the NE coast of the island, a mile or so SE of the harbour of Stomorska. A yacht can anchor at the head of the inlet in 5.0 - 7.0 metres, with a line ashore if necessary. Holding is good in sand and the inlet is sheltered from all except E winds. There are no facilities ashore.
The anchorage of U. Nečujam on Šolta

U. Nečujam

U. Nečujam/wiki/%C5%A0olta#U._Ne.C4.8Dujam
Anchorage icon U. Nečujam [[Šolta#U. Nečujam|U. Nečujam]] 43°23.299'N, 016°19.194'E
U. Nečujam is a large bay on the N side of the island, a mile E of Rogač, with several inlets around its shores which offer good anchorages. Anchor in 6.0 - 8.0 metres wherever you can find a suitable spot. Holding is good in parts, although there are some mud patches which are less good. Shelter here is good from all directions except N. Supermarket, restaurant and café/bar at the village of Nečujam on E side of bay.


Water In Rogač/wiki/%C5%A0olta#In_.5B.5BRoga.C4.8D.23U._Banje.7CRoga.C4.8D.5D.5DWater icon In Rogač [[Šolta#In Rogač|In Rogač]] on both the N and S quays

Maslinica, Martinis Marchi Marina/wiki/%C5%A0olta#.5B.5BMaslinica.23Martinis_Marchi_Marina.7C_Maslinica.2C_Martinis_Marchi_Marina.5D.5DWater icon Maslinica, Martinis Marchi Marina [[Šolta# Maslinica, Martinis Marchi Marina| Maslinica, Martinis Marchi Marina]] at the Martinis Marchi Hotel moorings on the S quay

Stomorska, Stomorska Luka/wiki/%C5%A0olta#.5B.5BStomorska.23Stomorska_Luka.7CStomorska.2C_Stomorska_Luka.5D.5DWater icon Stomorska, Stomorska Luka [[Šolta#Stomorska, Stomorska Luka|Stomorska, Stomorska Luka]] on the quay, a charge of 39 kuna

Electricity In Rogač/wiki/%C5%A0olta#In_.5B.5BRoga.C4.8D.23U._Banje.7CRoga.C4.8D.5D.5DElectricity icon In Rogač [[Šolta#In Rogač|In Rogač]] on both the N and S quays

Maslinica, Martinis Marchi Marina/wiki/%C5%A0olta#.5B.5BMaslinica.23Martinis_Marchi_Marina.7C_Maslinica.2C_Martinis_Marchi_Marina.5D.5DElectricity icon Maslinica, Martinis Marchi Marina [[Šolta# Maslinica, Martinis Marchi Marina| Maslinica, Martinis Marchi Marina]] at the Martinis Marchi Hotel moorings on the S quay

Stomorska, Stomorska Luka/wiki/%C5%A0olta#.5B.5BStomorska.23Stomorska_Luka.7CStomorska.2C_Stomorska_Luka.5D.5DElectricity icon Stomorska, Stomorska Luka [[Šolta#Stomorska, Stomorska Luka|Stomorska, Stomorska Luka]] on the quay, a charge of 39 kuna

Laundry N/A (Not Available)
Garbage Bins near the harbour of Rogač, in Maslinica, Martinis Marchi Marina, and in Stomorska, Stomorska Luka
Fuel Rogač INA fuel/wiki/%C5%A0olta#.5B.5BRoga.C4.8D.5D.5D_INA_fuelFuel icon Rogač INA fuel [[Šolta#Rogač INA fuel|Rogač INA fuel]] Fuel berth next to ferry quay (Mo-Sa: 07-21, Su: 07-21; tel. +385 (91) 497 1252
Bottled gas None
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A
Internet WiFi in Rogač at the restaurant Solta and the café/bar, in Maslinica, Martinis Marchi Marina
Mobile connectivity Is there mobile telephone signal such as G4, G3, GPRS on the island? How strong is the signal? Are there any blind spots?
Vehicle rentals N/A


In Rogač, Grohote/wiki/%C5%A0olta#In_.5B.5BRoga.C4.8D.5D.5D.2C_GrohoteProvisions icon In Rogač, Grohote [[Šolta#In Rogač, Grohote|In Rogač, Grohote]] two supermarkets and other provisions shops in Grohote (2 km uphill).

In the Rogač Ferry quay/wiki/%C5%A0olta#In_the_.5B.5BRoga.C4.8D.5D.5D_Ferry_quayProvisions icon In the Rogač Ferry quay [[Šolta#In the Rogač Ferry quay|In the Rogač Ferry quay]] small bakery kiosk on the ferry quay.

Maslinica/wiki/%C5%A0olta#.5B.5BMaslinica.5D.5DProvisions icon Maslinica [[Šolta#Maslinica|Maslinica]] supermarket and other provisions shops in the village.

Stomorska/wiki/%C5%A0olta#.5B.5BStomorska.5D.5DProvisions icon Stomorska [[Šolta#Stomorska|Stomorska]] Studenac supermarket and other provisions shops in the village.

Eating out

Pasarela/wiki/%C5%A0olta#.27.27Pasarela.27.27Eatingout icon Pasarela [[Šolta#Pasarela|Pasarela]] In U. Banje, 200 metres round the inlet to the S.
Solta/wiki/%C5%A0olta#.27.27Solta.27.27Eatingout icon Solta [[Šolta#Solta|Solta]] In Rogač harbour 200 metres uphill from the harbour on the Grohote road.
 /wiki/%C5%A0olta#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Šolta# | ]] In Rogač harbour café/bar near the yacht quay.
 /wiki/%C5%A0olta#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Šolta# | ]] Restaurant and coffee bar in the hotel.
 /wiki/%C5%A0olta#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Šolta# | ]] Several other restaurants and café/bars In the village.
 /wiki/%C5%A0olta#.26nbsp.3BEatingout icon   [[Šolta# | ]] Several restaurants, pizzerias and café/bars.




Grohote on Šolta

The first mention of the island dates back to the 4th century BC, when it was known as Olyntha. Under the Romans, it was part of the province of Dalmatia and was known as Solenta. Roman remains can still be seen today around Rogač, Nečujam and the inland village of Grohote.From the 15th to the 18th centuries the island was controlled by Venice and many of the finest buildings date from this period.

Places to Visit

Inland villages worth exploring include Grohote, Gornje Selo and Donje Selo.


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