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Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong
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A cruising guide for yachts sailing from Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong.


A coastal passage along Malaysia and the east coast of the Philippines.



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Wind and Waves
in June
Wind and Waves
in December

Predominantly two seasons, the South West Monsoon and the North East Monsoon. ?? When exactly??

Typhoons activity, especially in the northern part of the passage ?? Exact latitude??

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Possible Departure Points

Route/Suggested Stopovers

Some Stopovers on the way from Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong
  1. Starting from Kota Kinabalu/wiki/Kota_Kinabalu_to_Hong_Kong#.5B.5BKota_Kinabalu.5D.5DHarbour icon Kota Kinabalu [[Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong#Kota Kinabalu|Kota Kinabalu]] 05°59.062'N, 116°03.961'E
  2. 125 nM to Kudat/wiki/Kota_Kinabalu_to_Hong_Kong#.5B.5BKudat.5D.5DHarbour icon Kudat [[Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong#Kudat|Kudat]] 06°53.326'N, 116°50.922'E
  3. 210 nM to Puerto Princesa/wiki/Kota_Kinabalu_to_Hong_Kong#.5B.5BPuerto_Princesa.5D.5DHarbour icon Puerto Princesa [[Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong#Puerto Princesa|Puerto Princesa]] 09°45.000'N, 118°45.000'E in the Philippines
  4. 95 nM to El Nido/wiki/Kota_Kinabalu_to_Hong_Kong#.5B.5BEl_Nido.5D.5DHarbour icon El Nido [[Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong#El Nido|El Nido]] 11°14.099'N, 119°25.283'E
  5. 35 nM to Maricaban Cruising Club/wiki/Kota_Kinabalu_to_Hong_Kong#.5B.5BMaricaban_Cruising_Club.5D.5DIsland icon Maricaban Cruising Club [[Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong#Maricaban Cruising Club|Maricaban Cruising Club]] 13°38.639'N, 120°55.302'E
  6. 88 nM to Coron/wiki/Kota_Kinabalu_to_Hong_Kong#.5B.5BCoron.5D.5DIsland icon Coron [[Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong#Coron|Coron]] 11°55.750'N, 120°14.500'E
  7. 10 nM to Punta Fuego/wiki/Kota_Kinabalu_to_Hong_Kong#.5B.5BPunta_Fuego.5D.5DHarbour icon Punta Fuego [[Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong#Punta Fuego|Punta Fuego]] 14°07.967'N, 120°35.217'E
  8. 1 nM to Batangas Maya/wiki/Kota_Kinabalu_to_Hong_Kong#.5B.5BBatangas.7CBatangas_Maya.5D.5DHarbour icon Batangas Maya [[Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong#Batangas Maya|Batangas Maya]] 13°45.103'N, 121°02.203'E
  9. 5 nM to Subic Bay/wiki/Kota_Kinabalu_to_Hong_Kong#.5B.5BSubic_Bay.5D.5DHarbour icon Subic Bay [[Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong#Subic Bay|Subic Bay]] 14°45.000'N, 120°13.000'E
  10. 10 nM to Manila/wiki/Kota_Kinabalu_to_Hong_Kong#.5B.5BManila.5D.5DHarbour icon Manila [[Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong#Manila|Manila]] 14°35.045'N, 120°56.651'E
  11. 49 nM to Puerto Galera/wiki/Kota_Kinabalu_to_Hong_Kong#.5B.5BPuerto_Galera.5D.5DHarbour icon Puerto Galera [[Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong#Puerto Galera|Puerto Galera]] 13°30.479'N, 120°57.213'E
  12. 118 nM to Bolinao/wiki/Kota_Kinabalu_to_Hong_Kong#.5B.5BBolinao.5D.5DHarbour icon Bolinao [[Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong#Bolinao|Bolinao]] 16°22.979'N, 119°54.745'E
  13. 37 nM to Bolinao/wiki/Kota_Kinabalu_to_Hong_Kong#.5B.5BBolinao.5D.5DHarbour icon Bolinao [[Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong#Bolinao|Bolinao]] 15°02.000'N, 120°41.000'E
  14. Finally after 176 nM you arrive at Hong Kong/wiki/Kota_Kinabalu_to_Hong_Kong#.5B.5BHong_Kong.5D.5DHarbour icon Hong Kong [[Kota Kinabalu to Hong Kong#Hong Kong|Hong Kong]] 22°16.7′N, 114°10.47′E

Possible Arrival Points

Distance & Duration

Distance = 978 nM (direct).


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Rod Heikell, Greek Waters Pilot Imray, Laurie and Wilson, Cambridgeshire (2010), ISBN 9780852889718
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