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Inlet of Rabac in Istria

The natural inlet of Rabac lies on the E coast of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia, 11 miles NNE of the deep fjord of Zaljev Rasa and seven miles W of the island of Cres. At the head of the mile-deep inlet is the small town of Rabac and five kilometers inland to the NW is the popular tourist town of Labin. The inlet offers a reasonably sheltered anchorage in moderate northerlies, but is completely open to any winds from the south.


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See Croatia.



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Rabac entry point/wiki/Rabac#Rabac_entry_pointWorld icon.png Rabac entry point [[Rabac#Rabac entry point|Rabac entry point]] 45°04.26′N, 14°009.48′E . There are no dangers in the immediate approach, although a heavy swell may be encountered in strong S winds which can make the anchorage untenable. Shelter is reasonably good from all other directions, although a strong bora causes gusting down the inlet, especially on the W side. The best anchorage is at the head of the inlet, either off the town of Rabac or off the beach half a mile W of the town.


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Rabac harbor

The best anchorage is off the town of Rabac, outside the small craft moorings, where depths are around 8.0 - 12.0 metres and holding is good in mud. Alternatively, with anything W in the wind, better shelter can be found in the large, shallow bay half a mile to the W. Depths here just outside the swimming area off the beach are 5.0 - 8.0 metres and holding is good in sand and mud.

At quiet times, it may also be possible to go stern-to the quay at Rabac. There are some laid moorings at the transit boat section of it, just below a square pier (designated to tripper boats) with a green light. Depths here are 2.0 - 5.0 metres. There are electricity/water along the quay.

The hamlet of Rabac is too shallow for yachts.

The hamlet of Rabac


Water At the quay
Electricity At the quay
Toilets ?
Showers N/A (Not Available)
Laundry N/A
Garbage ?
Fuel No fuel dock anywhere in the inlet. Best to fill up before you arrive
Bottled gas N/A
Chandlers N/A
Repairs N/A
Internet N/A
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals N/A


Several provisions shops in the town of Rabac.

Eating out

  • Numerous restaurants and bars in Rabac and along the beach.
  • We've tried Restaurant Kvarner in Labin. It is on a panoramic boulevard around the old town (Stari Grad), just behind the town gates --Vadp 16:35, 7 October 2014 (BST)


Buses to Labin.


The mediaeval town of Labin

Places to Visit

Rabac is an attractive resort, surrounded by pine forest, and there are several good walks in the area. The settlement of Labin five kilometers inland has a picturesque mediaeval old town on top of a hill with superb views over to the island of Cres.

Labin, formerly an important mining area, also boasts an interesting town museum with a reconstruction of a coal mine as well as a number of archaeological exhibits.

Note: The old part of Labin (Stari Grad) Map lies some distance up the hill N of the main part of the city. There is a regular minibus service to Labin from Rabac Time Table.


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