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Saltspring Island (Salt Spring Island)
48°50.000'N, 123°30.000'W Chart icon.png
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Saltspring Island (also known as Salt Spring Island) is one of the Gulf Islands in the Strait of Georgia between mainland British Columbia, Canada and Vancouver Island.


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Fulford harbour

Fulford harbour/wiki/Saltspring_Island#Fulford_harbour
Harbour icon Fulford harbour [[Saltspring Island#Fulford harbour|Fulford harbour]] 48°46.102'N, 123°27.181'W
This is a ferry port. There is a fuel dock. Yachts usually anchor off.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs

Ganges Marina

Ganges Marina/wiki/Saltspring_Island#Ganges_Marina
Marina icon Ganges Marina [[Saltspring Island#Ganges Marina|Ganges Marina]] 48°51.416'N, 123°29.926'W

Slips for up to vessel of 1312m (400 ft). Water (lomited in the summer), electricity, toilets, showers, fuel dock, laundry. Smal store. Divers,; Tel: +1 (250) 537 5242; Fax: +1 (250) 538 1719; VHF channel 66A
Address: 161 Lower Ganges Road, Salt Spring Island, BC V8K 2T2, Canada
Hours: Summer Hours 9:00 -17:00; Winter Hours Thursday - Monday 9:00- 16:00


Fulford Anchorage

Fulford Anchorage/wiki/Saltspring_Island#Fulford_Anchorage
Anchorage icon Fulford Anchorage [[Saltspring Island#Fulford Anchorage|Fulford Anchorage]] 48°46.134'N, 123°27.318'W
Well protected.

Ganges Anchorage

Ganges Anchorage/wiki/Saltspring_Island#Ganges_Anchorage
Anchorage icon Ganges Anchorage [[Saltspring Island#Ganges Anchorage|Ganges Anchorage]] 48°51.314'N, 123°29.560'W
Near the marina.


Anchorage icon Anchorage3 [[Saltspring Island#Anchorage3|Anchorage3]] (Madrona Bay) 48°51.432'N, 123°29.147'W
About 1.5 nM from the marina.


Water In the marina
Electricity In the marina
Toilets In the marina
Showers In the marina
Laundry In the marina
Garbage Bins in the marina and Fulford harbour
Fuel Station in the marina and Fulford harbour
Bottled gas ?
Chandlers None
Repairs N/A (Not Available)
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity ?
Vehicle rentals ?


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  • BC Ferries operates between Tsawwassen and Long Harbour, as well as between Fulford Harbour -Swartz Bay and Vesuvius-Crofton
  • Salt Spring Air, Seair Seaplanes and Harbour Air Seaplanes operate floatplane services from Ganges Water Aerodrome to Vancouver Harbour
  • Water Airport and Vancouver International Water Airport
  • Kenmore Air operates between Ganges and Lake Union, Seattle, United States



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