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Zaljev Raša
44°59.622'N, 014°04.286'E Chart icon.png
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inlet of Zalyev Raša from Trget

The large natural inlet of Zaljev Raša lies on the E coast of the Istrian peninsula in Croatia, just under 16 miles NE of Cape Kamenjak at its extreme southern tip. The inlet extends for nearly six miles inland and provides several well sheltered anchorages on its eastern side. Best shelter is to be found in the small inlet of Uvala Tunarica on the E side of Zaljev Rasa about three miles from the entrance.


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See Croatia.


See Croatia.



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Zaljev Raša entry point/wiki/Zaljev_Ra%C5%A1a#Zaljev_Ra.C5.A1a_entry_pointWorld icon.png Zaljev Raša entry point [[Zaljev Raša#Zaljev Raša entry point|Zaljev Raša entry point]] 44°56.58′N, 14°03.42′E . There are no dangers in the approach, although a heavy swell may be encountered in strong S winds. Shelter once in the inlet is good, although the bora can blow strongly down the inlet. In such circumstances, the small side inlet of Uvala Tunarica offers the best shelter. Other anchorages can be found at the small town of Trget four miles from the entrance or in the bays of Uvala Sebesnica or Uvala Teplica. A south-going current is usually experienced from the Raša river, which flows into the northern end of the inlet.


Terminal Bršica

Terminal Bršica/wiki/Zaljev_Ra%C5%A1a#Terminal_Br.C5.A1ica
Harbour icon Terminal Bršica [[Zaljev Raša#Terminal Bršica|Terminal Bršica]]
is only a seasonal port of entry. The nearest year-round port of entry is Pula.


Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Once through the entrance, a visiting yacht has four options:

The hamlet of Trge


Anchorage icon Trget [[Zaljev Raša#Trget|Trget]] 45°01.200'N, 014°03.360'E
The small town of lies on the E side of the inlet a mile N of Uvala Teplica. Anchor clear of the piers used by the fishing boats and take a line ashore. It may be possible to lie alongside the longer of the two piers during quiet periods. Shelter is reasonably good except in southerlies.

Uvala Tunarica

Uvala Tunarica/wiki/Zaljev_Ra%C5%A1a#Uvala_Tunarica
Anchorage icon Uvala Tunarica [[Zaljev Raša#Uvala Tunarica|Uvala Tunarica]] 44°58.290'N, 014°05.894'E
The small inlet of Uvala Tunarica lies on the E side of Zaljev Rasa about three miles from the entrance. Anchor towards the N end of the inlet in 5.0 - 8.0 metres. The holding is good in mud and shelter excellent. There may also be space to moor up on the quay, where depths are 2.0 - 2.5 metres.

Uvala Sebesnica

Uvala Sebesnica/wiki/Zaljev_Ra%C5%A1a#Uvala_Sebesnica
Anchorage icon Uvala Sebesnica [[Zaljev Raša#Uvala Sebesnica|Uvala Sebesnica]] 44°59.066'N, 014°05.194'E
The cove of Uvala Sebesnica lies on the E side of the inlet about half a mile N of Uvala Tunarica. Anchor in 8.0 - 10.0 metres and take a line ashore to the bollards. Holding is good in mud and shelter good except in strong southerlies.

Uvala Teplica

Uvala Teplica/wiki/Zaljev_Ra%C5%A1a#Uvala_Teplica
Anchorage icon Uvala Teplica [[Zaljev Raša#Uvala Teplica|Uvala Teplica]] 45°00.269'N, 014°04.646'E
The cove of Uvala Teplica, also on the E side of the inlet, is a further mile NW of Uvala Sebesnica. Anchor in 10.0 - 12.0 metres and take a line ashore to the bollards. Holding is good in mud and shelter is good except in strong southerlies.


None. No fuel dock anywhere in the inlet. Best to fill up before you arrive. No water or electricity.


Limited provisions in the town of Trget.

Eating out

A café and a bar in in the town of Trget.


List transportation (local and/or international.)


Places to Visit

The inlet is an attractive port of call for a yacht cruising the eastern side of the Istrian peninsula, but there is little to do ashore.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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