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41°02.377'N, 008°16.407'E Chart icon.png
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Zones of the national park

Asinara is a relatively large (52 km2) virtually uninhabited island at the NW tip of Sardinia. The island and the surrounding waters are declared a nature reserve: Parco Nazionale dell'Asinara (Asinara National Park).

It was also known as "Isola del Diavolo" ("Devil's Island"), since it was used as a quarantine location, as a prison camp during the First World War, and as one of the most important Italian high security prisons during the terrorist period of the 1970s and during the struggle against organized crime, until the establishment of a National Park in 1997.


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See Sardinia - weather.


Popular passages/routes, timing, etc.


  • Isola Piana is small island located between Asinara and the La Pelosa village, N of Stintino, at the NW tip is Sardinia. Fornelli passage seperates it from Asinara island and La Pelosa passage is between Piana and Sardinia
  • Isola della Pelosa -- a small islet between Piana and Sardinia with a conspicuous 16th century defensive tower
  • Isolotto della Bocca -- a rocky outcrop between Piana and Asinara


Also see World Cruiser's Nets.


View towards islands of Pelosa, Piana and Asinara from Capo Falcone (Sardinia)

Passo dei Fornelli

The Fornelli passage is between the S end of Asinara and the island of Pelosa. A navigable channel there is marked by two pairs of transits: W-ward is 301° and E-ward is 072°14'. So, when passing E-W the heading is 301° then switch to 252°, and when passing W-E the heading is 72° then switch to 121°.

The shoreline poles are supposed to have sector lights. The minimum depth is about 4 m.

Warning: At certain conditions a current builds up to 2 knots. Take also into account the wind at the other end of the passage: it may be relatively calm at the E end of the passage, but the wind at the W end may cause a significant swell there, which can be quite dangerous when.

Passo della Pelosa

The Pelosa passage is further S -- between the island of Pelosa and Sardinia. The passage is navigable in settled weather with minimum depth of 3.5 m. Otherwise it's safer to take the Fornelli passage.

Warning: The channel is not marked and fringed by rocks at the W end. There is 1.3 m shoal/wiki/Asinara#1.3_m_shoalDanger icon 1.3 m shoal [[Asinara#1.3 m shoal|1.3 m shoal]] 40°57.870'N, 008°13.058'E in the middle.

Cala Reale

Submerged Archaeological site/wiki/Asinara#Submerged_Archaeological_siteDanger icon Submerged Archaeological site [[Asinara#Submerged Archaeological site|Submerged Archaeological site]] 41°03.661'N, 008°17.498'E navigation, swimmimg, etc. is prohibited in the zone marked by 4 "diver down flags" (red-white-red).


Cala Reale - Asinara, Sardinia.jpg
Pier at the Cala Reale (mooring is prohibited)

Warning: Berthing on the island is prohibited for the pleasure craft.


Cala d'Oliva (Asinara).jpg
Cala d'Oliva

The anchorages are regulated by the reserve. Using the anchor is strictly prohibited there. Paid mooring buoys are available though at a few locations. Access to to the buoy fields for motor boats is possible via designated canals

It is possible to use a small dinghy with an outboard to reach the landings by the shortest route: Fornelli - floating pier, Cala Reale - west side of the pier, Cala d'Oliva - inner dock. The maximum speed allowed is 3 knots.

Asinara Marina

VHF: 74
Phone: +39 348 691 3528, +39 079 512 290
Email: [email protected]
Bouy field operator

Fornelli/wiki/Asinara#FornelliBuoy icon Fornelli [[Asinara#Fornelli|Fornelli]] 40°59.203'N, 008°13.984'E 8 buoys

Cala Reale/wiki/Asinara#Cala_RealeBuoy icon Cala Reale [[Asinara#Cala Reale|Cala Reale]] 41°03.680'N, 008°17.424'E 24 buoys

Cala Barche Napoletane/wiki/Asinara#Cala_Barche_NapoletaneBuoy icon Cala Barche Napoletane [[Asinara#Cala Barche Napoletane|Cala Barche Napoletane]] (Punta Trabuccato) 41°03.432'N, 008°19.894'E 8 buoys only for sailboats

Ponte Bianco/wiki/Asinara#Ponte_BiancoBuoy icon Ponte Bianco [[Asinara#Ponte Bianco|Ponte Bianco]] 41°04.426'N, 008°20.330'E 8 buoys only for sailboats

Cala d'Oliva/wiki/Asinara#Cala_d.27OlivaBuoy icon Cala d'Oliva [[Asinara#Cala d'Oliva|Cala d'Oliva]] 41°04.777'N, 008°20.239'E 5 buoys

South of Asinara

Isola Piana

Isola Piana/wiki/Asinara#Isola_Piana
Anchorage icon Isola Piana [[Asinara#Isola Piana|Isola Piana]] 40°58.435'N, 008°13.433'E
At the E inlet of the island. Anchor at 4-5m at sand and some rock. Danger: A yellow buoy marks the the shoal at the SE end of the Piana island.

Passo della Pelosa

Passo della Pelosa/wiki/Asinara#Passo_della_Pelosa
Anchorage icon Passo della Pelosa [[Asinara#Passo della Pelosa|Passo della Pelosa]] 40°57.712'N, 008°13.468'E
A great anchorage with turquoise waters which rivals tropical beaches (provided suitable winds). Danger: Take care of an unmarked shoal (1.3 m) at the NE of the anchorage.


Water in Summer at the Cala Reale
Electricity in Summer at the Cala Reale
Toilets at the Cala Reale
Showers at the Cala Reale
Laundry None
Garbage at the Cala Reale, Fornelli, Cala d'Oliva
Fuel None
Bottled gas None
Chandlers None
Repairs None
Internet None
Mobile connectivity
Vehicle rentals
  • Fornelli: Bicycle rent. By an appointment bikes could be also delivered to Cala Reale. Tel. +39 3465227812.
  • Cala Reale: Electric car rent by Cormorano. Tel. +39 348 691 3528, +39 079 512 290, [email protected]
Health Cala Reale: Ambulatorio Guardia Turistica a Cala Reale. Tel. +39 348 936 1914, +39 079 409 420. 10.00-17.30



Eating out

sognAsinara/wiki/Asinara#sognAsinaraEatingout icon sognAsinara [[Asinara#sognAsinara|sognAsinara]] A bar-restaurant at the Cala Reale.

L'Asino Bianco/wiki/Asinara#L.27Asino_BiancoEatingout icon L'Asino Bianco [[Asinara#L'Asino Bianco|L'Asino Bianco]] A bar-restaurant at the Cala d'Oliva. (+39) 079 409401, (+39) 393 8561334, [email protected].

Kiosk at the Fornelli pier/wiki/Asinara#Kiosk_at_the_Fornelli_pierEatingout icon Kiosk at the Fornelli pier [[Asinara#Kiosk at the Fornelli pier|Kiosk at the Fornelli pier]]


  • In high season a shuttle bus connects Cala Reale with Cala d'Oliva and Fornelli pier
  • Ferry service Asinara - Porto Torres (1h15) departs from Cala Reale at least twice a day. Tel. +39 345 3683626. Single € 10; Return € 15.
  • Water taxis between Fornelli pier and the harbours of Stintino and Porto de L'Ancora at the La Pelosa beach


Check with "Cartina generale del Parco e dell'Area Marina" at the maps of the park page.




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