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Puerto Chacabuco
45°27.964'S, 072°49.659'W Chart icon.png
lat=-45.46607 | lon=-72.82765 | zoom=12 | y
Pto Aysen.jpg
Puerto Aysen
Photo:Frank Holden - s/v Westerly Serenade

Chacabuco is one of the few ports of any consequence between Puerto Montt and Punta Arenas. It is a handy port if a 'visa run' into Argentina ( by bus via Coihaique and Balmaceda ) is required. The area is seismically 'hot' and stopping anywhere within Seno Aysen is not recommended.


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Due to the risk of encountering deadheads left over from the 2007 terremoto it is recommended to only navigate Seno Aysen in daylight hours.


Chacabuco is an Armada port and the captain should attend the Capitania de Puerto with the ship's Zarpe both on arrival and again prior to departure.


Chacabuco is the main commercial port of the region. Yachts usually anchor off.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Ensenada Baja
Photo:Frank Holden - s/v Westerly Serenade

Ensenada Baja

Ensenada Baja/wiki/Chacabuco#Ensenada_Baja
Anchorage icon Ensenada Baja [[Chacabuco#Ensenada Baja|Ensenada Baja]] 45°27.256'S, 072°48.500'W

Safe anchorage in Ensenada Baja and also in the southern end of Bahia Chacabuco.

The safest and most convenient of the two is Ensenada Baja with the Capitania and diesel both within walking distance and reasonable shopping a bus ride away in Puerto Aysen. However the entrance is shallow (2 metres at datum ) and this means - for most yachts - entering on the second half of the flood. Combine this requirement with the need to transit Seno Aysen in daylight and you may well need to spend your first and last nights in this port anchored in Bahia Chacabuco.

Bahia Chacabuco

Bahia Chacabuco/wiki/Chacabuco#Bahia_Chacabuco
Anchorage icon Bahia Chacabuco [[Chacabuco#Bahia Chacabuco|Bahia Chacabuco]] 45°28.858'S, 072°50.061'W
It may be more convinent to stay here after arrival, if less safe, then Ensenada Baja.


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Reasonable general shopping in Puerto Aysen.

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