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37°34.846'N, 026°29.447'E Chart icon.png
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Fourni harbour, showing ferry quay (centre) and fishing harbour (left)

Fourni (Φούρνοι) located SW of Samos island and SE of Ikaria island actually consist of three islands: Fourni, Thymaina (Θύμαινα) or Fimaina, and Ayios Minas (Άγιος Μηνάς). They are part of the Samos prefecture.

During the 19th century and earlier they were infamous for their pirates. Today, they are inhabited by fishermen and collectively they own the largest fishing fleet in the Aegean. In the town (also called Fournoi), there are several restaurants serving seafood and lobsters at a very reasonable, by Greek standards, price.

The Fourni islands are off the beaten track and not too many cruisers visit them. Maybe the violent gusts deter them. This is a shame because these islands are very indented and have many attractive coves where a yacht can anchor and enjoy the solitude.


Satellite View of Fourni
2682 Kólpos Patalion to Nísos Nísiros
1537 Nisídhes Foúrnoi with the straits between Nísos Sámos and Nísos Ikaría
G32 Eastern Sporades, Dodecanese & the Coast of Turkey
54402 Island of the Aegean - Fournoi
42 Andros to Chalki Island
422 Naxos to Samos & Opposite Coast of Asia Minor


The wind in Fourni is usually stronger then in islands further S.

See also Aegean.



  • Coast Guard - VHF channel 12 & Tel. +30 22750 51 207
  • Olympia Radio - VHF (No signal)
  • GSM/GPRS - There is no signal in Perokopió

Also see World Cruiser's Nets


Danger: Approaching Fourni is not hard but if you want to transit the channel between the island of Fourni and Thymaina, note that with a strong 'meltemi' not only is the wind accelerated (Venturi effect) but it is fighting the north setting current and creates rather confused seas. Under no circumstances should you transit the channel by night. Also, note that the very narrow channel between the small island of Diapori and Fourni is too shallow for most yachts.

Warning: The channel between Fourni and Samos is subject to very strong gusts. Usually the wind in the channel is one Beaufort force stronger than elsewhere in the neighborhood. When you transit this channel stay as far as possible from Samos with its very strong katabatic winds down Mt. Kerkis.



The main harbor is in the town of Fourni and it is not a very comfortable anchorage. Near-by is the small but secure anchorage of Kampí, and there are many other attractive coves. All of Fourni, however, is subject to very violent gusts in the meltemi.

Chart of Fourni Harbor


Harbour icon Fourni [[Fourni#Fourni|Fourni]] (Φούρνοι) 37°34.6′N, 26°28.7′E

The harbor of Fourni or Korséi (Κορσέοι) gets a fair amount of swell with the 'meltemi' and to compound the problem its rocky bottom with a thin layer of mud provides poor holding. The best place for a yacht is alongside the southern side of the ferry jetty at the SE side of the harbor, where there is space for two yachts to raft up, or (if a ferry is not parked there) alongside the northern side of the same jetty. Occasionally it is possible to moor for short periods on the inside of the harbor breakwater, where the fishing fleet berths, although you may be asked to move if a fishing boat wants the space. Yachts sometimes anchor moor on the outside of this breakwater, but this should only be attempted in very settled weather as berths here are completely open to the NW.

Warning: Be aware that a large Hellenic Seaways ferry now calls at Fourni several times a week, arriving at 0500 and sending a minor tsunami into the harbor. If you are alongside the ferry jetty, the port police will ask you to move off temporarily for your own safety. Take their advice!

It is an attractive town and a "must see place" for anyone interested in traditional Greek wooden boats (caiques). Unfortunately, an ill-conceived EU program sponsored by the EU that is aimed at reducing overfishing is destroying a centuries-old maritime heritage. The program pays a substantial sum to a fisherman who retires his fishing boat, provided that the boat is destroyed. Here, in Fourni where there are many traditional caiques, the effect of this well-meaning program is to destroy many irreplaceable traditional wooden boats. Last winter, we were told by the locals, with tears in their eyes, that two beautiful trechandiria, in very good condition, were broken with a bulldozer.

A variety of small supermarkets and bakeries, plus a very peaceful small town square with memorial directly opposite the main quay.

Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Chart of the Kampí Anchorage


Anchorage icon Kampí [[Fourni#Kampí|Kampí]] (Καμπί) 37°34.2′N, 26°28.6′E

Kampí is a small cove just south of the Fourni harbor. It is well protected from the 'meltemi'. We have weathered here a force 9 gale blowing for several days. The bottom provides much better holding than Fourni harbor but it is fairly deep (18-20 m) and anchoring is difficult owing to restricting swinging room. There are fishing boats moored on balls at the E end of the cove.

A concrete, L-shaped jetty extending out from the beach offers room for 3 - 4 yachts bow or stern-to. On the western shore, the proprietor of the local taverna To Kampí, has made 7 concrete columns on the rocks for securing a shoreline. It is best to use two lines. He also (2001) had placed three laid mooring balls but in June 2013 only one was there. This is much easier and more secure than anchoring. Please do keep in mind, however, that if you do use them you are morally obligated to eat at least one meal at his restaurant (see personal experiences below).

Care must be taken approaching the rocks with an inflatable. They are very sharp and full of sea urchins. The wind here, as in most of Fourni, has violent gusts and seems to come from every direction.

Ashore, there is a small restaurant (the owner of the moorings and columns) with wholesome home cooking and very fresh fish. There are two uphill paths (steps) that connect with the road leading to the town, about 30 minutes on foot.
Kambí jetty and anchorage
Kambí from the water
Kampí from up the hill
Kampi from the road
The Aspa cove


Anchorage icon Aspa [[Fourni#Aspa|Aspa]] (Άσπα) 37°33.895'N, 026°28.762'E
Aspa cove is N of Elidaki and Petrokopio. It is pleasant cove and it is well sheltered from the 'meltemi'. Anchor in about 6 m depth over sand. Good holding.
Satellite view of Pelekaniá & Elidaki

Pelekaniá & Elidaki

Pelekaniá & Elidaki/wiki/Fourni#Pelekani.C3.A1_.26_Elidaki
Anchorage icon Pelekaniá & Elidaki [[Fourni#Pelekaniá & Elidaki|Pelekaniá & Elidaki]] 37°33.752'N, 026°28.819'E

Pelekaniá (Πελεκανιά) to the north and Elidaki (Ελιδάκι) to the south is the first cove going south from Kampí it is also referred to in several charts as Kladharidi. Note that in some charts these coves are erroneously referred to as Marmaro.

It is attractive and remote, only some nudist bathers make it here. It provides reasonable shelter from the 'meltemi' but not as good as in Kampí.

The Elidaki cove
Satellite view of Perokopió


Anchorage icon Perokopió [[Fourni#Perokopió|Perokopió]] (Marmaro) 37°33.45′N, 26°29.07′E

Perokopió (Πετροκοπιό) or Marmaro (Μάρμαρο) is a large and pleasant cove located 2.1 nM SE of Kampí. It provides reasonable shelter (but not as good as Kampí). On the shore there is an ancient marble quarry. Anchor in 3-6 m. Good holding.

Warning: Be careful of the submerged foundations of the ancient harbor on NW side of the cove.

It is easy to visit the ancient quarry where there are a number of unfinished column drums.

There is no GSM/GPRS signal here. To make a call you must climb up the hill.
Perokopió from the Sea
Unfinished Ancient Columns
Perokopió from the Hill
From the Shore
Where you can tie your dinghy
"Nudism and Camping are Prohibited" …
The cove of Ayios Ioannis

Ayios Ioannis

Ayios Ioannis/wiki/Fourni#Ayios_Ioannis
Anchorage icon Ayios Ioannis [[Fourni#Ayios Ioannis|Ayios Ioannis]] (Άγιος Ιωάννης) 37°32.3′N, 26°29.8′E

The next cove S of Perokopió is Ayios Ioannis. There is a small village above the cove and a monastery. It looks attractive. The Navionics maps shows "<10m" only for all the bay. Entrance was -58m, halfway -28m. Anchor at -7m in the middle in a visible sand patch. Good holding despite N to NW 13Kt winds with 23Kt gust.

Light 4G signal down the cove.
Fourni5.jpgThe Kasídi cove


Anchorage icon Kasídi [[Fourni#Kasídi|Kasídi]] (Κασίδι) 37°32.081'N, 026°30.039'E

Kasídi is an isolated cove is just NW of Cape Agridió and about 6 nM from Kambí. It is a lovely place with clear emerald-colored waters. It gives good protection from the 'meltemi' but with southerlies an unpleasant swell develops.

Anchor in 4-6m over sand. Good holding.


Anchorage icon Vlichada [[Fourni#Vlichada|Vlichada]] (Βλυχάδα) 37°31.9′N, 26°30.3′E
Vlichada is the southernmost cove in Fourni just W of Cape Agridió. It provides good shelter from the 'meltemi' but is completely exposed to the S.
Satellite view of Vitsiliá


Anchorage icon Vitsiliá [[Fourni#Vitsiliá|Vitsiliá]] (Βιτσιλιά) 37°32.6′N, 26°30.5′E

Vitsiliá is lovely cove about 2.5 nM NE of Agridi. It affords good protection from the 'meltemi' and the SW wind. On its head there is a small sandy beach and it is enclosed by cliffs.

Anchor in 5 m over sand, good holding.

Great depth until close in. Our chart suggested 10m when the sounder was telling us 90m. Holding only fair. Worth a visit just to watch the rock-climbing goats in the morning. 2018 -- Quimarche
Anchored in Vitsiliá
Courtesy Andrew & Karin Gerswell, S/Y Gerswell Jenny


Anchorage icon Maneta [[Fourni#Maneta|Maneta]] 37°34.5′N, 26°30′E
Maneta (Μανέτα) is a cove a few miles N of Vitsiliá. According to the locals it provides good all-around shelter but it does not look very attractive and the bottom is weed. Bad holding.


Anchorage icon Gria [[Fourni#Gria|Gria]] 37°36.1′N, 26°32.1′E
Gria (Γριά) is a deep cove, well protected from the 'meltemi'. But, you are almost touching the shore and it is still 12 m deep.
Cove East of Gria

E of Gria

E of Gria/wiki/Fourni#E_of_Gria
Anchorage icon E of Gria [[Fourni#E of Gria|E of Gria]] 37°36.4′N, 26°32.14′E
This cove is just east Gria. It is a lovely cove, very well protected from the 'meltemi' and S winds. But, the bottom is covered by heavy weed at 6 m depth. Most anchors will not hold here.

Ayios Minas

Ayios Minas/wiki/Fourni#Ayios_Minas
Anchorage icon Ayios Minas [[Fourni#Ayios Minas|Ayios Minas]] 37°36.2′N, 26°33.2′E
This large cove is just on the SE of the island of Ayios Minas ('Αγιος Μηνάς). It provides excellent shelter from the S winds and reasonable shelter from the 'meltemi'. Unfortunately, it is dominated by a large fish-farm, the land installations of which makes for an ugly and bleak setting .

Other Coves

There are many other coves, as indicated on the map, in Thymaina or Fimaina and Ayia Triáda, NE of the harbor.

Use depending on the weather.


Water Fourni: from a tap at the root of the jetty
Electricity N/A (Not Available)
Toilets N/A
Showers N/A
Laundry N/A
Garbage There are bins around the harbor and in some coves
Fuel N/A
Bottled gas Fourni: in a grocery store
Chandlers Fourni: only fishing supplies
Repairs Fourni: woodwork and Diesel engine repairs are possible
Internet ?
Mobile connectivity 3G signal is Fourni and in some anchorages but not all
Vehicle rentals Fourni: one outlet, mostly scooters.


Fourni/wiki/Fourni#.5B.5B.23Fourni.7CFourni.5D.5DProvisions icon Fourni [[Fourni#Fourni|Fourni]] There are a few stores in the main street with limited supplies.

Fourni/wiki/Fourni#.5B.5B.23Fourni.7CFourni.5D.5DProvisions icon Fourni [[Fourni#Fourni|Fourni]] A store next to the bakery sells a very good local fresh goat cheese.

Eating out

O Miltos/wiki/Fourni#O_MiltosEatingout icon O Miltos [[Fourni#O Miltos|O Miltos]] is one of the oldest and very reliable. Their scorpion fish (skorpios -σκορπιός) is excellent.
Other rstaurabts/wiki/Fourni#Other_rstaurabtsEatingout icon Other rstaurabts [[Fourni#Other rstaurabts|Other rstaurabts]] there are many serving fresh seafood and lobsters (astakos - αστακός at reasonable prices (but not in September), an island specialty.


  • There are daily ferries to Athens, and in the summer hydrofoil service to Samos and Patmos
  • There is only one taxi tel. +30 22750 51223 or +30 6977 370 471


Places to Visit

Fourni are not a "tourist's" islands. There are no major antiquities or other sites. There is the quarry in Perokopió, of course, and the town of Fourni or Korséi. It has some attractive houses, and for someone interested in traditional boats they are there although they too are getting fewer and fewer.

But, there are wonderful, isolated beaches and lovely walks early in the morning or late in the evening. The stroll up the main street of Fourni, lined all the way along with trees, is a walk back into the Greece of 20-30 years ago.


Contact details of "Cruiser's Friends" that can be contacted for local information or assistance.


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See Greece.


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  • I am in love with Fourni --Istioploos
  • Me too. Keep your hands off! --Athene of Lymington 15:59, 2 September 2010 (UTC)
  • Talk about home cooking! We tied up to their red mooring ball at Kampí and went ashore for the evening. A woman met us, all smiles and no English. She led us to her 'Taverna'. In actual fact, it is a few tables set out in her yard next to her house, right on the beach. She took us into her kitchen (a normal kitchen in their home), and asked us to choose from the fish in her freezer. They were only partly frozen so, most likely, were their catch of the morning. Then she showed us the vegetables on the stove. We chose some Calamari, bean stew, cooked spinach and potato and a salad. We selected some wine and beer from her fridge. We then sat to enjoy the evening while she cooked up the meal and served it to us. It was a delightful experience - very different from a normal restaurant or taverna. The bill came to 44 Euro. The town too is delightful - all the provisioning you might need and friendly people. --LifePart2 09:31, 4 July 2013 (BST)

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