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East Aegean
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East Aegean is a border region between Greece and Turkey. While many cruisers maintain active travel-logs on both countries and interweave between them this is a violation and can be dangerous. The Greek islands are on the west while the Turkey shore is on the east.

Cruising and passage making in this region is influenced by the weather patterns. In the meltemi season yachts in the Greek islands move from the north to the south taking advantage of the favorable winds. Yachts, during the summer months, wishing to sail north from southern directions are better off hugging the Turkey coast which is less exposed to the meltemi.

The north part of East Aegean is in general less travelled by yachts then the South. Nevertheless, there many interesting ports and islands in the NE Aegean.

Climate & Weather Information

In the summer months the weather is dominated by the meltemi which comes in the north from the NE and on the south from the NW.

For details see Aegean Weather.

Weather Windows

In general, the best sailing in the Aegean Sea is during the period from late May to mid October. But this does not preclude earlier in the Spring or later in the Autumn. Sailing in the winter months can be problematic due to stronger, more volatile, and less predictable weather.


See Aegean Sea.

Navigation Charts Required

1055 Rhodes Channel and Gökova Körfezi
1068 Srimonikos kólpos to Edremit körfezi
1087 Kólpos Petalión to Edremit Körfezi
1446 Samos Strait to Güllük Körfezi
1537 Nisídhes Foúrnoi with the straits between Nísos Sámos and Nísos Ikaría
1545 Marmaris Limani & Karaagac Limani
1604 Gulf of Kos, Doris and Simi
1645 Nisos Chios and Izmir Körfezi
1665 Nisos Lesvos and Çandarli Korfezi to Baba Burnu Ayvalik
1667 Rhodes Island
2682 Kólpos Patalion to Nísos Nísiros
3927 Patmos, Arki and Lipso
G2 Aegean Sea (North)
G23 Eastern Sporades
G28 Nísos Khíos & the Coast of Turkey
G32 Eastern Sporades, Dodecanese & the Coast of Turkey
G35 Dodecanese and Coast of Turkey
54352 Limnos
54360 Thessaloniki to Canakkale Bogazi Dardanelles
4363 Akra Akrathos to Dardanelles
54369 Approaches to Canakkale Bogazi
54380 Tuzla Burnu to Samos
54382 Nisos Lesvos and Western Coast of Turkey
54386 Khios Strait Greece and Turkey
54389 Fener Adasi to Samos Strait
54400 Samos to Rodeos
54402 Island of the Aegean - Fourni
54403 Samos Strait to N. Kalolimnos
54407 Nisos Kalymnos to Kadriga Burnu
54413 Nisos Kalimnos & Nisos Kos (Western Part)
54416 Nisos Rodeos
54421 Kardeiga to Ilbiz Burnu
32 Thrakiko Sea
33 Cape Sounion to Lesvos I.
42 Andros to Chalki Island
321 Thassos, Alexandroupolis, Samothrake, Imvros
322 Limnos & Ay. Efstratios
332 Lesvos Island
334 Chios Island & Opposite Coast of Asia Minor
422 Naxos to Samos & Opposite Coast of Asia Minor
451 Leros to Rhodes
452 Rhodos to Castelorizo
311 Bodrum Boğazı - Marmaris
2134 Anafartalar Koyu - Tavşan Island
2136 Bazcaada
2145 Edremit Körfezi
2147 Çandarlı Körfezi
2223 Gerence - Ildır Körfezi
2224 Süngükaya Geçidi
2231 C) Kuşadası
2245 Kovala Limanı - Akbük Liman
2248 Gündoğan Limanı - Kadıkalesi

See also Aegean Sea.

Distance & Duration

See Alexandroupolis to/from Marmaris.

Possible Departure Points

Route/Suggested Stopovers

Alexandroupolis to Rhodes

This passage is south going on the Greek side of the border. While the point of origin given below is Alexandroupolis you can join the passage at any of the way points below.

  1. Starting from Alexandroupolis/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BAlexandroupolis.5D.5DHarbour icon Alexandroupolis [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Alexandroupolis|Alexandroupolis]] 40°50′N, 25°54′E in northern Greece, sail 30 nM SW to the island of Samothrace/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BSamothrace.5D.5DHarbour icon Samothrace [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Samothrace|Samothrace]] 40°28.45′N, 25°28.15′E .
  2. From Samothrace it is a 51 nM SW sail to Myrina/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BLimnos.23Myrina.7CMyrina.5D.5DHarbour icon Myrina [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Myrina|Myrina]] 39°52.3′N, 25°03.3′E in the island of Limnos.
  3. From Myrina you sail:
    1. 57 nM SE to Port Sigri/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BLesvos.23Port_Sigri.7CPort_Sigri.5D.5DAnchorage icon Port Sigri [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Port Sigri|Port Sigri]] 39°12.56′N, 25°51.05′E in the SW side of the island of Lesvos,
    2. or 21 nM S to the remote island of Ayios Efstratios/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BAyios_Efstratios.5D.5DHarbour icon Ayios Efstratios [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Ayios Efstratios|Ayios Efstratios]] 39°32.3′N, 24°59.1′E for a stopover, and then 49 nM ESE to Port Sigri.
  4. From Port Sigri you can:
    1. sail to the small and not so often visited historical island of Psara/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BPsara.5D.5DHarbour icon Psara [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Psara|Psara]] 38°32.4′N, 25°34′E , it is a good a stopover. It is a 45 nM SSW sail.
    2. alternatively, sail to Limniá/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BChios.23Limni.C3.A1.7CLimni.C3.A1.5D.5DHarbour icon Limniá [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Limniá|Limniá]] 38°28.1′N, 25°55.1′E in the NW side of the island of Chios. It is a 48 nM sail S.
  5. The next stopover is Salagonas/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BChios.23Salagonas_Area.7CSalagonas.5D.5DAnchorage icon Salagonas [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Salagonas|Salagonas]] 38°13.2′N, 25°54.8′E in the SW side of Chios island. It is 26.3 nM SE from Psara or 17.5nM SSW from Limniá.
  6. From Salagonas you can either
    1. sail SE to Perokopió/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BFourni.23Perokopi.C3.B3.7CPerokopi.C3.B3.5D.5DAnchorage icon Perokopió [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Perokopió|Perokopió]] 37°33.6′N, 26°29.2′E in the island of Fourni, or
    2. sail 73.5 nM ESE via the Mycale channel to Pythagorio/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BPythagorio.5D.5DHarbour icon Pythagorio [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Pythagorio|Pythagorio]] 37°41.2′N, 26°57′E in the island of Samos
  7. The next stopover is the historical island of PatmosPatmos/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BPatmos.5D.5DHarbour icon Patmos [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Patmos|Patmos]] 37°19.4′N, 26°32.9′E . A 19 nM SSE sail from Perokopió to, and a 31 nM SW sail from Pythagorio. From Patmos you can easily visit the islands of:
    1. Arki/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BArki_and_Marathi.7CArki.5D.5DHarbour icon Arki [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Arki|Arki]] 37°22.7′N, 26°44.1′E
    2. Marathi/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BArki_and_Marathi.7CMarathi.5D.5DBuoy icon Marathi [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Marathi|Marathi]] 37°22.005′N, 26°43.63′E
    3. Lipsi/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BLipsi.5D.5DIsland icon Lipsi [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Lipsi|Lipsi]] 37°17.8′N, 26°45.66′E
    4. Leros/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BLeros.5D.5DIsland icon Leros [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Leros|Leros]] 37°9.16′N, 26°50.13′E
  8. From Patmos you can sail to the pleasant anchorage of Emboriós/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BKalymnos.23Emborios.7CEmbori.C3.B3s.5D.5DBuoy icon Emboriós [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Emboriós|Emboriós]] 37°02.7′N, 26°55.7′E in the island of Kalymnos. It is a 26 nM sail SE.
  9. From Emboriós you have two choices. You can sail to either
    1. Kos/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BKos.5D.5DMarina icon Kos [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Kos|Kos]] 36°53.6′N, 27°17.98′E , 27 nM S and then W, or
    2. Pali/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BNiseros_and_Yiali.23Pali.7CPali.5D.5DHarbour icon Pali [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Pali|Pali]] 36°37.16′N, 27°10.33′E in the volcano island of Niseros, 35 nM SW and then SSE.
  10. The next interesting stop is the picturesque harbor of Yialós/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BSymi.23Yial.C3.B3s.7CYial.C3.B3s.5D.5DHarbour icon Yialós [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Yialós|Yialós]] 36°36.99′N, 27°50.3′E in the island of Sými. It is a 45 nM sail from Kos, and a 36 nM E sail from Pali.
  11. Finaly, from Yialós it is just a 21 nM ESE sail to Mandraki/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BMandraki.5D.5DHarbour icon Mandraki [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Mandraki|Mandraki]] 36°27.13′N, 28°13.68′E the main port on the island of Rhodes.

The total distance to Mandraki, Rhodes from:

Also see Aegean Distances Tables.

Marmaris to Gökçeada

This passage is nouth going on the Turkey side of the border. While the point of origin given below is Marmaris you can join the passage at any of the way points below.

  1. Starting from Marmaris/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BMarmaris.5D.5DHarbour icon Marmaris [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Marmaris|Marmaris]] 36°51.0′N, 28°16.59′E in south Aegean Turkey you sail 46 nM mostly NW to Datça/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BDatca.7CDat.C3.A7a.5D.5DHarbour icon Datça [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Datça|Datça]] 36°43.3′N, 27°41.5′E .
  2. From Datça you sail 42 nM, first W to Knidos/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BDatca.23Knidos.7CKnidos.5D.5DAnchorage icon Knidos [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Knidos|Knidos]] 36°41′N, 27°23′E , where you can stop and visit the famous temple, and then N to Bodrum/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BBodrum.5D.5DMarina icon Bodrum [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Bodrum|Bodrum]] 37°01.5′N, 27°25.7′E .
  3. You sail from Bodrum to Altinkum/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BGulluk_Korfesi.23Altinkum.7CAltinkum.5D.5DAnchorage icon Altinkum [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Altinkum|Altinkum]] 37°21.2′N, 27°16.8′E , 35 nM mostly S.
  4. From Altinkum you sail 46 nM N via the Mycale channel to Kuşadasi/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BKusadasi.7CKu.C5.9Fadasi.5D.5DMarina icon Kuşadasi [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Kuşadasi|Kuşadasi]] 37°52.06′N, 27°15.63′E .
  5. From Kuşadasi you can either sail
    1. 61 nM NW directly to Çesme/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BCesme.7C.C3.87esme.5D.5DMarina icon Çesme [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Çesme|Çesme]] 38°19.6′N, 26°17.6′E , or
    2. you can have a stopover at Kirdilim Liman/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BSigacik_Region.23K.C4.B1rkdilim_Liman.7CKirdilim_Liman.5D.5DAnchorage icon Kirdilim Liman [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Kirdilim Liman|Kirdilim Liman]] 38°08′N, 26°34.3′E and then sail 27 nM to Çesme.
  6. From Çesme you first you have to go N and round the Uç Burglar Cape/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BCesme.23The_U.C3.A7_Burunlar_Passage.7CU.C3.A7_Burglar_Cape.5D.5DWorld icon.png Uç Burglar Cape [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Uç Burglar Cape|Uç Burglar Cape]] 38°40.87′N, 26°25.33′E , then you sail E to Eskifoça/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BEskifoca_Region.23Eskifo.C3.A7a.7CEskifo.C3.A7a.5D.5DHarbour icon Eskifoça [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Eskifoça|Eskifoça]] 38°40′N, 26°45′E . Total distance 44 nM.
  7. From Eskifoça you sail 48.6 nM NNW to Ayvalik/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BAyvalik.5D.5DMarina icon Ayvalik [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Ayvalik|Ayvalik]] 39°18.86′N, 26°41.32′E
  8. The sail from Ayvalik to Bozcaada/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BBozcaada.5D.5DIsland icon Bozcaada [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Bozcaada|Bozcaada]] (Tenedos or Τένεδος) 39°50.1′N, 26°04.6′E is 53 nM going north.
  9. From Bozcaada to Çanakkale/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BCanakkale.7C.C3.87anakkale.5D.5DMarina icon Çanakkale [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Çanakkale|Çanakkale]] 40°09.3′N, 26°24.3′E is a 25.3 sail.
  10. Finally from Çanakkale to Gökçeada/wiki/N_-_S_Passages_in_East_Aegean#.5B.5BGokceada.7CG.C3.B6k.C3.A7eada.5D.5DIsland icon Gökçeada [[N - S Passages in East Aegean#Gökçeada|Gökçeada]] (Imvros or Ίμβρος) 40°13.6′N, 25°57.5′E is just a 29 nM sail.

The total distance to Marmaris from:

Also see Aegean Distances Tables.

Possible Arrival Ports

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See Aegean Sea.


See Aegean Sea.


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