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WorldMediterraneanAdriatic SeaCroatiaNorthern DalmatiaKornati archipelagoKornat
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Anchorage on Kornat Island

Otok Kornat (island Kornat) lies 11 miles off the mainland coast of Croatia, 18 miles S of the city of Zadar. Lying in a NW/SE orientation and shaped rather like a long, wingless dragonfly, the island is over 13 miles long but barely 1.5 miles wide at its widest point near the settlement of Vrulje. It is the largest of the Kornati archipelago islands and, together with the other 88 islands, forms the beautiful Kornati National Park.

There are 7 principal anchorages along the more sheltered SW coast of the island as well as several minor ones, but just two on its more exposed (at least, to the infamous bora) NE coast. All the anchorages except U. Statival have restaurants ashore during the season.

There are Kornati National Park visitor centres, where daily visiting permits can be purchased, at U. Tomasovac at the N end of the island and at Vrulje half way down the SW coast.


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See Croatia.



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Zadar is the nearest all-year port of entry. In summer only, Sali on Dugi Otok is also a port of entry.




Marinas & Yacht Clubs



Officially endorsed for overnight stay

U. Stiniva

U. Stiniva/wiki/Kornat#U._Stiniva
Anchorage icon U. Stiniva [[Kornat#U. Stiniva|U. Stiniva]] 43°48.506'N, 015°20.379'E

U. Stiniva is a small and rather exposed inlet on the NE coast of the island, two miles WSW of the southernmost tip of Žut Island. Shelter here is adequate in settled conditions, but it is not a place to head if there is anything N or E in the wind.

Moor at the head of the inlet, dropping your anchor in 6.0 - 8.0 metres to go bows or stern-to the jetty built for the restaurant here. The rest of the inlet is mostly too deep to anchor. Holding is good in sand and weed.

U. Statival

U. Statival/wiki/Kornat#U._Statival
Anchorage icon U. Statival [[Kornat#U. Statival|U. Statival]] 43°51.616'N, 015°15.703'E

The wide bay of U. Statival lies at the top NE corner of the island, opposite the NW end of the adjacent island of Žut two miles to the E. Consisting of two inlets, the bay is partially protected from E by the islet of Vela Svrsata, which can be left on either side in the approach. The anchorage offers good shelter in all but SE winds. In these conditions, a better shelter can be found in the bight at the NW end of Vela Svrsata.

Anchor at the head of the westernmost of the two inlets in 4.0 - 6.0 metres. Holding is good in sand and weed.

There are no facilities ashore.

U. Lupeška

U. Lupeška/wiki/Kornat#U._Lupe.C5.A1ka
Anchorage icon U. Lupeška [[Kornat#U. Lupeška|U. Lupeška]] 43°52.300'N, 015°14.513'E

U. Tomasovac

U. Tomasovac/wiki/Kornat#U._Tomasovac
Buoy icon U. Tomasovac [[Kornat#U. Tomasovac|U. Tomasovac]] (Suha punta) 43°52.337'N, 015°13.346'E

The bay is situated at the NW extremity of the island, a mile SE of the entrance to the popular anchorage of Telascica on Dugi Otok. There are no dangers in the approach, but Note: there are shoals extending for over 100 metres off the coast S of the bay. Shelter here is good in settled weather, but strong winds from almost any direction seem to send in a swell and it would be untenable here in very strong W winds.

Anchor in 4.0 - 5.0 metres or pick up one of the (free) mooring buoys provided. The holding is good in sand.

There is a restaurant open during the season.

U. Šipnate

U. Šipnate/wiki/Kornat#U._.C5.A0ipnate
Buoy icon U. Šipnate [[Kornat#U. Šipnate|U. Šipnate]] 43°51.020'N, 015°14.692'E

The bay of U. Šipnate lies SW side of the island just under two miles SE of U. Tomasovac. The bay is partially sheltered from the W by the island of Velo Silo and three smaller islets. There are no dangers in the approach from N, but if approaching from S note that the islet of Tovarnjak has a dangerous reef extending for 250 metres from its NE tip. Shelter here is excellent from all directions except NW.

Anchor in the bay in 5.0 - 7.0 metres. The holding is good in sand and weed.

Alternatively pick up one of the (free) mooring buoys.

There is a restaurant open ashore during the season.

U. Lučica

U. Lučica/wiki/Kornat#U._Lu.C4.8Dica
Anchorage icon U. Lučica [[Kornat#U. Lučica|U. Lučica]] (Bile Lučice) 43°50.268'N, 015°15.224'E

U. Kravljačica

U. Kravljačica/wiki/Kornat#U._Kravlja.C4.8Dica
Anchorage icon U. Kravljačica [[Kornat#U. Kravljačica|U. Kravljačica]] 43°49.468'N, 015°16.557'E

It is situated just over two miles SE of U. Šipnate at the N end of a wide bay facing the island of Levrnaka. At the S end of the same bay is the anchorage of U. Strižnja. It offers good shelter from all directions except S.

Anchor in 10 - 12 metres and take a line ashore if possible. he holding is good in sand.

There is a restaurant open here during the season.

U. Strižnja

U. Strižnja/wiki/Kornat#U._Stri.C5.BEnja
Buoy icon U. Strižnja [[Kornat#U. Strižnja|U. Strižnja]] 43°49.160'N, 015°17.054'E

U. Strižnja lies just half a mile SE of U. Kravljačica at the other end of a wide bay facing the island of Levrnaka. U. Strižnja offers reasonable shelter in settled conditions, but, like U. Kravljačica, is open to the S. It is also more affected by W and NW winds than its near neighbour.

Anchor in 6.0 - 8.0 metres. The holding is good in sand.

Alternatively pick up one of the (free) mooring buoys.

There are two restaurants open here during the season.
Vrulje bay

U. Vrulje

U. Vrulje/wiki/Kornat#U._Vrulje
Buoy icon U. Vrulje [[Kornat#U. Vrulje|U. Vrulje]] 43°48.624'N, 015°18.124'E

The small settlement of Vrulje (arguably the capital of the Kornati Islands) is a mile and a half SE of the anchorage of U. Strižnja, opposite the small islets of Mana and Bisaga. The inlet at the head of which it lies offers excellent shelter from all except strong W winds (or, in the outer part, SW). There are no dangers in the approach from N, but Note: in the approach from S there is rocky shelf extending 50 metres or so off the S entrance to the inlet.

Anchor in 4.0 - 6.0 metres and take lines ashore if necessary. The holding is good in sand and weed.

Alternatively, pick up one of the (free) mooring buoys along the S side of the inlet.

Depending on your draft, it may also be possible to moor bows or stern-to the quay in the centre of the settlement, between the short stone jetties, or to the end of one of the jetties themselves, using your anchor. Depths here are mostly 1.5 - 2.5 metres, but less towards the head of the two short arms enclosing the settlement.


  • a Kornati National Park visitor centre
  • two restaurants
  • a small provisions shop

U. Opat

U. Opat/wiki/Kornat#U._Opat
Buoy icon U. Opat [[Kornat#U. Opat|U. Opat]] 43°44.331'N, 015°27.131'E

The inlet of U. Opat lies at the extreme SW end of the island, opposite the island of Skulj a mile to the S. Shelter here is good from all but for S winds.

Danger: There are two shoals in the approach to the bay from N and W. One lies 500 metres SW of the W headland of the bay and has just over 2.0 metres over it; the other lies a similar distance N of the N end of Skulj island and has just under 3.0 metres over it.

Anchor at the head of the bay in depths of 12-15 metres and take lines ashore to the bollards for security. Good holding in sand (but you need a lot of chain).

Alternatively tie up on one of the two restaurant jetties in the NE corner, using the mooring lines laid for the purpose.

U. Podbižanj

U. Podbižanj/wiki/Kornat#U._Podbi.C5.BEanj
Anchorage icon U. Podbižanj [[Kornat#U. Podbižanj|U. Podbižanj]] (Pod Bižanj or Bližanj) 43°51.527'N, 015°14.205'E

U. Koromašna

U. Koromašna/wiki/Kornat#U._Koroma.C5.A1na
Anchorage icon U. Koromašna [[Kornat#U. Koromašna|U. Koromašna]] (Koromačna) 43°44.647'N, 015°26.317'E

Unofficial anchorages

U. Male Vrulje

U. Male Vrulje/wiki/Kornat#U._Male_Vrulje
Anchorage icon U. Male Vrulje [[Kornat#U. Male Vrulje|U. Male Vrulje]] 43°48.704'N, 015°17.902'E

U. Lopatica

U. Lopatica/wiki/Kornat#U._Lopatica
Anchorage icon U. Lopatica [[Kornat#U. Lopatica|U. Lopatica]] (U. Koritnica or Gujak or Guljak) 43°47.258'N, 015°20.215'E

The bay of U. Lopatica is situated just over two miles SE of Vrulje, protected from the S by the islets of Kontnjak and Gustac and, a mile further to the SW, Piškera. Shelter in the inlet is good in all but moderate to strong SE winds.

Anchor in the NW corner of the bay in 5.0 - 7.0 metres. The holding is good in sand and weed.

Alternatively moor up using your anchor on the jetty of the restaurant at the head of the inlet. Depths here are 2.0 - 3.0 metres.

U. Ropotnica

U. Ropotnica/wiki/Kornat#U._Ropotnica
Anchorage icon U. Ropotnica [[Kornat#U. Ropotnica|U. Ropotnica]] 43°46.849'N, 015°21.497'E


Garbage Very limited. Best to take it with you.


In U. Vrulje/wiki/Kornat#In__.5B.5B.23U._Vrulje.7CU._Vrulje.5D.5DProvisions icon In U. Vrulje [[Kornat#In U. Vrulje|In U. Vrulje]] only a basic shop.

Eating out

In U. Tomasovac, U. Šipnate, U. Kravljačica, U. Strižnja, and U. Vrulje/wiki/Kornat#In_.5B.5B.23U._Tomasovac.7CU._Tomasovac.5D.5D.2C_.5B.5B.23U._.C5.A0ipnate.7CU._.C5.A0ipnate.5D.5D.2C_.5B.5B.23U._Kravlja.C4.8Dica.7CU._Kravlja.C4.8Dica.5D.5D.2C_.5B.5B.23U._Stri.C5.BEnja.7CU._Stri.C5.BEnja.5D.5D.2C_and_.5B.5B.23U._Vrulje.7CU._Vrulje.5D.5DEatingout icon In U. Tomasovac, U. Šipnate, U. Kravljačica, U. Strižnja, and U. Vrulje [[Kornat#In U. Tomasovac, U. Šipnate, U. Kravljačica, U. Strižnja, and U. Vrulje|In U. Tomasovac, U. Šipnate, U. Kravljačica, U. Strižnja, and U. Vrulje]] have restaurants.




The Tureta on Kornat island
The landscape offers poignant reminders of former days

There are no permanent settlements on Kornat, the sparsely scattered houses being occupied seasonally by fishermen or other owners from the mainland or adjoining islands. A large proportion of the summer residents consists of the restaurant owners and their families and national park staff, including the wardens whose job it is to ensure the regulations are observed. Visitors stepping ashore on Kornat are required to stick to designated paths on the island as much of the land is private property, especially on the landward side. Drystone walls and the occasional straggly plantation are a reminder of the former days of sheep farming and basic agriculture on the islands. The main shore-based attractions for walkers are the high viewpoints of Metlina or Opat, which can be climbed by anyone reasonably fit and offer fantastic views over the archipelago.

Architecturally there are few traces of the various civilizations that inhabited the island in former times, although there are outlines of dwellings and burial tumuli dating from pre-Roman times in several places. Halfway down the SW coast, easily reached from the anchorage of U. Kravlacica, is the Tureta, the substantial remains of a squat, powerful fort believed to date to the 16th century and constructed to protect the seaways from pirate and other incursions.


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